As The Oligarchy Creates A New Group of Revolutionaries

As I write this, the Wall Street complex is creating a new group of radicals… a potent new group of radicals. By now, you probably know the outline of the story:

A large number of young people, many of them locked out of work, used their time to poke around the stock market, looking for opportunities; something that micro-trading apps, stimulus checks and the Internet made practical. Soon enough they discovered hedge funds doing the nasty things that hedge funds do… and turned their game back upon them. They crashed at least one of them.

Bear in mind that this was done by the rules. Except that the big, unwritten rule was violated:

We’re powerful and you’re not.

The Security and Exchange Commission – the people who investigated Bernie Madoff three times and found nothing – stepped in to do what it does: protect the overlords. They issued behind-the-scenes orders, stopped the upstarts and saved their friends… and a day later issued statements meant to make it all look okay… and to convince the 401k class that all was well.

What they really did was expose their true purpose: To protect the overlords and bullshit the rubes.

Below I’ve included two posts, because I want you to see what these young traders are saying, because you probably won’t see much of it in the news. Please read them carefully.

And so I present to you a new group of radicals. They are your niece, your nephew, your brother and sister; they’re the man at the coffee shop and the mom struggling to survive. They know they’ve been dealt a rotten hand, and now they know that the overlords won’t allow them to win.

And they’re pissed.


Paul Rosenberg

8 thoughts on “As The Oligarchy Creates A New Group of Revolutionaries”

  1. The truly disenfranchised are awakening as well as the more well-off that weren’t aware of the BS games being played by the elites and globalists. They have know idea how much we are going to enjoy destroying their world once we become fully awake and know how to fight effectively, yet peaceably!

  2. In the words of Ronald Reagan, “Evil is powerless when the good are unafraid.”

  3. I´m in the UK. I´m nearly 60. For many years now I´ve disliked young people´s attitude to work but I´ve also told many of my generation who moan about it that I don´t blame them. All trust between employers and employees has been lost. So many of these young people know their future was stolen by the war generation and the boomers, of which I´m one. Once upon a time we could rely on a “job for life”, even in the private sector, if that´s what we wanted. Private employment agencies here have become the HR departments of many large call centres and other businesses. The employers like the “try before you buy” model. Three month contracts, sometimes more, and then the possibility of a permanent job. Other employers are working almost exclusively with temporary workers, who often get laid off just as the legal time limit arrives where they must offer permanent employment. For young people who want to settle down, maybe get married, maybe have children, the future must sometimes look bleak. It warms my heart to know that so many young adults are so savvy about big tech, market manipulation and social media cancel culture and can see right through it all. I wish them all the very best. The world is theirs. The world always belongs to the young and now they have so much more information to help them make the best of it. If the SEC in the USA and the FCA in the UK make any moves to try and change the playing field, it will only harden the attitude of these tech savvy youngsters, and I´m sure they have the wherewithall to beat the Wall St/City of London parasites under anybody´s rules.

  4. Those investors have every right to be angry. I’m hoping these investors stand their ground and don’t back down. I wish them the very best outcome. These investors have the rights to invest in the stock market by the same legal means that the so called elites do. Since the hedge funds was doing “nasty” shady acts and these folks turned it around on them then good for these investors. This really should not be a issue because what’s legal and ethical for some should be legal and ethical for all. Since the hedge funds plays dirty and seems to be granted protection by the over lords when they play dirty then turn about is fair play on them and I’m glad the power shifted in this incident. These investors are showing their power now by not backing down. I hope they hang on to it. It seems like everyday we are being exposed to seeing just how one sided our government really is in every aspect. It really is being shoved down our throats at a super fast rate lately that it’s choking the life out of us. I do not think of these investors as “radicals “I think of them as human beings trying to better their lives. I also see them as brilliant for beating the hedge funds at their own game. I wish them the best.

  5. A frustrated group of young people with nothing to lose?

    The Oligarchy should be very afraid. They have a lot to lose.

  6. “Except that the big, unwritten rule was violated: We’re powerful and you’re not.”

    I would write this slightly differently: “We’re PRIVILEGED, and you’re not.”

    That’s the only thing that grants those firms the power… not the rules of the game, which is now obvious to all.

  7. I think a bigger culprit in all this are the politicians who allowed China to take are technological knowhow, top government research, military development knowledge and the related jobs out of our economy. Whole businesses and factories were taken down and shipped to China. With all of that, how could the millennial generation have the same chance to get good jobs. Altho, part of the problem are the universities offering worthless degrees and the young people going for them.

  8. This is a good start, but far too many people still aren’t challenging the elite oligarchy on Covid, as that narrative further destroys jobs and ensures that the middle and lower classes lose so much economic and political power that they have no will or means to try and pull any more cute populist stunts like vote for a Trump or Brexit.

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