Return Engagements (Book Two) PART 27

(Continued from part twenty-six)

I am now a year past these events and I think I’m effectively past the difficulties that rose upon my return. One thing remains, however, and that is a recurring need to get off this rock and to head out into the open. This is not something that eats at me every day, but it emerges and re-emerges every so often. And it shows no signs of going away. Sometimes I even shy away from science fiction shows (which I tend to like) because they would frustrate me: Needing to go but unable to go.

Ultimately it comes down to physics: If we can develop space tech that is effective and affordable, those of us who long for more and better can escape the barbarism that rules this planet. And as time goes on, more and more who realize they are built for better things will follow.

The fear, of course, is that we’d leave a “ghetto planet” in our wake. But I don’t believe that will happen, and for two primary reasons: First, that ruling systems would break down once the best milk cows ran from their pasture. Secondly, that the imaginations of those who remained would open, and they’d consider the possibility that there’s more to experience than the hive-life they’ve known. Sure, the process would be sloppier than this description, but I’m convinced those two things would bear out over time.

And so I’ve found myself drawn more and more to physics, and to the hope of an escape from present conditions. The planet is wonderful. Most of the people are lovely. But the organizational scheme is of the Bronze Age, and no other model is permitted, under pain of violence.

I know we’re built for better than this.

(The End)

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