The 7 Choices Left to the Military-Industrial Complex

military-industrial complexSince 2002 the US government has presided over one of the most dramatic financial bubbles of all time: the bubble of the military-industrial complex. (A few will remember that Dwight Eisenhower warned Americans about this in 1961.)

This bubble, like all others, will pop, and it looks to be deflating right now. The amounts of money that have been spent in the past decade can only be characterized as obscene. But the point that really matters is this:

Military spending is just part of the bubble.

In addition to the military complex, we have a massive intelligence complex.

Not only that, but we also have a massive law enforcement complex. The Department of Homeland Security has given them at least $34 Billion in the past several years, on top of their take from local taxes, state taxes, fines, seizures, and other Fed money.

Take a look at these graphs. First, defense spending:

military-industrial complex

Then, intelligence spending, or as close as I’ve been able to get to real numbers:

military-industrial complex

Lastly, War on Drugs spending, which we’ll use as a proxy for overall law enforcement spending (numbers that are more difficult to acquire):

military-industrial complex

Needless to say, this multi-headed beast is huge, requiring oceans of money… and it’s about to have its rations cut. Actually, that may be why they’re so hot for a war in Syria – they need to goose spending again, and quickly.

Power Corrupts, but Arrogance “Stupidizes”

Yeah, I know that word’s not in the dictionary, but it should be.

These agencies are drunk on power and stupid on arrogance.

There’s no other way to describe a situation where the intelligence and law enforcement branches of this beast have been waging a war against the American people for the last few years.

Think of the endless search for “domestic terrorists,” the sickening NSA spying on everyone, and the 135 SWAT team raids per day in America. Apparently it has never entered their minds that people might eventually resent being abused.

It’s also useful to understand that “intelligence agency” is the same thing as “secret service,” and very little different from “secret police.” They’ve had secret courts for some time, after all.

I won’t even talk about the rampant corruption that runs through all of these departments; you can either trust me on that one or not.

And this situation reaches all the way to local cops. I had a conversation recently with a young man who recently completed a stint with the US Marines and didn’t know what he wanted to do next. At one point, he said that he thought about being a police officer (an easy fit for a Marine), but he rejected the idea.

“Why?” I asked.

“Cops are bullies,” he responded.

And indeed they are. They lie all the time, they intimidate people all the time, and they treat everyone as a violent perp. (Except if you’re rich or politically connected, of course.) Like the rest of the military-industrial complex, they are out of control.

There used to be cops who were exceptions to this young man’s “bully” statement, but they have been vanishing rapidly. Cops are routinely taught to intimidate and lie.

What Dooms Them

So, while things look absolutely horrible at the moment, the rug is being pulled out from underneath these wastrels.

The issue here (as it so often is) is fiat currency. The money for all of this War Welfare has NOT come from taxes. Instead, it has come from deficits, a.k.a. money printing. The problem is, the money printing game is sputtering. And without a strong money printing program, future increases in military spending will have to come from increased taxes – and there simply isn’t any more to be taken.

American workers already have about half their money taken from them. The now-denuded middle class is surviving on food stamps, disability payments, and a dozen other programs that dish out federal money. They’ve undergone a long, hard fall, from working machines to working government programs.

Their Choices

The military-industrial-intelligence-law enforcement complex has only a few choices left in front of it. (Aside from rational things, like giving up their immoral and abusive game.)

Those choices include:

  1. Find a way to legitimately juice the economy. (Good luck.)
  2. Make people want to be poorer. (Again, good luck.)
  3. Act like Stalin and terrorize your populace openly. (Americans still have guns.)
  4. Create a really, really scary foreign devil. (A tough sell these days, but not for lack of trying.)
  5. Create an iron-clad, world monetary system and government. One that can feed them no matter what. (Probably requires a nuclear war first.)
  6. Create a truly scary war, with piles of dead people in US cities. Then folks will be frightened enough to hand over the rest of their money.
  7. Down-size: Work with their politicians and bankers to dominate only the major cities, the major corporations, and those who will live as dependents to the system. Abandon most of the rest and stop meddling in all the world’s affairs.

The one other possibility for them is to convince the Fed to print faster and damn the consequences. And they may choose that option first, since it would allow them to kick the can just a little bit further down the road.

But once that’s done, they’ll be right back to these seven choices.

Paul Rosenberg

8 thoughts on “The 7 Choices Left to the Military-Industrial Complex”

  1. Option 8 – stay the course and end up bleeding in a ditch from a Patriot CDR (Civilian Defense Rifle)

  2. I think too that the suddenly manufactured Syrian ‘crisis” is intended as cover to allow extension of USA credit beyond current limits approved by the Senate. The administration is running out of options fast and the public purse (and public support) is tapped out.

    This is dangerous to our ‘leaders’ as a new paradigm must ultimately be found or devised.

    In todays world the credibility of the US and the USD is at risk and more generally, so is the right of the ‘chosen few’ to control & issue fiat currency at will. Expect this right to be fought to the point of death and destruction everywhere. No independent government or institution can be allowed to survive (nor can gold or silver).

    One solution, not mentioned in your 7 points, is to appoint (vote in) a leader that has a strong moral compass and respect for freedom and common rights and habeas corpus – and prepared to make currency incorruptible and the administration be servants to the public again.

    A faint hope! ( he/she/it would probably be promptly assassinated going by history)

    1. Not even a faint hope, not a snowball’s chance in hell.
      The game is rigged from top to bottom and only the corruptible need apply as it is only those that will succeed.
      The corruption is absolute, there is not a chink in it where a wedge of decency can be rammed home.

      1. As it stands right now no ethical, moral person would survive the primaries with either the Democrats or the Republicans. It is the big money boys who actually vet the primaries, not the people. The people just think that they have a say in it.

  3. Great article Paul, your use of the word “wastrel” was inspired, and inspiring; this is what these silly and dangerous people who threaten the future of humanity really are.

    Wastrel – a wasteful or good-for-nothing person.

    A waif; A neglected Child.

    A Deadbeat.

    People like this are really inappropriate to be running the USA.

    There are indeed evil people in this world, but evil does not exist on its own, evil only arises when ignorant, dysfunctional and loveless people, in other words, psychopaths, misuse their power.

    However, some people appear to have got away with it since the atrocity of 911 was committed – then falsely blamed on the wrong people.

    Consequently, due to their having been successfully brainwashed by their media and believing the lies, the American people are now sadly having to pay for the deadly and destructive follies of the most advanced military machine the world has ever seen.

    And so far it has been all disasters and defeats, so things are getting desperate for Zionist-Controlled-Amerika under the jackboot of these wastrels…

  4. Good start…but I think you underestimate the bad position “power” is really in right now. They are tipping their hands constantly showing their weaknesses. The Internet is the 4th transformation in human communication…the last one (printing press) led to the Enlightenment, the Reformation, nationalist revolutions and a complete reorganization of the planet politically (from kingdoms to nation-states). This one is going faster. None of this is an overstatement.

    When they pass laws like the Patriot Act, NDAA, John-Warner Defense Act, etc. they are tacitly admitting they have lost control of the “narrative”…of controlling people through institutionalized propaganda (govt PR/MSM/education). They are left to trying to scare people. The overstatements of the NSA as some grand all seeing govt…through leaks (wink wink)…it’s all an attempt to get that control back the only (20th c.) way these simpletons know how. But once a system loses credibility (and all sign say it has politically, economically, socially, educationally, etc.), it’s nearly impossible to get it back. The only people they have supporting them are the narcissists and they are one part self-centered/two parts lazy…so they matter little as they always have mattered little in history. I’m as optimistic as ever…maybe I’m the delusional one:-) But I’m an objectivist by and large, and I haven’t always been this way…it looked much darker 20 years ago IMO.

    1. Good one, Liberty Ghost – let us hope you are right – though the internet can be swamped by institutionalised propaganda too. There will be no change whilst the public remains confident of the monetary system (that is, the current one that allows exorbitant privilege to the few). This privilege largely belongs to the USD elites right now. Nothing wrong with that as long as the administration resists corruption and operates fairly for the benefit of the World – the question is, is this faint hope? One day the merchants of the world will reject a dishonest rigged trade, perhaps then we can hope for better.

  5. Does America deserve what has happened to her today because of its foreign policy since 1898? Read LAND OF HYPOCRISY by Kennie Anderson.

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