Money Is A Weapon of Mass Destruction

Money wasn’t always our enemy, of course; I’m old enough that I knew people who were alive before it was weaponized. But modern money – dollars, euros and so on – are so destructive that they’re threatening not just individuals, but Western civilization itself.

If that sounds a bit over the top, please read on. Before we’re done I think I’ll convince you otherwise.

I call fiat currency a weapon of mass destruction because it has caused far more widespread damage than chemical weapons ever have, and has assuredly destroyed more human potential than nuclear weapons. The nuke destroys horrifyingly but rarely; fiat money destroys minute by minute, day by day, over multiple decades and in shocking proportions.

How Money Destroys

How money destroys is not immediately obvious. We grow up learning to count it and spend it, then to make it, but few of us ever learn anything more about it, even in university-level programs.

Fundamentally, fiat currencies destroy because they hijack human will on a massive scale. Here’s how it happens:

  1. Money (currency) is one half of every commercial transaction, and those transactions involve nearly every aspect of every life in the Western world, from birth to death. That’s immense scope.
  2. Fiat currency is created at roughly zero cost, by governments and the friends of governments.
  3. Money is used to buy all the necessities of life. Thus it is deeply and inherently motivating, and to more or less every human on the planet.
  4. Because of the above, anyone creating new currency units can motivate millions of human beings: powerfully, on demand, and at almost no cost.

Think about this. People work for money, spending their lifetimes trying to find new and better ways to get it. They sweat from sun to sun for it. The people who create new currency units, however, make those millions of people clamor for their new dollars, thereby directing oceans of desperation and energy, as if by an invisible hand.

Yes, that’s a despicable position of advantage, but it’s more dangerous than just that. The lords of fiat have directed those oceans of energy and despair in horrific directions.

The Road Back To Serfdom

When you examine the motivations thrust on us by fiat currency, you see an overarching goal to bring us back to serfdom. How much of that is intentional and how much accidental I cannot say. But it is the overall direction.

Consider what we see after a century of fiat currency dominance: Never before have so many people worked so hard to display the illusion of prosperity, while remaining so deeply and precariously in debt.

I’m not just talking about poor people here; I’m talking about middle class and upper-middle class people, all across the West. And it’s important to see that it really was fiat currency that brought us here. Consider, please:

    • Credit reports, rigidly controlling the flow of new dollars to workers, require them to maintain high levels of debt. (Needless to say, the creators of the currency units are deeply involved with this process.)
    • Operators close to the currency creators get new currency (in the form of loans) that motivate armies of workers to build new skyscrapers for them. Merely by staying in the good graces of the fiat creators, stirring up the anthill to their benefit is easy.
    • The lords of fiat, maintaining loans for their clients, can dictate the actions of those clients. This is the primary function of interlocking boards of directors, for example. (It also helps to explain some notable recent events.)
    • Scientific research has been monopolized by the state and its myriad agencies. The inventors are perpetually begging for money that is created with a key stroke, and slaving to make the grantors happy. Science, then, has been hijacked… for free. (And again this explains some recent events.)
    • Wars have become economically painless. Even World War II required rationing and suffering from the populace. Not so these days; all the necessary money is created with a keystroke. The associated debt is just added to a pile that is fairly well ignored. (Thus we have pointless, 20-years wars and a D.C. swamp that perpetuates them.)
    • Welfare has become economically painless. Politicians have been able to spend rivers of money without consequence. The state, then, became a magic entity that could do whatever it wanted, whenever it wanted. And assuredly, hundreds of millions of people believe this is so. As a result, people stopped taking responsibility for themselves (it’s easier that way) and yielded their will to the magic state… then defended their choice.

Trusting that you get the point, I’ll stop here. At the end of this line we see most people focusing only on short-term economic concerns, ignoring or evading the long term, and even hoping they’ll die before consequences arrive.

And yes, that is the fault of fiat currency.

What Now?

Ultimately, the great crime of fiat currency is that it steals the will of millions of people at once. And so we get out of this trap by reasserting our will.

Oddly enough, a serious number of us have a pretty good idea of how to exit this particular Matrix. That exit of course, is to use decentralized money.

If you want to use gold and silver, wonderful, but use it. Use it to buy and sell on a daily basis. If you don’t, the ability of the fiat overlords to motivate everyone, on demand and for free, remains unchanged.

The more potent choice is Bitcoin and a few other good cryptos. This is decentralized, mathematically certain, censorship-resistant money, and it’s transferable world wide for a trivial amount. All that really stands against it is fear.

Bear in mind, please, that I’m not interested in justice for the abuses done to us; that leads to the darkening of our characters; it isn’t worth it. On top of that, we simply haven’t the time and energy for it: We can escape our chains or we can seek vengeance, but we haven’t time for both.

So, there it is. Fiat currency has softened, redirected and abused the wills of millions of people. It has drawn Western civilization (even with its flaws the most benevolent and constructive in human history) to the breaking point. More or less all institutions within this civilization oppose its continuance.

If you want to change this, you’ll have to act. Jump into Bitcoin and crypto or start using gold and silver in daily commerce. For extra credit you can start home schooling or helping people who do.

Wide and approved is the way that led us downward to serfdom; narrow and despised is the way leading upward to the reclamation of will… and to the liberation that follows.

Make a move.


Paul Rosenberg

6 thoughts on “Money Is A Weapon of Mass Destruction”

  1. I agree with the column, up to the What Now? section. Use gold and silver for daily transactions? Impractical and doesn’t really change anything. The core problem that you’ve correctly tagged must be dealt with by other means. As long as the government is printing money and doling it out to favored recipients, society has a serious problem. Individuals can of course purchase and store precious metals as a hedge against inflation, but the distortion of the marketplace caused by government printing will continue to impoverish everyone who is not at the receiving end of the money. This will continue (if not stopped by political means) until the fiat money is so worthless no one will accept it.

    Crypto? Yeah, maybe. In my opinion, Bitcoin has serious problems centered around the huge waste of electricity used in mining new coins and verifying transactions. As a store of value, it’s only for the biggest risk-takers. I might purchase and spend some Bitcoin all in one day, but would never jump onto the bandwagon of hysteria that drives its price up from time to time.

    1. I think a better solution is to get out of debt and stay out of debt. I know it’s a challenge, but debt drives our fake economy and withdrawing from that is a step in the right direction.

      1. Amen Paul M! Most folks won’t or can’t do it. Getting out of dept would most likely change the facade on that individuals projected wealth and way of life. Living in reality is the real threat to most individuals.

    2. I had the same thought. If I was to transact my daily business in silver and gold, I would rapidly run out of both, throwing me right back under the fiat currency/paper dollar bus, but without the protection of the stash. A far better solution would be to use the fiat currency to buy up the hard metals and simply keep them for future use–after the fiat currency destructs and becomes worthless.

      This is forward thinking and, for some of us, might never happen because no one knows when the end will come, but it will come at some time. In the event that I died before my “investment” matured, then my heirs would take over the legacy and (hopefully) be able to use it to their advantage.

      “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, but the sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous.–Proverbs 13:22

      1. Commerce works in both directions, Roger: Giving and getting. You can take in PMs equally as well as spending them, and presuming you’re a productive person, increase your stash.

        And if you’re the first one to move, you can replenish your stash just by using some of the fiat you take in.

        Stacking does nothing to displace the motivational ability of fiat.


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