A Crucial Message On CBDCs

Again I am ringing my alarm bells. This message is for everyone, but especially for anyone involved with computer programming… at all.

This Is Serious.

Please pay attention.

Pass this along.

The central banks of the world are serious about Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and their first big test case has been Nigeria. They thrust this scheme on the Nigerian people in October of 2021, and 99.5% of Nigerians refused to play.

Now, the overlords have doubled-down and are removing cash… as in refusing to print it. The result is a massive cash shortage. Their “Close your ears! It’s safer not to think!” gambit is some sort of anti-corruption malarkey. 

For those unfamiliar, a CBDC gives your ruler 100% control over your life and death. They wouldn’t need a law or even a policeman to kill you: you just couldn’t buy anything or sell anything. More than that, they could instantly – and with programmed responses rather than human choices – penalize or flatly cut-off any friend or neighbor who helped you.

Please understand: CBDCs do everything that was done to the Canadian truckers, times a large number.

These things correspond, directly, to the “mark of the beast” in Revelation. Even if you think the Bible is foolishness, there’s no doubt that whoever wrote Revelation was a terribly imaginative person… and this was the most powerful dystopian scenario they could imagine.

We cannot go along with this, and we most certainly cannot build it. No paycheck  could possibly be good enough.

Those of you who pray, pray for the Nigerians.

And those of you working on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network in any fashion: Please grasp the stupendous importance of what you’re doing.

This is serious, and it just got very serious for millions of Nigerians.


Paul Rosenberg