A Conspiracy Theory About Conspiracy Theories


One of the funny things about conspiracy theories, including false flag attacks, is how often they are proven to be true. You have to wonder how long the shame-inducing slam, “That’s a conspiracy theory,” will keep working.

But that’s not my point for today. Today, I want to introduce a conspiracy theory of my own, a conspiracy theory about conspiracy theories. Here it is:

The powers that be – the elite, the deep state, whomever – want wild conspiracy theories to spread. Because after these wild theories set the “outrage meter” very high, they can get away with almost anything below that line.

In other words, wild theories ensure that the “I’ll act if I see that” trigger is never reached and Joe Average remains docile, even as he is progressively abused.

I hope I haven’t given any nefarious people ideas, but I think this is already happening. And in any event, I’m fairly certain it’s worth pointing out.

A Second Theory

There is a second reason for the lords of the status quo to love conspiracy theories, which is that such theories make it easy to discredit troublesome ideas.

For example, we now know – thank you again, Edward Snowden – that government agents are infiltrating websites to sow fear, uncertainty, and doubt, as well as to destroy reputations.

So, rather than just pulling out the usual manipulation to discredit a troublesome idea (“conspiracy theory!”), why not tie it to some really nasty racist crap?

Lots of people have avoided discussions of the Federal Reserve, for example, because trolls attached to the discussions demonize Jews. Disgusted by anti-Semitism, people turn away from the whole subject, and the central banking scam remains unquestioned.

There are reasons open comment boards are overrun with hate-spewing trolls, and it’s not that deeply deluded people make up that much of the general populace. (Though they do exist, and they do love to spew their filth.)

So, this is my second conspiracy theory:

Disgusting trolls are paid to promote certain ideas… ideas the elite want to eliminate.

And nowadays, paid trolls aren’t even needed; artificial intelligence bots can carry out the work quite well and can even respond to counter-posts.

Can I Prove This?

Not entirely, no. And I’m not going to spend hundreds of hours tracking down evidence. That’s not my job; I’m not an investigative journalist. (Neither is anyone else these days, but that’s a separate point.)

Still, the links I’ve inserted above prove a lot of what I’m writing, and the rest will have to remain my own personal theories… and I’m just fine with that. People can take them or leave them as they choose.

The Other Problem

Beyond everything covered above, the other problem with conspiracy theories is that they are far too hopeful. Yes, hopeful.

The implication buried in conspiracy theories is that the world is being controlled. Whether it’s controlled by the Illuminati, the Jews, the Masons, or whomever, there is a strange sort of comfort in the idea that the world is controllable.

The comforting thought goes like this:

The world is being controlled by evil people. So, if we can just get rid of them, control will revert to good people, and things will be great again.

This thought is false. The world is not controlled by any single group of people. Rather, it’s a large, chaotic mess. Yes, the deep staters, central bankers, and so on do manipulate a lot of things, but they struggle endlessly and very often fail. Consider just two recent examples:

  • If they were that smart, these groups wouldn’t have allowed the internet to jump onto the scene in the early 1990s.

  • If they were that potent, they would have killed Bitcoin as soon as it appeared.

The truth is that they’re not that smart, and they’re not all-powerful. In fact, they have power only to the extent that they hoodwink people into serving them. And that’s not an iron-clad arrangement.


Presuming that everything above is true, what do we do about it?

My first thought is that we should stick to facts, not imaginings. I suspect, for example, that Building 7 at the World Trade Center was purposely brought down, but I don’t know that. My suspicions don’t make it true. Furthermore, it isn’t worth obsessing over. There are dozens of more important things to invest with time and energy – like actually building a better world.

I can’t think of a single conspiracy theory that’s worth majoring upon. Aliens at Roswell or the Kennedy assassination may be fun speculations – and I’d love to know the God’s-honest truth about both – but they’re simply not that important.

Rather, we should be busy building a better world, bypassing the institutions of abuse that dominate life in the West.

* * * * *

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You may never look at life the same way again.

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* * * * *

Paul Rosenberg

14 thoughts on “A Conspiracy Theory About Conspiracy Theories”

  1. …I think the writer is wrong. I think knowing the truth, understanding the lies and manipulations that our lives have been founded upon is the clearest path for reaching a better world. It is a natural and human attribute to seek justice…and to insure closure for all those injured by the corruption of the past. Does the writer suggest that the remaining Native Americans simply forget about the…”conspiracy of genocide” …that has been butchered across their history? Or, more recently…should the people of Libya, Iraq, The Former Yugoslavia…should these people not know the truth of their own desperate plight? Only if you are trying to hide that truth.
    RJ O’Guillory

    1. As you do everywhere else that you post, you misunderstand the fact that Rosenberg exposed, that we cannot know the truth, and that most of the lies are coming from those who claim to be the only ones telling the truth. Dwelling on the past misdeeds of the federal government and their co-conspirators only softens their targets. Most of the desperate plights of the world were caused, or are being caused, by those who are lying to us about everything that they address.
      Your compensation and/or preparation for the desperate plights that those who are engineering for us shouldn’t be tailored to what they say ordo, but to the worst case scenario that you can imagine.

      1. …of course we can learn the truth. We now know that Lincoln was no emancipator, but a political hack who said one thing prior to elections…and did another after being elected. We also know that he violated his oath to uphold The Constitution. We know FDR started WW II with The Japanese Empire and allowed Pearl Harbor to happen. We know that the elite have been building a New World Order for generations. We know that the Gulf of Tonkin Incident was pure BS. We know the war in Vietnam was extended for LBJ’s political purposes. We know 911 was an inside job…a false flag to justify the rape of other nations and of our rights. We understand, we know and we see. We may not know every tidbit of knowledge or information on any one subject, but we know enough to illustrate the deep corruption we live under, and we know the people who run the system, their financiers and their lawyers. And we know who corruptly benefits. When we start charging, convicting and hanging these people, …along with our political leadership for treason we will have made some progress. Those of you who do not want to know…simply lack the courage to do anything about it. That is a fact I truly… “understand”…as I have read many of your post as well. Grow up…the world is getting ready to eat you alive.
        RJ O’Guillory

        1. My point, RJ, is that we can spend our all getting vengeance, or we can spend it actually building a better world. But we (very obviously) haven’t time and energy for both.
          So, which matters more?

          1. Isn’t that like building a bigger, prettier convenient store while your still getting robbed at night? You can’t build bigger and better on a compromised foundation. You need to shut that shit down.

  2. Paul Rosenberg seems to be emulating the best (or least worst) of the conspiracy theory authors by continuing to produce intelligent content which complicates complimentary comments like this one by forcing me to place most of it above the best that I receive from anyone else. This is another home run hit out of the park!

  3. Conspiracy theories have an implied optimism about the power of we the people to thwart the conspirators. Otherwise, why would the conspirators try to act secretly?

  4. The world is being controlled by evil
    people. So, if we can just get rid of them, control will revert to good
    people, and things will be great again.
    This thought is false. The world is not controlled by any single
    group of people. Rather, it’s a large, chaotic mess. Yes, the deep
    staters, central bankers, and so on do manipulate a lot of things, but
    they struggle endlessly and very often fail.
    This is where you are wrong.
    I could trot out all sorts of axioms about money and power but let’s just go with the one ‘follow the money’
    I think we all agree that this means that money = power.
    Let’s follow the money to the source — money as in the global reserve currency.
    That will lead you to the Fed which is a private company.
    I own a few companies. None of them is allowed to print money — how does one apply?
    But imagine if I had the right to print trillions of dollars…. go further … imagine if I had the right to decide who gets some of that and at what rate of interest.
    Money = power … right?
    Control of the source of money = absolute power.
    I could use that power to control every country, company and individual on the planet.
    You play by my rules – you get money at a fair rate of interest.
    You p8ss me off and I drive you interest rates to the moon and bankrupt you.
    Remember how quickly the heads of Italy and Greece were sent packing and replaced with Goldman Sachs dictators?
    Have a look at what is currently happening in the Philippines as Duerte tells the money masters to stuff it.
    The owners of the Fed run the world. Everyone dances to their tune. They do not need to micro-manage anything. If anyone tries to dance to another tune they just give them a slap — if they still refuse then the US military which is their attack dog… steps in …
    If ultimate power rests with a few men why doesn’t someone just kill them?
    Now why would you kill them? Someone has to run the show – always has always will
    And these guys are very generous – they have spread huge amounts of wealth far and wide. Anyone in the core countries of their empire can make it big. And they do
    So if you are a general why fight them – if you are a business leader why fight them – if you are a politician why fight them — they will reward you massively if you just go along and no rock the boat
    If you fight them you are a dead man.
    But like any empire there are always going to be usurpers. Currently Russia and China are looking to unseat the owners of the Fed. Likely because they see the Fed’s system as faltering …. they are perceived as weakening.
    So the Russians and the Chinese are having a go at them.
    Back to my earlier point – if you are a general or a politician or a business leader, do you want to see your boys lose the fight to the Russians and Chinese?
    Of course not – the owners of the Fed have been very good to you. As a general you are thinking about that cushy job at Raytheon when you retire. You will defend the realm (and your coming 6 figure salary) with all your might!
    The last thing I want to see is the current rulers of the world overturned. I too have done very well under them
    The Fed owns the printing press – therefore the Fed runs the world.
    Simple at that.

  5. Paul Rsoenberg doesn’t believe that there wass a conspiracy behind JFK or he thinks it isn’t important?
    Only idiots and evil men will accept the official story that Oswald acted alone. How could the most powerful and advanced country on earth fail to protect its most important suspect before trial? And the most important witness Rudy conveniently died of cancer before trial?
    This is from a poster on Zerohedge.com.
    Gadfly Sep 30, 2016 10:55 AM
    Sure Mr. Rosenberg, we should all just go home… forget all about those who have committed heinous and evil crimes in our name and with our tax dollars. Forget about all the innocent blood the same people have spilled all over the world in the name of “freedom,” “democracy,” and fighting “terrorism,” while the real reasons are abundantly clear to almost anyone with half a brain: a one-world financial system owned and controlled by a handful of insanely greedy people; and control of the world’s natural resources on which we all depend. Sow the seeds of religious and ethnic hatred, division and strife. Keep everyone fighting and at each other’s throats so we can never focus on the real culprits. And you want us to give them a pass? Just focus on building a better world you say? Really? I didn’t realize bringing criminals to justice and building a better world were incompatible. Nice try. No, we are not going to let anyone off the hook. Not this time. Not ever again. If you know anything about criminals, you know they don’t stop on their own accord. They have to be stopped. That is their nature: to take advantage of, prey upon and kill others to get what they want until they are stopped. What we need is the courage to stop them, not give them another pass.

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