The world is presently in a state of disturbance. More importantly, the minds of women and men, world-wide, are facing unexpected turbulence, meaning also that their levels of alertness and awareness have risen. To some significant extent, the autopilot has been disengaged.

Those of us who’ve been grasping at a vision of a better world have but one meaningful direction right now: Forward!

To be specific, I’m talking to people who would like to imagine a better world rather than finding a comfortable slot in an existing regime: voluntaryists, bitcoiners and crypto advocates, scientists who care more about science than position, spiritual and religious people who care more about benevolence than doctrine, people who want to produce rather than just skim, home schoolers and non-conformists of a dozen flavors.

This is a moment that needs us. In the midst of fear and chaos, people need a clear, positive and future-oriented voice.

Descending into fear is not going to help the world, and we shouldn’t contribute to it. If we’re concerned about tragedies, we should put our energies toward preventing them and healing them, not affixing blame on perceived enemies. Moreover, by stirring people up to fear we are directing their energies away from prevention and healing… we are hurting them, even if they are all too willing.

Who Are We?

This is a moment when we need to be clear on who we are. The answer, with millions of personal variations, is that we’re people who want to move forward to something better. And this is our time to be clear and active.

The more confused the world becomes, the more people need clear voices and clear directions. All of us have been young, confused, misdirected, badly taught and internally conflicted. So, this is not about being a better class of humans than everyone else. Those of us who, by luck, work, time and circumstances, or by some combination of them have separated ourselves from confusion and misdirection, owe those less fortunate a clear and positive vision.

We’re not going to be flawless in this, of course; we’re all a long way from full growth and none of us has a complete handle on the truth. Nonetheless, it remains our job to show the troubled of the world what forward looks like. There’s no one to do it but us.


So, if what you’ve gained – if what you have to give – is clear analytics, then give that to the world, but focus it forward. Show the world solutions… show them a better way than they’ve known.

If you’ve found a better way to live, however partial, show it. Talk about the better world you’re building and display it. Let the people of this world people see a way forward.

If you’ve found technologies that move the race forward, be proud to show them. Illustrate their value, their direction, and the kind of world they’ll help create.

This is our job, not to join in the panic. Our role is to fix, to upgrade, to heal… to see forward and to move forward.

We’re The Ones Who Dance

When the world goes crazy, we should be the people who dance. Not because we enjoy the craziness, but because we can see past it… because we’re tethered to the future rather than the past… because we’re tethered to the future even more than a troubled present.

In the midst of sickness, we look for ways to heal, for ways to prevent the sickness. We are the people who are energized in the midst of it all, knowing that we’re creating a better future.

Surrounded by confusion, we are the voice that points to a humane and loving future. More than that, we can be seen building that future and inviting others to join in the effort.

Fear is the road backward. Some amount of it is unavoidable in the present world, but our job is to move the other way, to help people see that there is another direction… a direction of life and growth.

The world needs to see us doing this, demonstrating that it’s possible, right here, right now. And whether we like it or not, we’re the ones who are placed to do this.

Forward, my friends. Forward!


Paul Rosenberg