Alex Jones, Big Tech, and the Deep State


They finally got to it. Alex Jones has been banned from Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, and I’m not sure what else… all within 24 hours or so, as I hear it. And he was not alone – others have been banned too. What I want you to understand is this:

There’s only one reason this was done now: because they might get away with it.

I see very little of Mr. Jones’ material, but he’s clearly exposing a lot of things the deep-state types don’t like. And believing themselves to be rightful rulers – and believing that the Mr. Joneses of the world ought to be obedient and thankful – they feel entirely correct in eliminating their ridiculous opposition.

Why It Works Now

I’ll be brief:

  1. The tech companies have been brought into the machine. They’ve already altered their products to suit the spy agencies and have agents and counteragents all through their operations. When spymasters ask for favors, they do them. Furthermore, they’re super rich, and that makes you a friend of politicians by default. At that level, you need politicians to protect you, in addition to regulating away pesky competitors. And finally, they are all beholden to the money power and their low-interest loans. When mega-bankers pass a request to you through your board of directors, you comply.

  2. Half the political world will cheer for it. In fact, they’ll say it’s necessary in order “to save our democracy.” That’s childish drivel of course, but it’s drivel that will sell to a huge contingent of over-angered, revenge-seeking types.

  3. The other half will petition Congress to regulate the tech companies. Again that’s ridiculous, since it was the state apparatus that created the problem in the first place. But idolizing the state, no matter how horribly they behave, is the superstition of the age, and changing such a thing requires real psychological strength. And so, calls for an Internet Bill of Rights or some such nonsense will ring through this contingent.

  4. Even if they have to pull back, they’ll still gain ground. Two steps forward, one step back, in the finest Stalinist tradition.

So, if you’re part of the deep state, why not go for it now?

And so they have.

What Courage Would Look Like

Courage at this moment would involve the banned parties – and everyone else they could find – building their own social networks (or pouring money into one of the alternatives) and bringing everyone over. In other words, to ignore the thugs and sycophants and build their own. Hire a few dozen engineers and get started. Then hire the necessary support and management people. It isn’t rocket science anymore.

After that, psychological changes would likely follow.

Interesting times.

* * * * *


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Paul Rosenberg