Please Do NOT Support a Candidate

candidateANY candidate.

Here’s something I wrote in my subscription newsletter a few months back:

I’ve watched people work for political progress since the 1960s. Back then, I saw decent, well-meaning people struggling to eliminate war, financial insecurity, welfare, racial animus, and police brutality.

Fifty years later, their children and grandchildren are spending oceans of energy fighting… war, financial insecurity, welfare, racial animus, and police brutality.

I take no pleasure in saying that all those people wasted their time – my own family and friends are included in that group – but the truth is that they did waste their time. Those people had good intentions, but their efforts were of no significant effect. They would have been better off gardening.

I’m dead serious about this.

Instead of sending money to politicians… instead of spending endless hours arguing about Candidates A, B, C, D, and E… tend a garden or plant a couple of fruit trees… these things will supply your family with good food, probably with some left over for friends and neighbors. Learn a skill. Teach a skill. Read good books. Bless the world and the good people in it.

By doing any of these things, you’ll be far better off than you would be after blowing your time and money on filthy politics. (Don’t we all complain that these people are liars and thieves?)

A new American Presidential Circus is rising up from the netherworld as I write this. It will be the 13th that I can remember in detail, running back to 1968. And they’ve all been the same: lots of propaganda, lots of fear, ‘gotcha’ debating games, flashing TV ads, loud radio ads, and so on. And what has it all changed? Almost nothing. Consider:

  • In ’68 we had an ugly war that half the country thought was God’s Will. Now, we’ve had the privilege of watching two wars that accomplished nothing, with half the country even more convinced that it was all God’s Will.

  • Then there were racial problems; now there are racial problems.

  • Then there was police brutality; now it’s probably worse.

  • Then there were economic problems; now they’re definitely worse.

It was all useless. All the magic candidates have fallen flat, just to be followed by other magic candidates, who assure us that they will – really, really, really, they pinky swear – finally do all they promise.

Seriously, it’s time to accept the obvious: It’s all been a cruel farce.

“But if We Don’t Get Involved, It Will Get Worse!”

Friends, that’s just naked fear. Don’t feed it. Don’t pass it along.

We are intelligent men and women; we shouldn’t be reduced to acting like terrorized children, tossed about by every shiny suit with a scary story to tell. We need to do better than that.

The truth is that the rulership we’ve been living under is long past its expiration date. It’s holding us back from a better future.

The Relic from 5000 BC

Almost nothing in human life remains as it was in 5000 BC. We drive cars; we live in automatically heated and cooled homes; we eat foods from around the world; when we need to travel long distances, we fly; and we can cure most diseases. Nothing we do is the same way they did it in 5000 BC… except for one thing:

Morally deficient men still rule over everyone else, just as they did 7,000 years ago.

And that’s just the way it is, stated clearly.

And it’s the way it has been, through all the monarchies, theocracies, principates, democracies, republics, and hybrids. Through them all, the same relationship between ruler and ruled has been maintained. (And is it any comfort that we’ve added morally deficient women to the mix?)

By about 5000 BC, the perpetual suite of governance was taking shape, built on these pillars:

  • Order

  • Tax accounting

  • A state-aligned intellectual class

  • Surveillance

  • Fear

  • Government buildings and monuments

  • Competition and prestige

  • Reassurance mechanisms

  • Collective identity

And all of these things remain as daily functions of governance, just as they did for the Romans, the Greeks, the Sumerians, the Babylonians, and a hundred others.

It’s an old, old game that goes nowhere. Right now, we’re living with space-age technology under bronze-age domination. It’s all but insane.


So, please do not support a candidate. It’s primitive, it’s barbaric, it’s useless, it’s self-enslaving.

Instead, send the money to some kind person from your past. Spend time tutoring the neighbor kid. Plant a tree. Nurse the sick. Mow an old guy’s lawn. Repair your aged aunt’s car. Do something that blesses the world.

But please, do not pour your time and money down the filthy sewer called politics. It only prolongs the bronze-age barbarity. The game ends if we stop playing it… and it really needs to end. 7,000 years of this has been way, way too much.

I’ll close with a quote from Buckminster Fuller. It’s worth taking to heart:

The Dark Ages still reign over all humanity, and the depth and persistence of this domination are only now becoming clear… We are powerfully imprisoned in these Dark Ages simply by the terms in which we have been conditioned to think.

It’s time to start thinking differently.

Paul Rosenberg

20 thoughts on “Please Do NOT Support a Candidate”

  1. There could be unintended consequences to this action though. It drives those despots to curry favor with the rich and powerful lobby that will further ruin our country. Is that a bad thing? Maybe not. The faster the decline the sooner we may be able to open the eyes of the takers and uninformed so that they take action.
    But I doubt it. I think we will go quietly into oblivion as this grand experiment finally fails like all the others. The only hope we have is that some with the will, enough rope, and a sturdy tree of liberty gives those that deserve it a view from a strong limb.
    I quit giving a couple years ago for this and other reasons.

  2. Not having joined in the political election dances for the past 40 years, I feel somewhat free from the current election frenzy. I treat the activities of political rulership like natural disasters. Yes, I could be caught in an earthquake; likewise I could be stomped upon by a government. I have been lucky, so far.
    Incidently, I just asked my sons if they voted. All of them said “no”. That’s raising kids correctly.

  3. Your experience mirrors mine perfectly. I’m sad at the time and effort and emotional currency I’ve invested in this corrupt system. It took me decades to figure it out, but I am a slow learner.
    As I have said before, this is built on the powerful urge among young people to DO SOMETHING when they discover how awful the world is in many ways. This youthful energy is captured by cynical old farts who bend it to their own ends. Thus young fools go to war, or go door to door for some purpose that is never fulfilled.

  4. We elect representatives. Those representatives represent whoever has the money to get them reelected. They do not represent the peons or the people. They represent the elite, the corporations, the foundations. So I have long ago unregistered as a voter.

  5. Paul, you have accurately described what I have been feeling for the last four or five years. I say I’m an anarchist, but not the bomb-throwing kind the government wants people to associate with that term. I just refuse to participate in or cooperate with government as much as possible, and I encourage everyone else I meet to do the same.

  6. Here is an issue where I fully agree with your former partner Doug Casey: the very fact that someone would be a candidate for election should automatically disqualify this person.
    Others have said that power should be given to those who want it the less.
    The fact is that, like it or not, we humans are animals (since we are not vegetals) and that instinct still play a wide role in our behavior.
    Among us are alpha males (and also some females, if one considers Hillary as a female) who seek power in order to establish domination over others.
    And among the others are many many lazy individuals who seek to discharge as much responsibilities as possible onto someone else’s shoulders.
    All this plays into the hands of the alpha males whom, instead of being reviled, manage to generate a cult of followers, such as Obama’s.
    Thus, as you rightly say, nothing has changed since men walked out of their caves, and nothing is about to change because today’s generation, thanks to technology, is one of the dumbest ever.
    The most depressing part is that the political system is so well fenced that nothing can change until complete collapse…and even then…the Roman empire collapsed more than a thousand years ago and look where the Italians are, politically, today!

    1. I certainly support your first remark referring to Doug Casey’s remark. I’ve always said that anyone who would go through what one must go through to be elected to a national office is, by definition, psychologically unfit to hold that office.
      Politics is a cult, nearly a religion to some, and those who participate in it as if it were a social moral duty are an indication of a society that does not recognize its own pathology.
      Not unlike the definition of insanity — doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

  7. ‘Please Do NOT Support a Candidate’ how true, I used to be a local council representative, until I saw the local corruption in the UK, also the corruption scandal of our MP’s in the houses of parliament of the United Kingdom. The same MP’s have been positions of importance.

  8. “Grateful Reader” has passed this along, to explain WHY not voting will have an effect:
    Because if, for example, only 10% of voters did vote, the world would say,
    My God, Americans have no confidence in their govt. If they don’t, we
    shouldn’t either. `Thus, to help America and the world, we show that non
    confidence by not buying US goods, films, cars, software, etc. the message
    would be clear. Stop being policemen to world, stop being at war full time,
    stop vetting our emails, slash the kind of welfare that prevents people
    looking for a job, slash govt spending, lower taxes, introduce term limits,
    etc. Even if we couldnt reduce voters to 10%, a drop to 40% would be

  9. In 1959, I voted for Kennedy…whom I despised, against Nixon…whom I believed even then was totally insane. I thought about that for several weeks and finally realized that I had never voted FOR someone, but only against someone (or something) else. I’ve not voted since. The corruption has only gotten worse. Voting does not change anything.

  10. Not voting is actually sending a message to the government that we won’t tolerate being told that voting will “set us free”. Voting has only kept us imprisoned in the mind, I think.

  11. Try this. Instead of dropping out of the political process as it is dictated to you by the political class (i.e. they dictate to their “friends” what is possible), try instead a more confrontational approach. Take a politician you feel has betrayed you and cause them PAIN!. Sure it’s more work than say moving to a commune in Vermont but dropping out isn’t the refuge it used to be. Several cases have come to light recently where people are prosecuted (persecuted?) for living off the grid. The system won’t leave you alone. The secret is quit playing by their rules.

  12. There are two type of Governments: The kind
    where politicians blackmail, protect or
    sell favors to Corporatism via lobbyists, contribution, corruption etc.. and the Socialist
    ones that simply use State own and so call Public Corporations and Institutions’ money as if it was they own money to maintain power. It
    gets even better if and when they own the Medias. They have a few things in common such
    as: Constantly lies and deceives others , Have little or no regard for others other
    their being useful tools for their political careers . Irresponsible and cannot meet
    financial obligations and do not feel remorse or guilt It’s a magnet for Psychopath.
    We have right they don’t. “None of the above.”

  13. Agreed..
    If the choice presented is no choice,
    only the lesser of two evils,
    one MUST NOT VOTE.
    Voting for the lesser of two evils
    is a vote FOR evil. This is how
    EVIL gains the color of law,
    the appearance of consent by
    tricking you into surrendering your free will.Arnie Lerma
    “consent fuels their control like no other form of energy”
    Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare Michael A Hoffman.

  14. I refuse to totally drop out. My voting for Ron Paul in 2012 didn’t change anything, but I feel better not having voted for anyone else. However, Romney wouldn’t have gotten the GOP nomination if he hadn’t stolen about 800 of Paul’s delegates, and this so disgusted even such anti-Paul people as Mark Levin, which was a positive thing. “This above all: to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day,thou canst not then be false to any man”. I know more and more people who are mad as hell, and this is a very good thing. But to throw out the entire system and bring in something different, just what would that be? That is why the left is pushing a ConCon to do just that, so be careful what you wish for.

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