I Stand With The Russian People (And The Ukranian People)… And Against Mania

As I write this, the West has fallen into another spiral: where millions of people plug into a harmonized set of sources, and where the whole complex feeds back upon itself, generating devil figures and blind, collective disgust.

The Russian family down the road is not your enemy, the friend of your enemy, or tarnished in any way. They are individuals, like everyone else. Unless and until they purposely hurt others, anyone mistreating them has fallen into barbarism. Period.

These spirals are the same as the medieval spirals we’ve read about: Same hysteria, better technology.

Two nation-states are presently at war. That’s the work of perhaps a few hundred decision-makers and their backers. If you want to blame people, blame them: Don’t blame the Russian restaurant or Russian cats: that’s what barbarians do.

Nation-states fight, and their rulers are half-mad to begin with, on all sides. That’s just the way things are; all else is self-soothing fiction.

Blind spirals do not become us. We’re better than that.


Paul Rosenberg