Top 5 Reasons I Stopped Caring About Politics

stop caring about politicsWhen I was young, I felt a need to understand politics, and I spent time studying. But as time progressed, I received diminishing returns on that investment. And in the past few years, I have given it up altogether.

These days, my concern with politics is limited to things like these:

  • Who is making war, and where?
  • Where is the crime occurring in my area?
  • Are there laws that will force me to move my businesses offshore?

Beyond that, I’m really not interested. I see the headlines, but I seldom read the stories. And I’m very happy saying, “I haven’t looked into it,” when people ask my opinion on the day’s ‘news.’

Here’s why:

#5: It eats up a horrifying amount of time and energy

Seriously, start counting the number of hours you spend on this stuff. How many hours listening to political radio, watching political TV, and reading political newspapers?

Then start thinking about the intense energy you spend on it. We all have limited reserves of energy; do you really believe that politics is the highest and best use for yours? What about using your energy to build your business? Or to nurture your children? Or to help a neighbor? There must be a dozen things that are more important than obsessing over the votes of congressmen or Supreme Court judges.

#4: It’s an addiction

If imagining yourself dumping politics makes you feel bad, you probably should dump it.

Try it: Imagine your life, devoid of all politics. How does it make you feel? Empty? Forsaken?

The truth is that millions of us are addicted to politics. People can’t pull themselves away from it – it’s the script that runs in the back of their minds 24/7.

The political addiction is so bad that even strongly religious people spend more time on politics than they do on God. Politics is the obsession of the age.

#3: It doesn’t change anything

There was a popular bumper sticker in the 60s that read: If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.

Let’s be honest and admit that the bumper sticker was true. Even the best examples – such as Reagan on the right or Obama on the left – have failed to change much. Government is bigger than ever, the US government is involved in more wars than ever, and the Constitution is being trashed in more ways than ever before. This is progress?

And what of the vaunted elections that they always promote? Personally, I think Alvin Toffler was right when he called them “reassurance rituals.” But, that aside, it is certain that elections are tightly controlled. In the US, two parties firmly control who gets on a ballot and who doesn’t. Everything is scripted; everything requires approval of the party. (The situation is slightly less bad in Europe.)

And please understand that ‘the government’ is far more than 600 faces in DC – it is millions of people in thousands of offices, all pulling together to get more of your money and to spend it upon themselves and their departments.

But even while politics doesn’t actually change much, it does keep everyone locked inside the system and servicing it. To illustrate, here’s a quote I never could forget, and that I hope you’ll never forget either:

Let them march all they want, so long as they continue to pay their taxes.

– Alexander Haig, 1982

So long as everyone obeys the government, why should it care about their complaints? Americans are nearly 100% obedient, so why should the government bother changing anything at all? There is no need.

Politics doesn’t change anything, because its actual goal is to keep the populace reassured and compliant. And in this it has succeeded brilliantly.

#2: In the end, it’s about violence

Here’s a passage from my novel, A Lodging of Wayfaring Men, that expressed this idea:

Coercion is the sine qua non of politics; the thing, without which, politics would not be politics. Indeed, if you remove coercion, politics becomes something else – economics.

Politics cannot exist without force. In the end, it rests on violence. No matter how much they color everything red, white, and blue, violence or the threat of violence underpins it all. As Jim Rogers once wrote, “Somewhere in every process of taxation, a pistol is involved.

Politics – government – is based upon a single transaction: Taking money from people against their will. Everything else they do falls apart without that.

You may think me rude for pointing this out, or you may come up with justifications for it, but the statement stands: Governments take money that they didn’t earn, by one type of coercion or another. If not, taxation would be voluntary and government would be just another business.

I don’t like dealing with violent enterprises.

#1: Politics is a relic of a barbaric past

Being that I study the ancient past, I can trace men ruling over men back to about 6400 BC. I can trace a government that resembles ours back to about 5000 BC.

So, what else from two thousand years before the Pyramids still rules the lives of men?

If there is any example on Earth of humans failing to evolve, this has to be it.

Men no longer pull plows. They no longer start fires with flint. Nor do they pull sleds or wooden-wheeled carts or rely upon animals for power. We have learned to write, to invent, to navigate, to cover immense distances, to drive, to fly, to reach into the heavens…

And yet this one relic of a primitive past remains. And please don’t tell me that it remains because it is good – people complain about government more than they complain about cancer.

To illustrate government’s barbaric nature, consider this: Thousands of people like me would like to experiment with different ways of living, but we are forbidden. No one is permitted to leave the game. If you try, large armed men will assault you and lock you in a cage, or perhaps they will merely steal your money from the bank you entrusted it to. But in either case, government sycophants will solemnly inform the world that you are an evil-doer.

No exit is permitted and all escape attempts are met with violence. How is this not primitive barbarity?


So, there you have it. You’re big boys and girls and you can make your own decisions, but I have to tell you: I am ever so happy with mine. I am less stressed, more productive, and a clearer thinker.

Every so often, a friend asks me to examine a political issue. And, nearly always, I politely decline; it makes me feel the same as when my mother wanted me to eat liver.

Paul Rosenberg

58 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons I Stopped Caring About Politics”

  1. I fully agree with the sentiment, and as an ex-pat in a country I cannot vote in anyway I have no real engagement per se. It’s still interesting to watch and knowing what’s going on gives me the opportunity to educate or at least drop hints to the unwashed.

  2. It is interesting if you visit Ecuador – they are a fairly well educated country, always discussing politics, always protesting – yet very little changes.

  3. Great article!! Wonderful Tudbits. You have a clear, fresh perspective. Thanks.

  4. During WWII, “the Good War”, millions died for a piece of dirt they thought was more valuable than their lives. In the end, Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt divvied up the spoils of war and half of Europe got something worse than the Nazis.

    Meanwhile, in Argentina, people were dining in fine restaurants and going to the opera.
    War is for losers. Know enough about politics to stay out of a war zone, that’s all.

  5. Oh sure….let’s all ignore the fact that we spend hours slaving in jobs we detest (if we are lucky enough to have a job) so that we can fund the most tyrannical regime the world has ever seen. Let’s just ignore it….for the children 🙂

    This is exactly the narcissistic viewpoint that now allows the US citizen to be the most lied to, fleeced, picked over people on earth…”I got mine….tough sh.t if you don’t”

    Instead of organizing wide corporate boycotts and social resistance to fascism (yes, while you were snoozing, the US became a fascist dictatorship) we yawn and scratch our collective gonads, with that dreamy self-congratulation that makes America the laughing stock of the world.

    Instead there is this pap…and the mouth breathers who agree with it.

    Why don’t you all wake the hell up?

    1. Why don’t you just take care of yourself and your loved ones instead of trying change the world first? Your approach now is leaning toward suicidal. If you have to move to a better place to have a better life, then do it. There is no future in being being cannon fodder. Leave that to the white trash and ghetto residents and call them heroes.

    2. Exactly the narcissistic viewpoint that now allows us to be lied to…? Exactly not. There’s more to life than following political theater as if it’s a pro sports league. Ignoring it and deflecting it from one’s finite attention/energies are two different things.

    3. ^ I agree Scarlett.
      I gather some of you aren’t warriors… Fine. Stay out the battle. Go home, be a victim, but DO NOT bitch about the world, because you have chosen to be a victim and do NOTHING about it.
      Bunch of pansies.

      Everything we do changes the course of history, and should you choose to do nothing, then you are not in control of yours, or my, destiny. You are simply a passenger on the rollercoaster of life, stuck on the path set for you. Don’t bitch about the ride, instead shut up and try to enjoy your slavery ride, a.k.a. Your Life.

      Those who see the battle, and go running in to it, they make their own paths, their own destinies, and leave their mark on the world. I never understood this school of thought, and I think that many talented people who can make the world a better place, choose to buy in to this school of thought, and become marginalized. This is nothing more that then you giving up your power that your God or your Mother gave you, and you are a failure if so.
      You’ve failed at life, you have chosen to be a good slave, and accept your victimization. When the proverbial SHTF… don’t except anyone to help your lonely bunch.

      1. John. I see your State prescribed meds are doing their job. Now be a good boy, go vote someone out of office for some other suit or at least beat someone silly while taking their wealth from them.

        The State

        1. When you attack as such, I win.
          You’re doing it wrong.
          Try debating what I said instead.

          1. Debate? But we’re mere pansies, John. There’s little incentive to debate with an overt misinterpretation of Rosenberg’s remarks. Plus there isn’t time to spare, for we have courses of history to change.

          2. Try reading Rosenberg’s article in context of his work in general you winner you….It’s one of the basics of critical thought.

        2. those of you who are not involved deserve the tyranny you are getting. Your lack of involvement is the reason just another suit is elected. This is a government of the people by the people. Too many people like you sit on the sidelines and wonder why you become a slave.

          1. Tell you what, Kenny. Next election I’ll vote out Lincoln, Wilson, Hoover, FDR, Truman, Kennedy, LBJ, etc., and all the amassed bureaucratic power accumulated so as to reset us back to 1776, k?

            Rock the vote, Ken!

  6. Reason #1 does it for me – somewhat. Isn’t being apolitical a form of politics?

  7. Rosenberg’s is an interesting perspective; I agree to a degree, but I’ve never been one to stick my head in the sand in the face of important issues. For me it’s tough to balance
    the distribution of the energy to which Rosenberg refers: Do I ignore the
    corruption and socialism that are ruining my country and get me more charged up
    than almost anything else so I can turn my energy elsewhere? Sure, if all
    the collectivists working against me with their votes for socialism in
    America would stop spending their energy to diminish my rights to individualism.

  8. But this is wrong. If you let govt win, everyone loses. The trick is to find ways to undermine the establishment. Small actions and contributions and educating that whittles away at the states’ power and legitimacy. Of course normal politics doesn’t work. We have to use their systems and structure against them. Using the internet, blogging, YouTube, email, liberty organizations, passive- aggressive resistance, refusal to aid the system, contributing to good organizations in small amounts on a large scale, file sharing, etc. You’re completely wrong to say there’s nothing we can do.

    1. I think you (and Scarlett) are missing the point. Mr. Rosenberg is obviously an avid defender of the innocent and promoter of free and peaceful interaction—I’ve read his work frequently, and haven’t run into yours—so I read this story with that understanding. Try re-reading it in that light to discover some new insights.

      1. Obviously, engaging in conventional politics won’t change things. But how would Rosenberg or anyone else be an active proponent of free interaction, peace and the innocent if politics and current events are not addressed? His essay suggests removing ourselves from the debate and struggle. But that is NOT the answer. Alternative, creative strategies are.

        1. He doesn’t suggest removing ourselves entirely. Just from the celebrity and theatrics that dominate mainstream political news. It’s all a (sort of) clever distraction from things that actually matter to your ordinary freethinking citizen–i.e. crime and taxation. We don’t care if there’s an LGBT congressman. We don’t care about Michele Obama’s wardrobe. We don’t care about how the gov’t proposes to fix housing or education…because it clearly can’t! Thus we remove ourselves from the nonsense and focus on the reality before us, be it business, family, or in the case of politics, real & immediate means by which we can spread the message of true liberty (blogging, etc.).

          1. No serious political activist cares about those things, except when he can exploit them to beat the enemy. You can’t have it both ways. Either you follow the news and respond to it with effective activism, or you don’t follow life and you’re a victim of it. So if Rosenberg is an activist, this essay is redundant. I used to be an LP member and engaged in some politics. As I learned more, I became a free market anarchist and stopped wasting my time fighting within the system. But I still follow current events so I can respond with whatever efforts I want to make towards liberty. You’re saying that Rosenberg does too, basically. So maybe this essay would be useful to someone who’s still doing LP politics or such. Otherwise for the seasoned political economist we all know this. Still, I enjoyed reading the post.

        2. Politics and especially “current events” are distractions-the bread & circus thing. Current events? Like what exactly? 99.9% of the time the premise of the discussion, the whole paradigm is so pointlessly limited and purposely misleading that no one ever addresses the core problem, idea, etc.

          Throw me any politics or current event and I will point out the fallacy and how the state wins no matter what “side” triumphs.

          This may sound defeatist to some but it is actually the only way. Until enough (read everyone) essentially “drops out” the sick charade will continue. And the only way anyone comes to see as in “once you’ve seen you cannot unsee” is through teaching and by example.

          I’ll bet Mr. Rosenberg affects countless people in that way.

          Even I have tipped a couple along the way.

          And full disclosure in regard to Scarlett’s “I got mine….tough sh.t if you don’t”: I have nothing. It’s not about that.

  9. If and when enough people “get it” there will be massive withdrawal of consent. However, right now people have buy-in to the idea that government is the vehicle to solve problems in society. Of course, this is foolish. Due to this folly, there is a gradually and steady lowering of the bar by Americans. This is at the heart of the problem. People no longer even expect to be treated with manners and proper respect. This lowering of the bar has lead to government treating individuals as sub-human resources of the state. People need to raise the bar.

    1. baaaaaaa. baaaaaaaaa.
      Never going to happen. You are outnumbered and surrounded.
      Take this shepherd’s pole, and get to work.

  10. About The 5 Reasons I Stopped Caring About POLITICS. . .

    Amen, and AMEN! I feel the same. I don’t read the papers. don’t watch TV with the exception of MeTV (which has re-runs from the 50’s & 60’s). Life now is so uncomplicated!

    1. Same here. I’ve given up following the details contemporary politics, although I still read political history and philosophy. I’m much happier improving myself, while ignoring/shunning any potential government involvement unless absolutely necessary. So much less complicated that way.

      1. I believe in “Nullification” of anything that interferes with my personal, God given rights and liberties. . .

  11. So if I might ask: why, if you stopped caring about politics, is your site monetized by political entities and populated with widgets representing them? I’m only asking because it seems to me that if you weren’t really interested in politics you’d stop writing about and creating an income stream from them. Not that this is wrong but don’t pretend you don’t care about them when you do in fact participate at a fairly high level compared to most folks. That said, I agree with much of what you said in this article.

    1. Which political entities? Politics on Fox and CNN and ‘politics’ you may see in a newsletter such as Freemans are two completely different beasts..

  12. I don’t feel I need a leader anymore. I’m adult enough to take care of myself. But, I think I will have to move overseas, because the US is going to turn into a dump. The people will demand more government and the country will be over, if it isn’t already.

  13. It is simply a matter of how bad things have to get before you leave, unless you wait too long, as many Jews did in 1930’s Germany.

  14. #2 is correct, it IS all about violence. The question is, when is violence acceptable?

    The libertarian answer is, of course, only in self defense. So vote in self defense. Not for the lesser of two evils; not for the party least likely to harm your interests; not for the freebies or goodies.

    Vote for the best person for the job. Always. Or Don’t vote.

    1. Don’t Vote is the only morally-defensible choice.

      The primary reason that it’s immoral, is that it violates the rights of those who have no desire to be ruled over by the State.

      Don’t Vote is also the right choice for significant other reasons independent of the moral: viz.,
      (1) voting cannot accomplish what it purports to seek to accomplish (“representative” government or “the will of the people” or “the general welfare” or some other such nonsense);
      (2) even if it could accomplish it in theory (which it can’t), it absolutely does not do so in practice;
      (3) the types of individual attracted to political office (both as politicians, and as bureaucrats, judges, police and soldiers) are precisely the wrong types to hold or wield power;

      On (1): the entire premise of ‘representativeness’ is based on a fraud that has been understood since Condorcet and confirmed by a proof from Arrow in 1950 (now known as the Arrow Impossibility Theorem). Put simply, the aggregation of individual ordinal preferences will generally result in a ‘social welfare function’ that fails to exhibit transitivity (an essential condition for a well-defined welfare function – otherwise there is no guarantee of well-behaved preference ordering, and if you can’t properly order preferences, you can’t determine which policy is preferred).

      Also on (1): the Gibbard-Satterthwait Theorem shows that all voting machanisms are corruptible through tactical preference revelation (where individuals deliberately mis-order their actual preferences in order to advance the interests of their first preference).

      There are dozens of other theoretical arguments (moral hazard, X-inefficiency, crowding out, Holmström’s Theorem) but they can wait for now.

      On (2): even if we found some voting system that is not susceptible to Arrow or Gibbard-Satterthwait, it remains that operationally in the West, “democracy” does not reflect the “will of the majority”, since the average winning vote percentage for national government is almost always less than 50%.

      For US presidential elections since 1900, the winner has polled 29% of the eligible population and no winner has polled 50% of the eligible population.

      For every other country for which I’ve looked at the data (the UK, France, Germany and even Australia, where voting is compulsory), the proportion of voters for the government has averaged substantially less than 50% (Australia has the highest average due to the lack of abstention, at 44%) and again, nobody ever got to 50%.

      So a system that can not form an accurate estimate of social preferences, also fails to generate sufficient approval of any candidate even if it could form such an estimate.

      On (3): there is no “best person for the job” among the candidates, ever. One word that typifies the sort of scumbag who wants to wield political power: Cheney.

      Selecting between careerist megalomaniacal sociopaths (e.g., Blair, Sarkozy, Gillard, Brown, Obama, Bush, Weiner, Emmanuel, Howard, Rudd, Abbott, Hollande, Bloomberg, Sharon, Netanyahu) is a losing proposition… like being asked to select between deliberately infecting yourself with Ebola or Marburg.

      The optimal answer is “None of the above” – which is a valid expression of preference.

      If we set aside the theoretical issues, it still remains that they are supposed to put forward a platform that encourages us to support them: if they fail to put forward a platform that is sufficiently attractive to get people to spend the time taken to vote, that is not the fault of the abstainers. The political class do not earn the right to rule simply by claiming that those who withhold their vote lose the right to have their preference recognised.

      1. Modern Democracies is a counterintuitive system. It is the illusion that makes voters think that the Government is us and that it does not have a life of it’ s own. Democracy today is simply an approval mechanism for such a system.

        Will the fact that a person intends to votes for candidate (A) instead of candidate (B) make any positive difference in his or her personal freedom and quality of life? The very fact that we vote gives the professional politicians, including a narcissistic, corrupted and psychopaths class the democratic approval to continue wile legally gaining more and more power and take more and more of our freedom away. In other words our freedom is taken away democratically. We vote for being less free every four years. Is this not a brilliant system?

        Only a very limited Democracy could work if it would offer voters the capacity to choose the most qualified and capable person(s) to only protect of our freedom. If it does not have this“absolute limitation”it’ s only a question of time until democracy becomes the enemy of liberty.

        The illusion is that we are told and think that we elect our representatives, the sad reality is that we electing a growing monster.

        Big difference.

        “None of the above”

  15. I have always abhorred politics, but my enthusiasm for fighting the fools who use their ugly human nature to control me, my family, my fortune, has never waned. Thankfully, we no longer need the newspapers to remain “informed”. The world is much smaller a place, and remaining involved — even as one who is uninterested the political fools and their machinations — is one of the most important things you can do to prepare, protect and promote yourself from abuse and neglect.

  16. These are only serious reasons to avoid politics if you really agonize about losing. If, instead, the journey is it’s own reward, then none of this is a reason to give up the fun of tweaking with your righty friends, and your lefty friends.

  17. It’s amusing to see the Don Quixotes here who fervently believe they are engaged in a real battle with a real enemy. If we say anything to them or don’t join them in their struggle, we are “victims” or “sheep” or “cowards”. I say, don’t talk to them. Maybe someday they will figure out they are on a fool’s mission. Let’s just take care of ourselves and our children and our loved ones. There is no honor in dying for a piece of dirt.

  18. Bit of a contradiction here – if you had truly stopped caring about politics, you wouldn’t have written this article … you can tell from the way it’s written that you still care.

    It’s also simply false that it “never changes anything”. What is true is that change is always very slow, difficult, and never nearly enough (and many people waste energy on ineffective strategies) .. but it’s a bit of an insult to all the people who’ve worked hard and successfully created positive change, to claim their work simply did not happen, even while enjoying the benefits thereof. If number 3 were true, apartheid could never have ended, slavery and Jim Crow segregation could never have ended, the US could never have declared independence, Russia would still be under totalitarian Communist rule, the Berlin wall could never have fallen, China would not have seen massive comparative reforms over the past few decades, the UK would still be ruled by totalitarian monarchies, etc. If number 3 were true, more countries wouldn’t be decriminalizing or starting to consider decriminalizing sex work, more and more countries wouldn’t be overturning bans on gay partnerships, etc. etc.

    If you can’t see any positive change at all, maybe you should start reading the newspaper again :/ … millions of people all over the world are making a difference. Perhaps you should try see how those who succeed at it go about it.

    It also works in the favour of the corrupt people running our political structures if honest people think they can’t make a difference and ‘opt out’ of even trying.

  19. Great post. Good to remind ourselves that there are more important things. You hit me on every point!

  20. Such an interesting, albiet pessimistic take on politics. Sure governments use force to ensure civility. No political theory argues differently. The basic thought behind most all political theories is that people without government are usually more violent and unpredictable. History would prove that without government you have complete anarchy. Gangs rule with violence, and there is very little security of property and safety. If you cannot defend your land from someone who wants to take it then you are pretty much screwed.

    The belief that government would be the same with or without citizen involvement is purely nonsense. This author’s complete ignorance on the presidency of Reagan is baffling to me. When Reagan took office the world lived in constant fear of nuclear war and was very close to making that a reality. The world economy was in shambles. People had to ration the gasoline they bought based upon their license plate numbers; they were not allowed to buy gas on certain days. Houses were bought at 16% interests rates and the overall emotions and feelings of this country were terrible. To assume that Reagan didn’t change things for the better is just ignorant and asinine. If we had another president like Nixon or worse, Lyndon B. Johnson would our country have been the same 8 years later? to believe such things is equivalent to believing in fairytales.

    I have no illusions that our government is full of saints and honest people which is exactly why I believe we should stay involved and on constant guard. I agree with the premise that we shouldn’t allow politics to run our entire lives. But to ignore it completely as if it’s all the same in the end I think is quite the foolish stance.

  21. Well, that was simply beautiful. I will respond in time, for I do not fully agree with certain points–especially about comparisons to so called primitive people. Primitive folk existed in many varieties and a great many, I will argue, would not put up with the atrocities that are accepted today. I’m not a believer in the noble savage. But I will say, in my opinion, most savages were more peace loving, freedom loving, and quite simply, loving people than the civilized or the so called noble. Now I must read to my children. Be back soon.

  22. getting out of the system and taking your resources with you, is the best option. This system is about to cave in on itself if we have learned anything from all the collapsed bubbles of even just the last 20 years. They are on their last bubble right now, printing worthless paper money like MAD, and this is not just the US, but all the cash that people use as a yardstick against each other, so they are all going more and more valuless together, giving the impression that nothing has changed, but it has, and at some point very soon we will face either hyper inflation or massive deflation causing one of two things to spiral out of control, interest or prices, Time to build Atlantis, and only help those who have joined us there, or those seeking to leave the system and join us, plain and simple.

    1. Building Atlantis is an admirable dream…but unrealistic or attainable to most common people…..

      For may of us the balance is in living on the razor’s edge….living paycheck to pay check…withdrawal from the system is frightening….but knowing how our ancestors lived, makes it a challenging adventure….uniquely positioned as little more than a transient, on the outskirts of civilization and society…ready to jump ship at a moments notice, one must make what seems to be the impossible decision to abandon the materialism the mass marketing and fear based system of the media presses into the population from birth.

      It boils down to will you give up security for freedom? Even if it means not knowing where your next meal will come from, or where you will rest your head tonight…It will not be an easy path…but if the walk was easy the journey would be worthless. We have become complacent, lazy, and spoiled….when society fails….my hopes are that people will go tribal, as organized government is a huge failure, perhaps this is for the best as we function better in smaller groups united under similar values beliefs and goals….either way there are people who are prepped and ready to slip through the cracks into a nomadic wandering existence upon the collapse of the dollar….Learn your edibles…get a rifle or (better choice) a good bow and sufficent ammo (or arrows), for wild game and perhaps those who might be a threat to your continued existance…a few other necessities that couldn’t be manufactured in the wild, and simply slip away

      1. that is true that getting out is not easy, but I have been at this as a salvager for quite a while. Built an entire CNC mill from scratch for less than 75 bucks, and with the new salvaging I have done since, I could have done it for free. It is all in knowledge 🙂 Massive thick long lasting tarps are as cheap as a ride to a local awning companies dumpster, that makes them for those big skyscrapers down town in your near by city, some are bigger than even the 30 foot to 50 foot wide by nearly 100 foot long ones I have already obtained. One does not have to live illegally either, you can get darn close to being completely off the grid by just buying land in unincorporated sections of counties in many states, and some like Texas you can not lose your land over financial woes like debt, unless it is tax based, so loans on various things in life (other than the loan you probably took out to buy the land against that same land maybe) will not strip you of that land. Something to think about.
        It is not in the technology they make, that we find our selves bound, but the design of it, and most of that is easy to obtain the knowledge of, so we can make it for ourselves from some pretty basic and easy to obtain materials out in the wild. Myself I will be hunting for land that has a graphite deposit on it. graphene solves a lot of problems we have in manufacturing electronics, as well as other tech areas. and it can be made from very basic chemistry and chunks of good flake graphite. using a top down approach

  23. I ignored it until 2012. Then the idea of Romney as President made me ill. Now I’m addicted & it is horrifying. I spend more time at HuffPo than doing anything. I agree with a lot of what you say. Then I wonder how the country would pay for things? Infrastructure, education, etc. Those things are falling apart anyway due to GOP obstructionists. Republicans/Tea Party make me sad & angry. No point being constantly pissed at old white with hateful agendas. I want the Koch brothers to stop being corrupt overlords. I hate the sight of these decrepit bastards. Will I get my way? No. I’m going to ignore politics starting today. I’ll give it a shot. Ignorance is bliss.

  24. More than half of the stuff out there is not even news, they want to evoke that spirit of worrying and fear inside you. America will never become socialist, fear mongering will always happen.

  25. Indeed I used to think – like most – that “changing the system” was important. I realized that I did not owe my energy, sweat, and tears to a country where many people disagreed with me. It is up to each of us to create our own sovereignty and go where we are treated best. Why reinvest the wheel if it already exists elsewhere?

  26. Violence is part of human nature. Governments are an imperfect way that society has developed over the ages to contain, organize and “moralize” this violence. Thinking you can live without government in a completely private society and that social cohesion and justice would naturally prevail is naive, in my opinion.

    The mafia is an organization where money and the law of the strongest prevails and we can see where that would lead us if society as a whole used the same set of rules to govern itself.

    Private property also is a social construct, and it is largely enforced by the government you seem to despise. I’m not saying there is no problem with government, all I’m saying is that you can’t organize life in a society as big as the US without government.

    Local councils of elders and such are good for a society the size of a tribe. Beyond that size, things get a little more complicated.

    One last word regarding taxes. Government doesn’t need to “earn” its taxes because it is a public decision made by your elected representatives to apply taxes that will then fund the services that the same representatives have created to support and stimulate the common good, security and defend liberty and private property.

    If you don’t feel good with that, maybe the representative system isn’t for you, you don’t like it, or maybe you feel that you have no power over government and thus you don’t feel a co-owner of government as you should if things were as they were meant to be.

    To me, that seems more like a problem of how government is organized and run, more than the existence of government itself that is at the root of your problem with government. And to change that, you need to get involved in politics. But that is a very human to human thing, politics, it’s really not about reading papers, especially when your goal is to inoculate the system with new ideas.

  27. It’s dumbed down people like this fool who sit on their hands and do NOTHING, care NOTHING about ANYTHING but their own self entitlement then have the AUDACITY to complain about issues. No doubt this person used to be a gormless CONSERVATIVE VOTER because only someone as selfish, self seeking and self preoccupied could be from the ranks of the neoliberals … socially aware, educated, socialists have too high an IQ, are too well educated, too aware of the hardships of others and care about the trauma and poverty of OTHER PEOPLE to be so disconnected. Shame on you! You should remember this, and remember it well: ALL IT TAKES FOR GREAT EVIL TO PROSPER AND FLOURISH, IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING! Get it?

  28. Where is everyone like this now in the 2020 shit show? I don’t watch news shows or political shows (never have) and I feel so lonely right now! Everyone is telling me that I’m the crazy one when they’ve all lost their damn minds over scripted shows they’re all watching on screens. This is absolutely insane to witness. I didn’t realize I was among so many sheep that obey their screens! WTF is this??

  29. I’ll say! I was involved in politics back in 2016, it took up about half my time, the others half was school life, music, and being a kid, so I had a pretty good life back then. After Trump got elected, I figured, theres no point since the election was over. So my investment in politics dwindled significantly. Although I did check in every once in a while, when a significant bill is signed, or just for memes. I came back into it in 2018 around the midterms, and stayed in it ever since. This time it takes up almost all my time. I’m a certain sense I agree with you. No matter how it is, Politicians dont really change anything, so theres no point in being all invested into it. Also Its bad vibes if you think about it, theres always an issue between both parties. It just gets a person angry.

  30. I’ve been feeling more and more depressed over the past few years. Everything is in chaos and everyone is at each other’s throats, mostly over blatant lies told by both sides. I don’t know what or who to believe anymore. I am ready to check out of politics all together. They say ignorance is bliss, but I also believe the the one who has the most power to change my life is myself. So, I totally agree with what you have said here.

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