A Crucial Note To Everyone In IT

The central banks of the world are getting more and more serious about Central Bank Digital Currencies, CBDCs. And that means they are hiring.

Today I’m going to play the conscience of IT, and of engineering in general. That’s openly arrogant on my part, but I’m not seeing anyone else doing it, and it needs to be done. So be it.

Central Bank Digital Currencies are the most direct threat to human liberty – and to the human mind – that has ever come along. Consider, please, that they directly correspond to the “mark of the beast” in the Bible. Even if you think the Bible is foolishness, there’s no doubt that whoever wrote Revelation was a supremely imaginative and creative person… and this was the most powerful dystopian scenario they could imagine.

In practice, a CBDC gives an overlord (pick your favorite type) 100% control over not just your life and death, but everyone’s life and death. They wouldn’t need a law or even a policeman to kill you: you just couldn’t buy anything or sell anything. More than that, they could instantly – and with programmed responses rather than human choices – penalize or flatly cut-off any friend or neighbor who helped you out.

Please conjure an image of the politician you hate the most, from the party you hate the most. Now, understand that you’re handing them precisely this power by building a CBDC. The party in power changes all the time, doesn’t it?

Friends, we cannot do this. No paycheck is good enough.

I wrote a book that illustrates all of this, called The Breaking Dawn. If you’re in IT and unsure about what I’m saying, please get the book. And if you truly can’t afford to buy it, email me and I’ll have a copy sent to you. It’s that important.


Paul Rosenberg