A Fearstorm Is Upon Us

I just sat down at my computer and saw that a new fearstorm is upon us. I saw signs of it earlier in the week, and now it has arrived. And so, briefly, I’d like everyone to understand how these things operate.

Firstly, please notice that fearstorms are coordinated; they arrive in terrifying clusters, with more or less every elite-driven bullhorn saying the same thing, playing up the same terrifying “possibilities.” And notice that your emotional reactions entirely discount “possibilities.” You’re feeling nearly the same shock you would if the terrors were certain. Humans have a weakness for that, and the people behind these fearstorms know it.

The goal of a fearstorm is for you to stop thinking rationally and to act reflexively. Fear does that to us, and the people driving fearstorms can conjure more fear any time they want. Imagined fears are infinite, after all. Take out a pad of paper some time, and see how many terrifying things you can come up with in half an hour.

So, if you allow yourself to be tossed about by possibilities, you’ll be tossed about forever. The people who produce these things know this, and that’s their winning strategy.

Instead of listening to “the news” and reacting to social media (outfits that monetize your fear), use your eyes and ears to see what’s happening in the real, physical world. Has the world you see and hear changed over the last day?

Now, before I send this, I’d like everyone to get this viscerally:

A fearstorm is sucker-punch.

So, why is this hitting today? Perhaps because protests are breaking out in Europe? Perhaps because more vaxxed people are dying than the unvaxxed? Because soccer players are dropping like flies?

I don’t know, but I do know that the world I see hasn’t changed since yesterday… at all.


Paul Rosenberg


5 thoughts on “A Fearstorm Is Upon Us”

  1. Remember the man who fought vigourously and successfully raging fearstorms? Pope Jean Paul II before and after he was raised to the holy see. His weapon were three words: “Have no fear!”. He fought back criminal communism in his home country Poland just by invoking these three words. He knew that you can’t be free when you are paralized by fear. He made his compatriots free and capable to withstand and invalidate communism. When he continued to spread his explosive message over the whole world his arch enemies fought back. Their Bulgarian satellite was mandated to send a Turkish hireling to shoot and kill the pope. Shoot he did, killing failed. But he also divulged involuntarily an earthmoving gospel: Freeing yourself from fear with peril to your life makes you free.

  2. Their game never changes. Once you see their words are empty lies, free yourself from. Ignore them and get on with living free.

  3. English is not my language, sorry for the mistakes.

    The following news through media creates a fear storm for ignoring there are many unchanged good situations in the world.

    Since ever troubles, wars, famines, religions, epidemics, and other events have been existing, and still are.
    Causes of social troubles or wars are man’s problems (power search, economic search, territorial search, religious believes …) famines, epidemics, earthquakes are nature problems or man’s caused problems for some.

    Media are relating essentially bad events since people are more impressed by bad events than by good news. The bad news is selling out, the good news does not for looking normal.

    Peaceful and troubleless life out of the fear storm is a question of fragile equilibrium easily disturbed by man or nature or both. The solution is to stay and live in the good areas or to be adaptative and flexible.

    I am like a sailor, when a storm is coming I change my route in time, out of the troubled areas.
    One cannot fight against the ocean but you can keep informed and monitor the “weather changes” to live in peace where possible without storm fear or avoiding it, if possible.

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