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What the Washington Navy Yard Shooting Really Means…


There was a shooting yesterday in DC. The details are still sketchy as I write this, but it appears that a deranged man decided to kill other people for some reason. In response, the usual talking heads will be debating whether this is actual TerrorTM or merely something like it. But the T-word will be spoken in the same grave way we speak of cancer – a thing to be dreaded above all else.

Certainly this shooting was a horrible, tragic thing – especially for the families involved. But that said, any talk about an “age of terror” is utter crap.

Terror is NOT worse now than it was before 9/11 – it’s just that we’ve been bombarded with fear for more than a decade, creating a culture-wide residue that poisons every mind it touches. In actual fact, you are eight times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist. Does that mean that we should all have a collective panic attack and beg for anti-police police?

Now here’s the truth they don’t want you to know: You are taught to fear because fear makes you easy to manipulate. If someone is making you afraid, they’re also making you into an easy mark – a sucker.

Think of how many things people have accepted from governments just because they were afraid. Things like complete online surveillance, crotch searches at airports, random searches on the highways, and so on. Do you think those would have been accepted in 1920? Of course they wouldn’t, because people hadn’t been sufficiently frightened at that time.

The Facts About Terrorism

The fact is, there has been terror in every age of human history. Our time is not unusual at all. A small but consistent percentage of people are always crazy enough to kill strangers and blow things up.

Let me give you some proof from a single year:

  • March 6       A bomb being assembled by terrorists explodes, killing 3.
  • April 8          47 children are killed by (peacetime) bombs from a neighboring country.
  • May 4            Soldiers kill four American college students.
  • May 8            A huge mob of construction workers in New York attacks protestors.
  • May 14          Police fire on a crowd at a college, killing 2 and injuring 12.
  • June 9           A bomb explodes at New York police headquarters.
  • July 12          Two canisters of tear gas are thrown into the British House of Commons.
  • August 7       Terrorists take a judge hostage in California, then kill him.
  • Sept. 1           An assassination attempt on the King of Jordan.
  • Sept. 6          Terrorists hijack four airplanes on flights to New York.
  • Oct. 5            Terrorists kidnap a British diplomat.
  • Oct. 10          Terrorists kidnap a Canadian Minister. He is found dead a week later.
  • Nov. 25         Terrorists seize the headquarters of Japan’s Defense Forces.
  • Nov. 27         An assassination attempt on the Pope.
  • Dec. 3            A major government caves and releases 5 terrorists.
  • Dec. 4            Spain declares martial law.
  • Dec. 7            A Swiss ambassador is kidnapped.
  • Dec. 13          Martial law is declared in Poland.

Can You Guess The Year?

Think it was in some terrible period of history? Maybe one of the worst years during World War Two?

It was 1970.

But you don’t have any horrible, scary feelings about 1970, do you? That’s because you were never taught to have them – unlike the endless fear that has been promoted to you in recent years.

You may not remember 1970, but I do, and I’ll tell you that people weren’t peeing themselves over this stuff. They thought these events were horrible, of course, but they also knew that such things had always happened, and would continue to happen.

Acts of Terrorism in the US

While 9/11 resulted in the single highest loss of life due to terrorism, such events aren’t isolated incidents. We’ve always had them:

  • 1910   A bomb goes off at the Los Angeles Times building, killing 21.
  • 1917   A race riot in East St. Louis kills between 40 and 200.
  • 1919   A race riot in Chicago kills dozens and injures hundreds.
  • 1920   A bomb explodes on Wall Street, killing 38 and injuring 143.
  • 1927   A deranged man blows up a school in Michigan, killing 44 and injuring 58.
  • 1943   A race riot in Detroit kills 34 and injures 433.
  • 1968   Race riots erupt in at least 125 US cities.
  • 1972   Terrorists detonate a bomb inside the Pentagon.
  • 1988   A terrorist poisons bottles of Tylenol in Chicago. 7 people die.

Get the picture? And I can give you examples of terror back to a few thousand years BC, from every corner of the world.

Do you really think that our new Nazi-style police state will stop this? (The Nazis couldn’t even stop assassination attempts on Hitler.)

These events are tragic, of course, but the chorus of fear that accompanies them it is all about manipulation: to keep us quiet and well behaved while we are bled of our money and our freedoms.

And boy, are they good at it.

Paul Rosenberg

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  • Greg September 18, 2013, 12:52 am

    Paul – the difference today is in the availability and power of the weapons.

    • Roberto Canzanella September 18, 2013, 2:25 pm

      Back in the first half of 20th century in most countries you could freely buy TNT and war ammunitions from mom-and-pop grocery store.

      And yet, in 2011 an idiotic lone wolf with a couple of oil barrels and fertilizers messed up a whole country…

      • roger September 18, 2013, 2:34 pm

        1993? maybe?

      • Greg September 18, 2013, 10:37 pm

        Roberto, can you think of any weapons or substances which became available in the last half of the 20th century, whose ability to kill dwarfs that of TNT? I can think of three.

        • Kratoklastes September 18, 2013, 11:26 pm

          If you can name ONE that is not of a type that requires State-level structures to implement, I will Paypal you $20.

          And don’t even think of trying to nominate chemical weapons (WP, Sarin, Ricin, VX, Anthrax or even lewisite or CS/CN): to perpetrate any decent bodycount with those you will need a minimum of 10 artillery pieces or a bank of short range rocket launchers… and the personnel to operate them. These are parts of the death-machinery of STATE. (And if the wind changes, all bets are off: these types of weapon are hopeless).

          So you’re left with, what, exactly? Missiles, cluster bombs, and nukes. Again, all weapons that only States can get hold of at any length of run (and all mind-bogglingly expensive per kill because of contracting boondoggles and profiteering).

          To get a handle on the relative death-dealing of (say) Sarin vs TNT: imagine that the Aum Shinrikyo subway incident in 1995 had been a bomb… it would have had a much higher death toll (e.g., the Madrid bombing).

          • Greg September 19, 2013, 3:41 am

            Dear Overly-aggressive, Cowardly Anonymous, Person Answering On Behalf of Roberto,

            A) You’ve missed two big ones.

            B) I’m unwilling to list what and how to do these things as I don’t want to be seen as aiding terrorists.

            C) Excluding state-level capabilities is invalid. State-sponsored terrorism is on the US’s list of worries.

          • Kratoklastes September 19, 2013, 7:56 am

            Dear Scaredy-Cat, Raised-on-Pledges-to-a-piece -of-coloured-cloth, Overly-defensive, Equally-Anonymous (how many ‘Gregs’ are there on the internet?)…

            As to (A) – name them.

            As to (B) – what absolute cartoonish tosh. “Aiding terrorists”? You mean someone from the Pentagon might find the site and get an idea about how to fulfil their masturbatory fantasies about ‘full spectrum dominance’? Or do you seriously think that the ‘bad guys’ (i.e., those who object to the death of their kin and theft of their resources in the name of your government’s ‘foreign policy’) don’t have first-rate minds studiously canvassing better repositories of knowledge than a Disqus comment thread?

            The US would face the same level of ‘terror on the streets’ as Switzerland, if only they could stop sending the US Death Machine to maraud the planet so that scum like Cheney and his ilk can pocket billions.

            And not for nothing: you have a vastly larger chance of being hit by lightning, than being killed by a ‘terrorist’ (by which I mean someone who has the will to try and force their opinions on you, but lacks a first-world Death Machine: “a man with a bomb, but no Air Force”, if you will).

            As to (C): again, childish belief in what you’re told by your TV does not translate into a real-world problem. The world is not Bill kristol’s millennarian fantasy about booga-booga men.

            The US has not ever been the target of a systematic state-sponsored campaign of terror: it hasn’t even been the target of a systematic planned set of attacks by non-State actors (as was the UK when it stupidly tried to hold on to Northern Ireland, or the French when they stupidly refused to let go of Algeria). The last time a senior US politician died from a politically-motivated attack, it was likely at the hands of the US’ own intelligence service. (RFK, for those playing at home).

            You know how I know that the US has never been the targe of such an action? No widespread deliberate infection of the Napa valley and otehr US wine regions with phylloxera (would cost $100 and cause BILLIONS of damage): that’s just one of forty easily-doable, low-cost, impossible-to-prevent ‘plots’ that I could think up if I was trying to inflict asymmetric damage.

            Plus, the key neocon architects (most of whom have no SS guards) are all still alive. That by itself is a big QED.

            The biggest State sponsor of terror (as adjudged from the perspective of people who have missiles fall on them) is… your government, by any objective measure apart from its own self-hagiography.

            So… I dunno. If you care about things like consistent ethics (as opposed to idiotic tribal nonsense like American Exceptionalism), you might want to try introspection – and, if you can spare the clock cycles, try to work towards empathy for the children on whose heads your tax-funded missiles rain so that you can sleep sounder when CNN tells you that all the dead were ‘suspected insurgents’.

            And I am hardly anonymous: no more than was Voltaire, Twain, or Publius (all of those used pen names). It is trivial to back-solve to my meatspace, but much harder to go the other way (which is the whole point, in the days of the New Censoriousness).

        • The Federal Farmer November 10, 2013, 12:22 am

          I can name one that’s been available on earth since the beginning of time and is still here: dust (fuel-air explosions). It’s time for the US government to outlaw dust,

  • JAH666 September 19, 2013, 5:03 pm

    This concept of sowing fear amongst the populace is something I have been noticing more and more in recent years. It is another tactic to increase control over Americans and, I would suspect, peoples in other nations the world over.
    The MSM in the pockets of TPTB are bombarding Americans with these messages at the behest of their masters. All of this is to make us fearful and divide us. I do a lot of onsite service calls and have noted that daytime television is FILLED with programming that fulfills this mandate from the elites. There are entire TV networks that run show after show depicting horrific criminal acts, many against children, that serve only to make people fear and distrust their neighbors. People that are fearful and don’t trust those around them are easy to manipulate.
    As the author points out above, an American is more likely to be victimized by a police officer than a stranger…

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