Israel, Zionism, and the (((Jews)))


I didn’t want to write about this. I don’t want to write about this. But circumstances give me little choice. The ancient poison has been spreading, and the last major pogrom (this one industrialized) ended 73 years ago. The pogrom cycle is coming around again.

Most people, thankfully, are no longer susceptible to the poison. But others still are, and they are being openly encouraged. I can’t be sure how much this article will help, but neither can I watch in silence. I won’t.

First Points

Let me start by being very clear on a handful of basics:

  1. Israel is a state, a violence-based hierarchy like every other state. It has done and will continue to do immoral things. That’s what all states do. To focus solely on Israel is to distort reality for a separate purpose.

  2. Zionism had a reason… has a reason. To portray it as some kind of signature evil – to use the term as an all-purpose condemnation – is not based on reason or justice; it’s based on uglier things. And let me doubly clear: I am not a Zionist myself, but neither am I blind to the reasons for Zionism.

  3. Jews come in all flavors: A few are saints, a few are sinners, and most are in between. Just like every other group you can point to.

  4. Stories of Jewish conspiracies are vile fantasies. Do Jews sometimes do favors for other Jews? Sure, just like the Irish sometimes do favors for other Irishmen, Italians for other Italians, and so on. But no more than that. I’ve been in positions to know, and there was simply nothing there. But reality doesn’t matter in this area; those who crave such stories will grab them regardless.

  5. Being anti-Jew is an obsessive disorder. Such people have a compulsion to accuse Jews. That’s why they cling to terms like Zionist, Zio, the Chosen, the Tribe, and now (((the triple parentheses))). They have a psychological need to say “Jews” – whether directly or through code words. Some of them troll the internet looking for opportunities.

Now I’ll get to some details.


Individual Israelis are no more responsible for the actions of the Israeli government than individual Americans are culpable for Abu Ghraib. Governments force people to pay for their crimes, and the government of Israel is no exception. And to pretend that Jews in general are somehow responsible for the actions of the Israeli government runs toward madness.

The actions of the Israeli government are front-page news everywhere and at all times. That is fully out of touch with reality. In truth, it’s the result of a propaganda war that the Israelis are losing badly.

Again, this is obsessive. Israel is less than 1% the size of Arab-held lands, and yet they are portrayed as the biggest, nastiest bully ever seen in the Middle East. And whatever the evils of the Israelis, I think they pale compared to large-scale honor killings, genital mutilations, and death sentences upon people who change religions. And yet, those stories are seen approximately never on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc.

Consider also that the Israelis have made multiple and substantive peace overtures to the Palestinians, while the Hamas Charter openly calls for Israel’s destruction.

Israel is a barely visible spec on a world map and is projecting military power almost nowhere beyond its own tiny borders. And contrary to what you may have heard, Israel’s military budget is less than one-third of Saudi Arabia’s. Likewise, while Israel does get considerable US military financing, Egypt gets more.

These days, however, facts seldom get in the way of a flamboyant story.

And please remember that 1.6 million Arabs are legal citizens and legal voters in Israel. I encourage you to discover how many Jews are legal citizens and/or legal voters in Jordan, Arabia, and so on.


The Jews were ejected from Judea, their long-time homeland, in stages, but mainly in 70 AD and 132 AD. Ever since, they’ve been repetitively beaten, robbed, killed, expelled in mass, shut up in ghettos, and denied recourse for their grievances. This has continued for almost 2,000 years. Can any sane person not understand their desire for a safe place?

That is what Zionism is about.

Jews tried all kinds of strategies to cope with their endless abuse. None of them worked long term. That’s how Israel became the solution.

And by the way, Zionists purchased their land from the Arabs, until they were attacked for it.


What confuses people about the Jews is that they are a religion and a people, even a nation, with or without the state of Israel. But that’s not unique. The Basques, for example, have been both a people and a nation for a long, long time, whether or not they had a state.

In any event, the Hebrews and the Jews (the same folks, though I draw a line between the two designations in the 6th century BC) have been hated throughout history. They were hated at 2500 BC, they were hated at 500 BC and 500 AD and 1500 AD, and they’re sometimes hated now.

They’ve been hated for lots of reasons of course, but a major component of it was that they made other people, and especially sacrifice collectors, look bad. And making such people look bad is a dangerous line of work.

So, how did they anger the sacrifice collectors? Well, that’s something the Jews have inadvertently specialized in. Here are the primary ways:

  • They developed belief in a god that dealt with individuals rather than collectives. (City-states being the primary collectives at the time.) That was contrary to the rationale of sacrifice for Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans.

  • Making matters worse, the Jews described a god who listened to and spoke to the humble and who turned his back to the mighty. Again, that disrupted the ruling rationale of the empires.

  • Making things still worse, the Jews placed justice above the ruler, another intolerable demotion of the big man, who demanded to be justice personified.

  • Because of these three offenses, the Hebrews and Jews were generally pushed out of polite company and forced to live on the peripheries. And from that they learned to think and operate as outsiders: separate from enforced hierarchies and collectives. That, to the sacrifice collectors, turned the Jews into a potentially deadly virus.

  • On top of that, Jews always majored on morality, which meant that they’d consistently show the world a humane outside, something that shouldn’t exist according to the legends of the nations.

Last Words

Rather than going on, I’ll close with a single line from Eric Hoffer’s The Passionate State of Mind. You can provide your own commentary:

There are many who find a good alibi far more attractive than an achievement.

* * * * *

As it turns out, history was never too hard to understand; they just told you the wrong story.

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* * * * *

Paul Rosenberg

20 thoughts on “Israel, Zionism, and the (((Jews)))”

  1. Writing and expressing “my” views on this subject, however incomplete and uninformed they may be, all distill down to one thing. I am a tax paying American, and have been for the last 40+ years of my life. The concept of “No taxation without representation” resonates deep within my being. And because it does, and because I believe that the “representative” form of government I am subject to has been hijacked (a long time ago), and because I believe that instead of the elected representatives perfecting their representation of “WE THE PEOPLE”, and instead adopting the more lucrative and rewarding philosophy of serving the LOBBYISTS who funnel money their way from the “rich, powerful, and well connected”, I find myself disenfranchised and dissatisfied with what I consider to be the enormity of criminal activity at every level of government.
    I will refrain from reciting all of the various changes to our laws that permitted and enabled the “system” to become as corrupted as it presently is. But I will point out that among the MANY ‘PAC” organizations that hold political and economic clout over our “representatives”, AIPAC is one of, it not the MOST influential in existence today.
    So much so, that it may be argued it has had a disproportional influence over American policy for far too long, and to the detriment of our country’s interests as well.
    When you combine that type of influence with the apparent influence of similar interests that have control over our Main Stream Media, Financial Industry, etc., you can at least understand there are significant concerns which cannot be dismissed categorically. The time has long passed to dismiss these concerns and/or to brand anyone who has them an “anti-semite”. I happen to have been born a Jew, but I am also an AMERICAN, and as I wrote earlier, a TAX PAYING American. MY interests happen to center and revolve around MY own country’s well being, or lack of, if that may be the case, if for no other reason than I have a vested interest seeing as how I have been taxed at the point of a gun barrel all my life. And I am also revolted and disgusted by the apparent DUALITY of many of our elected and non-elected government employees. LOYALTY to the OATH to “protect and defend” the constitution is NOT an optional affair, it is MANDATORY, with serious violation being cause for the death penalty (treason).
    At this late stage in the life of our republic, I cannot suggest that disloyalty and treason have only been performed by persons of the ethnic and/or religious identity of one particular faith, but what I do suggest is that there appears to be a significantly higher participation rate in such activities by one such group then all others. Much as it has been down thru historical records since at least Roman times.
    And it does give cause for contemplation, concern, and reflection….if not action….before another conflaguration is to surely occur.
    Just a thought.

    1. Hi DB,
      A few quick responses:
      1. I understand your revulsion for lobbyists, etc. I’m not a fan either.
      2. Duality is, first of all, common. It used to be that the Irish were the top group for that, and perhaps still are. Personally, I don’t care. I think loyalties should be to things like honesty and justice, not to states.
      3. I’m not at all sure AIPAC is as powerful as you say. I don’t especially care about those things, but if people are claiming it as “everyone knows,” my guess is that it’s not quite true. It seems to me that the Saudis have far more pull in DC than the Israelis; it comes back to oil, after all, and the Saudis hold the trump card on that. If I wanted to be sure on this, I’d have to do some research and look at the question from both sides. You’d obviously have to do the same to really know… if it matters to you, of course.
      4. If, in your last major paragraph, you are equating dual citizenship with disloyalty, the leading group may very well be the Irish. But as I say, I haven’t seen statistics on that for a long time.

      1. “I think loyalties should be to things like honesty and justice, not to states.”
        What a brilliant but devious remark.
        No Paul. Sorry.
        Were you to be elected, or commissioned to accept a position in the federal government requiring your oath of allegiance to the constitution of the united states of america, you would do so with the full knowledge that your oath will guide ALL your actions while in that office. And should you find yourself unable to comply with your oath at any time, there is always the option to resign PRIOR to taking any action(s) while in office that would violate that oath.
        What you really mean to say is that when push comes to shove, giving your word to anyone about anything is an arbitrary act, subject to revision and rescindment at any time for any reason.
        I freely admit that is the current state of things today, and probably has been for a LONG LONG TIME. But it always leads civilizations to the same ending. One long slow collapse from within.
        ““A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

        1. *”I think loyalties should be to things like honesty and justice, not to states.” What a brilliant but devious remark.*
          Wow, DB, I’m sorry for whatever makes you feel that way. That’s in no way devious. If you see other things I’ve written, you’ll find it a recurring theme.
          *What you really mean to say is that when push comes to shove, giving your word to anyone about anything is an arbitrary act, subject to revision*
          No, that’s not what I mean. You seem to be looking for a fight, DB. That’s not healthy.

    2. Hi DB—-just a thought but AIPAC has a lobbying budget of less than $3M per year, yet the agricultural lobby and the oil lobby is in excess of $500M per year. If you add up the Arab interest lobbies, it would be in excess of $4M per year. Just something for you to think about if you believe AIPAC is the MOST influential lobby today.

      1. Believing that influence is measured mainly in dollars is no more logical than believing that the quality of education delivered is measured mainly in dollars. No to mention that an influence model that relies on the stick can be equally if not more compelling than one that relies on the carrot.

  2. Dear Paul Rosemberg, I’m an italian reader of your posts. Yes, I’m agree with you: Israel is a state as the other almost 200 other states of the world, and do the same things the other states do. It is not innocent, as the other states. It lost its innocence since long time. It is lost into the survival game in this mad world, ruled by the law of accumulation of power and wealth. The real problem is that the majority of the israeli rulers don’t know that they are no more innocent and think their state is special because originated in some way from the olocaust and probably because they think to be the chosen people. This idea is really dangerous, first of all for israeli people, and they should replace it with the idea of karma. In conclusion, as any state in the world that play the game of the power, Israel could loose the game (I’m italian and know this possibility, and we are paying that defeat still now, but Israelis would pay it realy much more (I don’t dare to think how much)).
    Best regards
    Sandro Arcais

  3. Paul – Good article and I think you nailed the main gist of what is going on over the years. However, the underlying premise has not been addressed. Simply put…the present Israelis are working under the Biblical notion that the land of Israel is theirs because God gave it to them per his promise to Abraham. This is a false premise. In 70 AD, the Romans destroyed the Temple but what is missed by many people is the Romans also brutally killed most of the Hebrews (tribe of Judah) that were present in Jerusalem for the Passover event. This is the Hebrew Genocide that historically happened. Jesus prophesied this event and it literally is a centrally defining event – the end of the Old Testament era and the beginning of the New. There are no more Hebrews (descendants of Abraham) – they were either killed, became Christians and intermarried, or fled and assimilated into other races. The majority of the current Jews are descended from Eastern Europeans [Ashkenazim] (and other areas of the world) and are NOT Hebrews. The promise does not pertain to the Jews living currently as they are not Hebrews so the the land claim is no longer in force.
    There are a raft of Biblical verses supporting this historical event in 70 AD. I can provide them to you if you would like. Bottom line…peace is possible in the Middle East (in Palestinian areas) if we separate the false notions from reality. Let’s first admit that Israel does not have a claim anymore to that area of the world…because they are not the same race as the ancient Hebrews.

      1. Ouch. Looks like I touched a nerve with you. So, you discount my reply based on Wikipedia? Surely you know Wikipedia is not exactly the best source out there. I think you can do better than that. Second, you say BS. What exactly did I say was BS? All of it? Or just the genetics? Let’s take out the genetics. You still have to contend with the historical fact that the current Jews are NOT the Hebrews of old. Remember they all spoke Yiddish until they decided to speak Hebrew. So…are you saying that the claim that Jews have over the land in Israel is still valid? That is the point of contention. Do they or do they not have claim? Just because they say they are ‘Jewish’ does not entitle them to the land as the Bible was specific – descendants of Abraham. The last tribe historically were the Judahites….all the others were part of Samaria and not purely Hebrew. The Judahite tribe was decimated during the Roman seige of Jerusalem. So…if you want to say BS and not discuss this … fine. I will not bother you anymore. However, if you want to have a reasoned discussion about this…I would be more than happy to discuss. Bottom line – Do the Jews in modern day Israel have claim over the land or not? What do you think?

        1. “Looks like I touched a nerve with you.”
          Ah, so you’re the calm one and I’m the irrationally angry one. I see.
          “So, you discount my reply based on Wikipedia?”
          No, based on the studies Wiki links. You can read them if you try.
          “Remember they all spoke Yiddish until they decided to speak Hebrew.”
          Wow… that is stunningly ignorant.
          “So…are you saying that the claim that Jews have over the land in Israel is still valid? That is the point of contention.”
          No, that’s your obsession, not mine. I don’t really care.
          “So…if you want to say BS and not discuss this … fine. I will not bother you anymore. ”
          I say BS. Don’t bother me anymore.

          1. LOL – I will leave you alone. It is sad you are not open to discussion. If you look at Wikipedia (read the links)…it talks about revival of Hebrew as a language. Who’s ignorant huh?
            How convenient that you do not care about Jewish obsession over the land considering the oppression of Palestinians at the hands of the Jewish peoples in Israel. It is the crux of the matter but I guess you don’t care because it does not fit your narrative.

          2. Yeah, I figured you wouldn’t really go away. Obsession runs deep.
            Hebrew was ALWAYS spoken in the synagogue. It was ALWAYS the language of the prayers, ALWAYS the language of the scriptures. If you’d pay attention to your own link, you’d see that it was about spoken language on the street, in Israel.
            Now, again, leave me alone.

  4. I agree with you and appreciate your writing- been very helpful. Not many people I trust on subjects like this.
    Someone recommended I read ‘the library of political secrets’, would this specifically be one of the conspiracies you refer to?

      1. Shoot, I was almost sure you’d be familiar with it and have a good angle on how to look at it. This whole subject seems so enormous it’s hard to know what to do with the info sometimes- I’m grateful for your distillations. I am very curious on your thoughts about how much Christianity and Judaism really have in common (in modern times obviously) and how much it matters? As a Christian Anarchist, I’m not sure I truly understand why they get lumped together so much.

        1. Sorry Nrth… so many hours in a day and all that. :/
          I’ll keep a post on Judaism and Christianity in mind, though.

  5. Wow. I never read this much bullshit in one place. No mention of Palestine or the Palestinians. You are a clear zionist mr. but maybe in denial. If the sun is shinning so bright but someone can’t see it it means they are blind. What does oppression in the arab countries have to do with Israel’s daily crimes in Palestine and the grave human violations in palestine? The size of Palestine also is irrelevant. Palestine was a country with people in it before Jews invaded it. Yes they happen to be Jews. Yes not all Jews are bad, but anyone who invades, kills and steals and causes suffering to others is no good. The holocause or arab leaders oppression has nothing to do with it, Injustice and crimes do not justify more injustice and crimes. Have you heard of the Jewish Israeli occupation of Palestine? Or are you gonna tell me this is Jewish land because god gave it to the chosen people. Israel is stealing people’s land and blowing up their houses. Everyday they kill, injure or arrest people. Even little children. If you’re blind or sleeping please open your eyes and wake up. And if you’re just spreading zionist propaganda then please stop because no matter how you try to hide the truth you just can’t. I challenge you to come visit me in Palestine And I’ll make sure you see the truth with your own eyes. That is if you are interested in the truth. I highly doubt it the way you wrote your article. Very sad to find this article on this website in particular.

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