Civil War and the Status Quo


We’ve all been hearing fears of civil war in America recently, and while I think those fears are overblown (as fears generally are), I want to address something that doesn’t make the news feeds:

the fact that we can take this question seriously exposes a sick, degenerate status quo.

We need to be clear on this point.

Arguments Pro and Con

I don’t believe civil war will come to America on any serious scale. My reason is a simple one:

I can see 5,000 hard leftists and 5,000 hard rightists going out to kill each other, but I can’t see my neighbors pulling their guns down from their attics, dusting them off, and running out to shoot people across town.

Only the most irrational and agitated people kill over politics. Average people may waste oceans of time and money on politics, but they do not stab and shoot those who disagree.

Jonathan Logan, however (my co-author for The New Age of Intelligence), sees it differently. He makes a thoughtful, informed argument for civil war, and I think it’s worth passing along. I’ll have to summarize:

  • For young people to be susceptible to war (and it’s the young, not the old, who fight), they must not be too settled, not too invested, not too satisfied, not too stable. And they must be dragged in by some motive, be it “making a name for themselves” or “fighting evil” or whatever.

  • Few young people in the West are willing to fight “for my country.” (Approximately 12% in Germany and 20% in the US.) But when you ask if they would participate in riots against an unjust political order, the numbers shoot up. In Germany, it’s 66%; in the US, it’s about 60%.

  • For a civil war to break out, enough people must perceive the current situation as unbearable and be willing to use violence.

  • The police must be unable or unwilling to keep the two sides apart.

That’s the theory. Here are Jonathan’s observation:

  • There’s a growing inability of “cultural progressives” and “cultural conservatives” to engage in dialog.

  • For a long time the “cultural progressives” had success after success. That led to the internal perception that they were not just right but also absolutely right… that only stupid hicks stood in their way.

  • Meanwhile, the “cultural conservatives” grew dissatisfied. They were pushed to the point where they had a hard time tolerating some of the things that went on.

  • Then came Brexit and Trump. Before those, progressives were absolutely convinced that they were right, that they would win, and that the future would be bright. This wasn’t just an assumption; it was a conviction… like the sun rising tomorrow morning. And then they learned that they were wrong. That was more than just an unexpected failure; it destroyed their world perception.

  • The result is widespread post-traumatic stress disorder. The progressives didn’t just lose; they were traumatized. They now experience anything not 100% on their side as being violent, hurtful, triggering. Their way to deal with this is to push more, to become more radical, to accept less compromise. They feel that everyone else is actually trying to kill them.

  • At the same time the cultural conservatives experienced something new: victory. Previously they had only lost. Still, when they see new pushes from the progressives, they remember all the times they were beaten, and they feel pushed back into a corner.

  • So, we have two groups, pushed into corners, and between them is… nothing. They are deeply polarized and don’t have anything in common anymore.

  • And the problem is… it’s the Millennials, a generation that knows they can expect nothing from the status quo. Furthermore, they lack tools for conflict resolution. Their generation is split between progressives and conservatives. And because they are neither the largest nor the most influential generation, they have no way to implement anything.

  • From this we get people on the progressive side who must radicalize, who must destroy the other side. If you look at the various progressive protests and riots, that’s exactly what you see. They are desperate, hurting, hating… and feeling righteous all the while.

  • Concurrently, the conservatives are becoming afraid. They think that if this thing on the progressive side doesn’t calm down, they’ll have to defend themselves.

  • If these movements continue, Millennial conservatives and Millennial progressives will pull out clubs and knives.

  • At the same time, the police – because of the progressive/conservative stalemate in politics – are unable to decisively take sides.

  • That’s how you start a civil war.

My Thoughts

While I think Jonathan makes important points, I think, and certainly hope, the people who are currently so polarized will recover themselves and leave the paranoid extremes. (As we were waiting to publish, this wonderful letter came in, seeking to pull young people back to reason. I complain about academia plenty, but the professors who authored this get my heartfelt thanks.)

Here’s something I wrote a month or so after Trump’s election (and Brexit):

Where is the cool head that says something sensible? Perhaps like this: “Listen boys, this isn’t worth tearing the county apart over. We may not like Trump, but he cares about this country in his own way, and he’ll work four years to reach his goals. He’s not going to sell nukes to terrorists, and he’s not out to conquer the world. Let him have his turn.”

The failure of my generation is that such cool-headed people are absent from the public stage.

The sin of the media complex is that they’re stirring this up for ratings. If civil war does come, they will be the true villains.

As those of us of a certain age used to say, “It’s time to split this scene.” Politics is poison and rulership is barbarity. It’s time to dump the status quo and to start building something better.

* * * * *

A book that generates comments like these, from actual readers, might be worth your time:

  • I just finished reading The Breaking Dawn and found it to be one of the most thought-provoking, amazing books I have ever read… It will be hard to read another book now that I’ve read this book… I want everyone to read it.
  • Such a tour de force, so many ideas. And I am amazed at the courage to write such a book, that challenges so many people’s conceptions.
  • There were so many points where it was hard to read, I was so choked up.
  • Holy moly! I was familiar with most of the themes presented in A Lodging of Wayfaring Men, but I am still trying to wrap my head around the concepts you presented at the end of this one.

Get it at Amazon ($18.95) or on Kindle: ($5.99)


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Paul Rosenberg

11 thoughts on “Civil War and the Status Quo”

  1. The problem with the police is not confusion as to what side they’re on.
    C’mon man, the cops are workers, they have jobs, families, property. They’re not pie in the sky liberals/progressives seeking a Utopian new world. No way are the cops going to be ‘on the side’ of progressive/liberal/socialist/communists.
    The problem with the cops is they ‘just follow orders’
    The problem with the cops is corrupt politicized (Left) bosses, Mayors, Governors, etc.
    Push comes to shove it’s going to be the cops this time who say – Sir! NoSir!

    1. There is a court case against Charlottesville police department. Mayor, and governor of Virginia. If a libtard judge throw it out, we will conclude that these evil can get away with murder as Hillary and Bill just did.

  2. The people willing to blindly follow orders provide the psychopaths in office with their ability to enslave the rest of the population. Should any physical conflict start, the police will be the first to feel it. It may have already begun as police have been randomly targeted for assassination in several reported incidents. They should expect this as they are the most obvious symbols of oppression.
    If things escalate to what one might consider a civil war, my belief is that the police will quit their jobs en masse to protect their families, leaving only the military to stand between the citizenry and the law makers constantly chipping away at the Constitution.
    Since I see only an ever increasing push towards a totalitarian state by our masters, I expect major violence in the US at some point. That’s why I’m an expat living outside the US. I want no part of violence and I’m not stupid enough to believe pistols and rifles are any response to black helicopters and armored personnel carriers, etc.
    The border wall may keep people out of the US, but it may also help keep people in. Think about it.

  3. The American dream of small less intrusive government, freedom of speech – all must be thrown out of the window. For more than 70 years the cabal has systematically penetrated every position of policy making, information, war making, taxation, and spending of our treasury on their pet projects. The cabal consists of a minority of our population said to be only 2% of Americans. These devious people managed to invent labels as weapons to silence any objections to their evil policies; such as conspiracy theories, Nazis, KKK, supremacist, isolationist, racist, homophobe, islamophobe, nationalist, anti Semitic, flag waver, fascist, …
    For 70 years Hollywood made countless Nazi movies painting Hitler and the Nazis as the most evil people ever, ignoring the Marxist Leninist revolution which murdered 100 million Russian Christians. In addition the Mao revolution and Pol Pot,….Hence the average government educated American idiot cannot accept being called a Nazi. So, if the cabal wants for you to approve any stupid, illogical, or un-American thing and you did not blindly obey, they call you a Nazi, or anti-Semitic! Immediately you will give in or risk losing your job, your friends, and even your wife. Almost total subjugation of 98% of us by 2% of us.
    Now, that we invented a huge government spying systems to defend “us” against the Islamic jihadists, which we hire and arm to do our dirty work in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Russia, China, Myanmar, Egypt, …..; that huge apparatus is turned on our citizens to silence any decent. The news spin and lies can be overcome by tuning into the internet for more honest alternative news. But, now, the same cabal is in charge of Google, Face Book, you tube, twitter,…. They openly silencing all opinions that they don’t like.
    At this point the minority oppression of Americans have reached a boiling point as we elected a President to reform such mess, and rebuild America; and he is openly being threatened and even restricted as if he was a child. Millions of us who voted for Trump cannot even wear a hat that say make America great again without getting spat on in public, as the police is ordered to look the other way. Such illogical and illegal abuse cannot continue without an eventual civil war? Where are the nationalists from the right and the left who would stop such deterioration?
    Our president must be free to enact his agenda, and perhaps nationalize the major mainstream media and place a better management and guidelines for honest reporting.
    Best regards
    George Rizk

  4. I appreciate your optimism. On the other hand, a different way to interpret what is happening:
    The progressives intend to control society at all costs. They have won a long string of battles because people have been polite when progressives have been belligerent.
    But things are becoming so oppressive that the resistance of polite people is surfacing and stiffening. The progressive response is to ramp up the fight and get nasty.
    Polite people are soon going to realize that the Progressives intend to rule at all costs–even if by violence. At that point, the polite people will have to decide whether to submit to tyranny or rebel.
    If the polite people rebel, the progressives are committed to win at all costs. That will lead to civil war.
    Of course, we could avoid civil war if the polite people submit, but the trending evidence says that is not going to be the case. We could also avoid civil war if the progressives backed down, but the trending evidence says that is not going to be the case.
    So while I would hope that we can live in peace and freedom, it appears we can either have peace or freedom, but not both.

  5. For those who hold traditional American values, the hour is very late. For generations, the government controlled educational system, the mainstream media, and the popular culture has inculcated our youth with values foreign to those who founded this great nation. The Supreme Court removed Christianity from the educational system and the public square, while granting secular humanism, a competing, state-sanctioned religion, an unfair advantage. The Christian consensus is rapidly being replaced by a secular humanist consensus with radically different moorings. If a move isn’t made to regain the nation, the value systems of even the reddest of the red states will be over-turned as generation after generation of the regions’ youth are drawn into the secular humanist orbit. Are Christianity and Western values concerning the sanctity of life, the rule of law, private property, and representative government worth fighting for? Our forefathers thought so, but I’m not so sure about their progeny. With Trump, we’ve been given a brief reprieve as our nation teeters at the edge of a precipice.

    1. People like Soros, Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Kochs, etc. – so they can speculate and make more money off the misery and death on both sides…

  6. Paul Rosenberg hopes people will come to their senses and there won’t be a Civil War. He says, “It’s time to dump the status quo and to start building something better.” Fine words indeed, but hope is not a plan, and dumping the status quo and building something better is easier said than done. Don’t hold your breath.
    Contrary to what many people mistakenly believe, the U.S. was never a democracy; it was a constitutional republic. I deliberately use the past tense “was” because the U.S. constitution is now a dead piece of paper. History is full of dysfunctional republics leading to military dictatorships; from Rome to the first French Republic and in the 20th Century Italy, Germany, and Spain.
    The West is floundering amidst perverse anti-White values and policies as a result of pathological altruism and white guilt. Unfortunately, without another fascist leader, the West is doomed to extinction.

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