The Road to Hell Is Paved… With Fear

fearOne of the cool things about the Bible is that it contains some very interesting passages that no one seems to read.

Understand, please, that I’m neither promoting a literal interpretation of the Bible nor giving you a sermon. I’m just pointing out a fascinating fact that most everyone seems to have missed, religious folks included.

In this case, I’m referring to a passage that comes at the very end of the book, where a list is given, itemizing the kinds of people who will be condemned to “the second death.”

Who would you expect to stand at the top of the list? Murders? Idolators? Maybe adulterers?

Nope, none of those. The first people heading off to destruction are “the fearful.”

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

Not what you expected?

You can look it up if you like. That’s from Revelation 21:8 (King James Version). And I even checked the original Greek: fearful is the right translation.

Fear as a Tool of Damnation

I’m not going to get into theological engineering here, but yes, this would mean that the promoters of fear are sending people to hell.

And, considering that we live in a fear-based culture, that’s an interesting thought indeed.

Now, if you want to be truly bold, think about this: Who is it that currently promotes fear?

We know the answer, of course. The people who live on fear are the majesties of the age: politicians being chief among them but followed by the entire ‘law enforcement‘ complex, military and intelligence organizations, television news-readers, religious bosses, newspaper operators, and, increasingly, anyone who wants something and has access to the public stage.

If the Bible is correct, people who profit from fear are profiting from the destruction (nay, the damnation!) of their fellow men and women.

Religion Isn’t Necessary, of Course

The conclusion that fear is the enemy of mankind doesn’t require religion, of course. We can reach the same conclusion just by recognizing that fear (and especially the chemicals associated with fear) damage our health.

Literally, people who make you fear are making you sick. (We covered this in issue #38 of Free-Man’s Perspective)

Beyond that, it is clear that fear is the number one tool of manipulators. If you want to get large numbers of men and women to do your will, scare them. Every tyrant in history has known this and used this technique.

What To Do About It

First of all, start paying attention to your feelings and notice when things make you afraid. Stop your thinking and pay attention to the whole fear process. If you do, you can deal with most of these attacks quickly, rather than leaving an indistinct fear to roll around the back of your mind all day.

Second, start analyzing the words that convey fear to you. Are they really true? Is the response the fear merchants deliver to you really the only course of action? The hard part of doing this is that the words come too fast; by the time you’re ready to analyze one statement, another one is halfway complete. Analyzing them in writing is far easier, or getting a live speaker to slow down and go one phrase at a time.

Third, start discounting the people who consistently throw fear at you. If that’s all they have, they’re not worth paying attention to. Turn off the TV; excuse yourself from the conversation; walk away. You don’t have to take it.

Finally, start pointing out these things to other people. They may be defensive at first, but isn’t that worth facing, to clear the minds of your friends and family? Why should they suffer under the lash of fear all their lives?

Paul Rosenberg

18 thoughts on “The Road to Hell Is Paved… With Fear”

  1. Yes, but . . . fear does activate action, so in that context, some fear may be useful to the fearful.

  2. The facts are; the public is fed a steady diet of cop shows, FBI, CIA, lawyers and crimes, doctors and emergency room shot wounds, local news consisting of thugs shooting people daily,…….If that menus of fear mongering is entertainment or news, than count me out.

    The worst part of this, very few people detect anything wrong with a steady diet of fear and violence, as long as the GOOD guys get to run over people on the side walks to capture the bad guy. The “good guy” is allowed to kill as many people, and damage as many cars to satisfy the angry spectators who are cheering him to get the bad guy. In Islam, they cheer Allah Akbar as their “good” guy cut another person chest open, and grabs his dripping heart in his fist to eat it. Now, if you were a regular Syrian watching this you will do anything these crazy Islamists ask you to do. The concept of fear is barbaric, because it induce normal human to be a shaky chicken sh’t.

  3. I have been reading you for about a month, and I enjoy all your articles, but I must say this is one of your very best !! I turned off my TV and the News about 10 years ago and was amazed at how I was Instantly More Calm than when I had a steady diet of hearing who got shot and killed, or which bank was robbed, or other fear-inducing things. After 10 years, I have never missed it, and have no intention of going back to it. Some people I know think I am naive for not watching the news, etc, but then I am happy and peaceful, while they are constantly in a stew about things over which they have no control. When will people realize that Fearful People are Easily Controlled People. Thank You for sharing your wisdom.

  4. Your overall point is good, Paul, but the Bible verse you quote fills me with nothing but contempt for its author. Whoremongers? To treat prostitutes, and those who work with them, in the same breath as murderers, reflects a small, frightened mind, someone who believes not in freedom but in control based upon his own crippling neuroses. Ditto the inclusion of “sorcerers”. Idolaters? I’d describe anyone who cleaves only to a particular revealed religion as a dangerous idolater. Also, the passage states that the fearful, rather than fear-mongers, are in for this “second death”, whereas your (valid) point is that it’s the fear-mongers we need to watch out for.

    Trying to find wisdom in the Bible, other than, perhaps, Jesus’ very reasonable prescriptions for leading a good life, is pretty much a losing battle.

      1. If you’ve rejected the author there’s no point in quibbling over the details.

        Your wording suggests that, for you, the first decision is whether to accept or reject a particular author, after which one may consider the author’s words (“details”). That strikes me as backward.

        For me, the only important questions is, are the words truth, or are they nonsense? After determining that, I accept or reject the author.

        Would you like to defend the verse Paul cited in the light of my criticisms? Or perhaps other parts of the Bible, like where David counts out foreskins harvested from slain enemies?

        1. It seems like your evaluation of Paul’s verse is based more on how you feel about it rather than if it’s objectively true or false. I’m not arguing that some/much of what’s written in the Bible doesn’t sound ridiculous…it does. The question is: Is it true/accurate?
          You have made your choice….it’s cool.

    1. Sorcerers use their craft to compel people to do things normally against their will, and they are real. St. Patrick, armed with faith in Christ (NOT “religion”), went up against the human sacrficing Druids of Ireland, his former slavers.

      In Paul’s day, prostitutes were huge vectors for mass killings, spreading infections that got a cure only in the 20th century. Applying the Golden Rule adapts to change, the Golden Rule does not.

      Skeptics of the truth are afraid to face the fact that they are morally no better than the scum of the earth. To truly accept the truth of Christ is to (1) accept that fact, and (2) be free of guilt, and no need for “guilt trips”.

    1. Yeah, Wayne Holland thinks he’s smarter than the generation that sired Isaac Newton? Can he discuss this issue in ancient Hebrew and “Koine” Greek over dinner like the King James translators? He had to go look up the definition, and gave us a list.

      And using pagan Greek sources for his translations. That’s like using reincarnation to interpret the Biblical “born again”! That dog don’t hunt.

  5. Don’t you find it ironic that this passage, discussing a second death consisting of fire and brimstone, seems as though it’s designed to make the reader fearful?

    1. It’s a warning, like what will happen if you go obediently into tyranny for fear of opposing them.

      What’s ironic is that some people are so fearful of ridicule that they prefer to believe ancient pagan doctrines (we descend from animals and evolved from rocks, Jeremiah 2:27)

      I don’t know. What kind of psychosis prefers hell over truth?

    2. It’s also not ironic that those who are least fearful of death and hell are those who have accepted Christ.

      The wicked flee when no man pursueth, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.

  6. Appreciate your article on fear. I’ve been pointing this out to people for about 10 years now, but it rarely cures them of all their fears. Fear is the opposite of faith.

  7. What difference could it possibly make whether I could discuss the subject in “Koine” Greek or ancient Hebrew? The fact remains that the English word “hell” should not appear in the Bible, in either Old or New Testament. Your objection to my comment has a downright irrational aspect to it. “Wayne Holland thinks he’s smarter than the generation that sired Isaac Newton?” Where the “hell” did that come from? And what does it have to do with what I said? And then there’s this: “He had to go look up the definition, and gave us a list.” The definition of what? Whatever it is, even if I did have to go look up the definition, so what? Do have a problem with looking up definitions? With making sure you’re using the word properly, or the proper word? I repeat: The English word “hell” should not appear in the bible. Why don’t you respond to that instead of going off on some emotional (and downright childish) tirade, spewing irrelevancies?

  8. We must overcome fear and live as gods, for we are created in His image. If we are fearful of men, then we have zero faith.

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