Filling Gaps In The Shadow Gate Documentary

The Shadow Gate documentary contains a lot of intriguing information. I can’t verify it, but it is the kind of thing we’ve been seeing for some time. In no way do I mean to degrade the documentary – I am thankful for it – but I’d like to fill some of the gaps in what it reveals:

Shadow Gate on Bitchute (banned by YouTube/Google as “hate speech”)

Dr. Janda discussing Shadowgate

NSA Whistle-blowers Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe

Julian Assange on Google

Google’s Selfish Ledger

The big picture


Paul Rosenberg

One thought on “Filling Gaps In The Shadow Gate Documentary”

  1. I was only able to watch half of the documentary before bitchute just stopped.
    What the whistleblowers discussed though, was already revealed years ago by Snowden in the GHCQ powerpoint that I saw.
    John Perkins has also written and spoke extensively on the role of contractors in the government.
    The real coup was the 2016 election. You have to ask yourself why did they want Trump rather than Hillary. Is he easier to manipulate? Is he a circus show of distraction?
    It reeks of partisan Trump campaign material. Especially opening with blaming Obama for the contractors. As if…any President is in control of the military/industrial/intelligence complex (at least not since JFK).

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