Back to the Crime Scene


Now that the Great Distraction of 2016/2017 (“The Russians hacked the election!” “Fake news!”) may be winding down, we should return to the things that the news media, politicians, and the entire deep state wanted us to forget. In other words, we need to get back to the crime scene and take a good look at it.

The WikiLeaks emails were our peek behind the curtain to see what’s really going on in the overlord class. They stripped away the fake reality of Big Media, Hollywood, and Washington. These emails let us see what is real, not what elites want us to think is real… which is why they’ve worked so hard to distract us.

So, truth sits openly in front of the public. The question is how many people will pick it up and look at it, and how many will scurry off, not wanting to see.

What We Know

There’s too much to cover in one column – there were tens of thousands of leaked emails, after all – but we’ll take a good stab at it. I’ll describe emails and link to their sources, showing actual text in italics.

These people are knowingly cultivating an unaware and compliant populace:

[W]e’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. (source)

Let no one pretend that things get done the way we were taught in school. That has been established as a delusion. Things are not done via official channels – they are done from behind the scenes. For example:

The chairman of a presidential campaign had dinner with a top official at the Department of Justice… the day after a major congressional hearing. That official got his son a job working for the campaign… and led the effort to nominate an attorney general who was – by any measure – extremely kind to the presidential campaign. (source)

A fact that may shock a lot of people is that Google is doing clandestine work that used to be done through official channels, as seen in this email from a former State Dept. security official:

Google is getting WH [White House] and State Dept. support & air cover. In reality they are doing things the CIA cannot do. (source)

On top of that, the head of the NSA was on a first name basis with the bosses of Google and called one of them “a key member of the Defense Industrial Base.” (source)

We also know that politicians control newspapers and television broadcasters. For instance:

A prominent commentator working for a major news outlet provided debate questions – in advance of that debate – to a presidential contender, making the debate a farce (though it looked ever so dignified to the public). The commentator, shortly thereafter, was made head of the presidential campaign. (source)

Dozens of major media figures met “off the record” with the staff of a presidential campaign to coordinate strategies. There is even a list of their media “surrogates.” (source)

We have has [sic] a very good relationship with Maggie Haberman of Politico over the last year. We have had her tee up stories for us before and have never been disappointed. (source)

A major news outlet’s chief political correspondent sent a new article to the head of a presidential campaign, for approval prior to publishing. “Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this,” he wrote, doubly condemning himself. (source)

Politicians are selling influence profligately:

All of us who are paying attention already knew politicians sold their influence over national policies, but the recent emails show international influence being bought and sold by the highest officials, both current and former. (source) (source) (source)

Major officials are reporting to meddling billionaires. In fact, they checked in with one for consultation:

Ambassador: Secretary Kerry would be interested to hear GS’s [George Soros’s] views on the situation directly, upon return from his trip. (source)

What This Means

It is now certain that the US government is a corrupt front… a type of Potemkin Village. Behind the facades, it sells influence and revels in power, all the while blathering in public about “checks and balances” and a dozen other feel-good slogans we learned in school. These are sucker-bait and mean almost nothing.

All of the emails we’ve seen recently address the Democratic party, but please understand that the Republicans do the same things. Politicians of both parties created the current mess, and they often defend one another. Politicians of both parties sell their votes to donors, take orders from unelected party officials, and spend billions of dollars to instill fear in voters. They operate in almost exactly the same ways, and are members of the same elite class.

The question now, it seems to me, is why any sane person would take this class of people seriously.

To see or not to see, that is the question.

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Paul Rosenberg