News Channels Are Terror Delivery Systems; Politicians Are Terror Exploitation Specialists


Terrorists need news channels and vice-versa. Politicians need terrorists and vice-versa. There’s a symbiosis between these three that works like this:

Terrorists create and feed off of fear.

News channels deliver fear to the masses.

Politicians use fear to get what they want.

Some people may object to these facts being specified, but they’re true just the same.

Private and Public Opportunism

In this symbiosis, we see the rapacious natures of both the public and private sectors. I’ll begin by picking on the private sector.

I believe deeply in free markets, but if the participants don’t bring morality and decency into their markets, plenty of ugliness will remain. Free markets, after all, are ad hoc mechanisms of interaction, and nothing more. A market contains only the morality that its participants carry into it.

Now, the truth is that mom-and-pop operations tend to be remarkably decent and moral. There are occasional exceptions, but they are exceptions.

Big commerce, however – and by that I mean the “pay politicians for laws and regulations” kind of commerce – tends to run after anything that brings in more money or pumps its stock. Such corporations seldom bring morality into their markets. And if governments try to enforce law in their markets, it’s a good bet that they can be paid off. (Where’s Jon Corzine these days?)

News channels are this second type of operation. Frightening stories are the engine of their profits. They scour the Earth for terrifying images and fearful possibilities. And then they deliver them to huge swaths of humanity, who have an innate weakness for such things. It’s like selling sugar donuts to the obese.

As for the public sector, these are the people who deliver various types of monopoly rights in return for “contributions.” Multi-billion dollar industries are devoted to this, after all.

Politicians are also the people who say, in their forthright moments, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

All of the above being so, we see this at the end of the line:

For news channels, terrorism means profits.

For politicians, terrorism means the steamrolling of dissent.

Terrorism furthers the goals of both these groups, and so they run greedily after it.

Terrorism Is Theater

As for the actual terrorists – evil, deceived beings that they are – they have learned to plan loud, flamboyant events, knowing that they’ll be broadcast all across the world. This is theater to them, you understand.

To make this point, I’ll quote from Lee Harris’s article, “Al Qaeda’s Fantasy Ideology,” published back in 2002:

The terror attack of 9-11 was not designed to make us alter our policy, but was crafted for its effect on the terrorists themselves: It was a spectacular piece of theater. The targets were chosen by al Qaeda… entirely because they stood as symbols of American power universally recognized by the Arab street. They were gigantic props in a grandiose spectacle in which the collective fantasy of radical Islam was brought vividly to life: A mere handful of Muslims, men whose will was absolutely pure, as proven by their martyrdom, brought down the haughty towers erected by the Great Satan. What better proof could there possibly be that God was on the side of radical Islam and that the end of the reign of the Great Satan was at hand?

The bottom line is this:

Hoards of frightened infidels provide a climax to the terrorist’s drama. It’s the big payoff.

On top of that, the more intelligent terrorists know how the Western game is played, and they know what Western politicians will do with it – what they have done with it. Here are the words of Osama Bin Laden, quoted by NewsMax, February 1, 2002:

I tell you, freedom and human rights in America are doomed. The US government will lead the American people, and the West in general, into an unbearable hell and a choking life.

That’s another big payoff for them.

At the End of the Day…

Both politicians and news channels have eagerly sold fear to achieve their own ends. There’s barely any way to deny that. Those who expected better from either of these groups should revisit their assumptions.

Furthermore, those who have played into the fear game need to extract themselves from it. We humans are wired to over-respond to fear, but we are also intelligent, willful beings, and we can control our own actions.

Just say no to it all. Because at the end of the day, this is also true:

As long as we keep giving our attention to news channels and politicians, terrorists will keep getting exactly what they want.

Paul Rosenberg

6 thoughts on “News Channels Are Terror Delivery Systems; Politicians Are Terror Exploitation Specialists”

  1. As well, Paul, the internet has become an engine of bad news. Yes, there is a lot of good news to be found, along with a lot of good and good hearted people. But even many of the good ones repeat the bad news they’ve see/heard. As well, all the net news and (especially) financial newsletter sites, spit out and cough up bad news in order to sell their wares. My response, so far, is to immediately trash any email with a subject line which includes bad news. That includes – especially – lines which include “Shocking”, “Criminal” and words similar. There is NOTHING good in such drivel and I’m damned if I’ll even read it, much less pass it on. Great article, btw.

  2. Turn off the news and the effect of terrorism on my life is…nothing, except for the loss of freedom not sponsored in the desert but in Washington – all for my own good they say to protect rural Mississippi from terrorist attack. I think the terrorists would find a warmer reception here than California without help from the politicians.

    1. Dr. Andrew Weil says about the same thing: going on a news fast is good for your mental health. He got severely slammed in the news for that remark. He definitely hit a nerve.

  3. Good article Paul. Any thinking person knows the truthfulness of this, but it is so easy to get caught up in mood swings of the mob. Several years ago I stopped watching all mainstream media on television and my blood pressure dropped significantly.

  4. There is no doubt that the spearhead of American politics is sharpened by the political posturing of fear candy handed out by the politics and media team.. Present and amplify the problems of a foreign threat and then offer the safe solution for its remedy – “security”. tall walls, more storm troopers, higher defense budgets and so many eceteras.
    In the case of security, the banning of “identified” antagonist, seems to be a valid and sound reason to do just that. according to the polls. What are polls anyway? Nothing but long staffs with curly tops, designed to ring in a gullible herd of fearful people, who trust their sheperds to protect them against the big, bad wolf within the scary world designed by tho very “protectors”. Classical Hegelian dialect.

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