Financial Pain Is Coming

Airlines are being shut down, schools are being shut down, stores are being shut down, and there will be a lot of pain coming from this. This is especially so because a huge number of people are living paycheck to paycheck.

Consider, please, the insanity of this: In the richest and most prosperous times of all human history – by far – millions of working people have literally no money saved, and/or are deeply in debt. And with paychecks about to stop for many people, the fact that they have zero surplus is about to hit them hard. (This will not immediately affect governments, but it will thousands of businesses.)

And so I will be reposting several articles that explain how and why we can be so financially vulnerable in the midst of lavish prosperity. If you know people who are or will be affected by this, please pass these to them: They should know why they’re being hurt.



One thought on “Financial Pain Is Coming”

  1. Looking forward to these. I believe that there’s a nefarious agenda waiting for the masses. Unless a “Debt Jubilee”is awaiting the working classes before the elites roll out a new financial order, Doug Casey’s “Greater Depression”will be leaving the eye of the hurricane. I pray I’m wrong.

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