Pre-Wired For Justice = Pre-Wired For Tyranny

I’m borrowing just a bit from our March newsletter, but I think this point should be made now.

Over the past few days we’ve seen the tyrant of Canada and his minions invoking martial law, seizing bank accounts, threatening to kill the dogs of people they dislike, referencing Satan figures (Trump) and telling protest supporters “you ought be afraid.”

Their wannabe friends are doxing and harassing people who donated money to a (fully, not mostly) peaceful protest, after someone (and wouldn’t you love to know who that was) hacked into a donation service and stole the names of all who dared oppose the tyranny.

It’s also clear that businesses, the Canadian military and policemen have declined to play thug against the protesters, which brings us to our point:

A non-compliant enforcer class didn’t stop the tyranny, because the systems of Canada, like those throughout the West, were pre-wired for your safety.

It’s wonderful and necessary that so many policemen refused to play thug, but that didn’t stop the tyrant from seizing hundreds or thousands of bank accounts, and so on.

The tyrant was not stopped cold; he had a dozen ways to destroy his enemies without the enforcers, then to keep pressure on millions at a time with continuing propaganda.

This happened precisely because of a hundred safety-conscious choices: We have to “do something” about all those money launderers (whoever they were), the kidnapper on every corner, the drug dealer in every schoolyard, and the conspiracy theorist in every other house.

By wiring the system to protect us from these armies of monsters, we made everyone vulnerable to the tyrant seated at the center of it all.

It’s not supposed to be easy to seize people’s money. It’s not supposed to be easy to indict people, to condemn them en masse, and to justify it all in a rage-addicted and compliant info-sphere… and it’s never supposed to be fast and easy to censor people.

It was pre-wiring for justice that brought the West to this state.

I’m old enough to remember a world in which people weren’t terrified all the time… where one half of the populace didn’t despise and wish doom upon the other half… when we tried not to organize ourselves around Satan figures because we knew it was a road to hell.

I also remember when people learned how to trust and how to be trusted.

We lost all of this when fear became the driving force in human affairs… as it has in the lead-up to every tyranny.


Paul Rosenberg