Homeschooling Is Easier Than You Think

When I say homeschooling is easier than you think, I really mean it: it’s easier and better. (And yes, I’ve done it myself.) That said, there are complications and difficulties involved.

Given the current reign of madness in so many schools these difficulties hardly matter, but I’d still like to begin by describing the hard parts of homeschooling: I want you to know what you’re getting into. Continue reading “Homeschooling Is Easier Than You Think”

Our Natural Predators

Nearly every creature upon this planet has one or more natural predators: creatures that prey upon them. Humans seem to be a striking exception; even though we’re bereft of natural weapons – claws, ripping teeth and so on – we easily protect ourselves from even large predators. There are the occasional “bear in the woods” stories, but those come when we leave our constructed environments. Continue reading “Our Natural Predators”

Suffering Is Required

Jews know how to suffer. Most Christians don’t, although they once did. Bitcoiners and homeschoolers know how to suffer. “Vote harder” types seldom do.

There’s no virtue in suffering itself, but suffering is required if you want to be more than mundane. If you can’t accept suffering, anyone with a pin and a threat owns you. So, let’s be clear on this: Living in any way except the one prescribed by authority requires suffering. Continue reading “Suffering Is Required”

Why You Shouldn’t Believe In A Full-Spectrum Crash

There are a large number of people waiting for a full-spectrum, apocalyptic crash of the Western system. What I maintain is that it won’t happen. And I hope to convince you that I’m right.

The risk of this moment is a long, steady decline in quality of life, not an apocalypse.

Not that an apocalypse doesn’t have great dramatic appeal, of course…

Continue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Believe In A Full-Spectrum Crash”