RIP, Harry Schultz

My friend, Harry D. Schultz, died February 22nd, at his home in Monaco.

Harry had a long and productive life. Born in Milwaukee in 1923, he was shipped off to Shanghai toward the end of World War II, where (while still in the service) he learned to trade everything from silks to currencies, but especially gold.

Upon returning, he owned and operated a series of small newspapers, mostly in California. Ultimately he sold them off, moved to Europe, and founded the modern practice of jurisdictional arbitrage for individuals, calling it Perpetual Traveling.

For more than 45 years, Harry published his International Harry Schultz Letter, an iconic financial newsletter like no other. He was also a highly paid financial consultant during this time, mainly helping individuals navigate international finance.

Along the way, Harry raced in the Grand Prix, influenced a generation of economic and libertarian thinkers, and much more. During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, he built a small hospital to help the suffering Afghani people. He did this simply because it needed to be done and because he was able to do it. That’s the kind of man he was.

And, he was my friend.

Rest in peace, Harry. You will be remembered and missed.


Paul Rosenberg

6 thoughts on “RIP, Harry Schultz”

  1. WOW, 100 years old. I read many of his Financial newsletters when I was younger. He had an effect on my understanding of finance and gold. May he Rest In Peace and eternal light shine upon!

  2. I first started reading Harry’s green newsletter in the late 70’s, met him once and was a lifetime subscriber. He taught me alot. Hopefully he will reach down and communicate with today’s “leaders” and guide them out of the mess they have created. RIP Harry.

  3. I did not think virtuous unsung quiet hero men like this existed anyplace, anymore.

    Thank you for sharing the sometimes wild but mostly gentle productive but very important life to mankind Harry endeavored to lead, Paul.

    Yes even though I knew him but as a breath of momentary fresh air, I will always now remember Harry.

    Godspeede & Shalom Aleichem, to Harry and each of his extended family….

  4. I probably read his letter for the last 10 years of its publication. It enhanced my skepticism and cynicism which helped me be a better thinker IMO. Nearly every month he opened a new door for me. The affects of his thinking on me have influenced the next generation, which influenced the next generation, etc.

    Thanks you Paul for making us aware of his passing…..I was wondering just last month if he were still with us.
    A life well lived.

  5. Thank you for the update on Harry Schultz.
    This is sad news.
    I have been a follower and admirer of his since 1979. He helped me greatly in my life.

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