Get Ready for the Next Terror

terrifying eventIf I had to bet, I think I’d put my money on some type of “cyberwar” event coming in the not-too-distant future. But whether it’s that or something else, a new terror will be coming. That much is more or less inevitable.

The reason is easy: We have people with control-biased minds in positions to create such events, or at least to make the most of them when they do occur.

The Problem

Put bluntly, our problem is that our current world systems place people with dominator minds into power over everyone else. We can call this the “alpha gorilla” model. These people need power over others. They get comfort and/or a thrill from dominance. And they certainly get rewards from it.

To illustrate, here’s an image I pulled from the newsfeed just this morning:

terrifying event

The faces and the slogans change, but the need to dominate drives such people into positions of power, whether it be in national governments, police enforcement, or bureaucracies that control other people’s movements. As Robert Heinlein wrote:

Political tags, such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth, are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.

Those who desire to control others, however, have a problem: In order to accomplish their “great ends,” they need the peaceful people – those who have no desire to dominate others – to obey them and to pay for their plans.

The problem with humans, however, is that they can think. Such beings don’t follow orders from random people; they must be convinced. And convincing free people to be subservient is hard. In order to dominate them, their ability to think must be overcome.

Once you have them obeying you, they’ll keep it up, no matter how silly, for a shockingly long period of time. But to get them to give up autonomy in the first place, or in some new way, is hard. Something that bypasses reason is required.

That thing, as you may have guessed, is fear.

We all saw this very clearly in 2001: Terrified people let the alpha gorillas take away their rights in the name of saving them from crazies. Some people objected, but not enough to sway events. Fear was in the air, the dominators promised safety, and most people either agreed or were too confused to object.

So, the structures of dominance became bigger and reached farther than ever before. This would not have happened without fear. Fear works.

The Great Enemy

Fear stands above all the other tools of human domination, even above legitimacy. That’s because fear overrides reason. Fear focuses our thoughts only on the object of terror. Then the alpha gorillas step in and promise to protect us, if only we will _____________ (fill-in the blank).

This game has been running for thousands of years, and it will be used again soon enough. There’s always a need for people to suspend thought and acquiesce to domination. And so long as life on Earth features structures of dominance, alpha-gorilla types will use them.

Even in daily life, the imposition of fear upon us is thick. Robert Ringer, commenting on getting ahead financially, correctly hit on this point when he said:

The results you produce in life are inversely proportional to the degree to which you are intimidated.

The Bible tells us that people are “all their lifetimes subject to bondage” because of fear.

Our great enemy is fear, and, unfortunately, systems for harnessing fear currently dominate life on this planet.

What Will Happen?

I don’t know which terrifying event will take place next, and whether this event will be staged or authentic matters very little. All that matters is that people are terrified, which gets their reasoning out of the way and gives the dominator types what they crave.

The antidote for this is for people to understand the con and to overcome their fear. Then to act rationally.

This might be a good thing to discuss with your neighbors, before the next terror hits… because it will.

Paul Rosenberg

6 thoughts on “Get Ready for the Next Terror”

  1. I have had run-ins with alpha gorillas many times over the past 60+ years; in schools, churches and in the work-place. Up close, especially in private, they are truly terrifying. At a distance, especially in public, they are often as cuddly as teddy bears. They are always more than willing to exert whatever they have at hand to obtain and maintain dominance. Ethics and/or morality are of no consideration to their treatment of others, though they expect it of their prey. And they are often not male.

  2. Ultimately there are two fears in life:
    Fear of the Dominant.
    Fear of Nature.

    To have a chance at freedom you have to conquer the latter with skill and self-reliance. Because nature WILL kill you untimely if you let it.

    To achieve freedom from your fellow man you have to conquer the former – and there lies the problem. They are numerous, ubiquitous, and they will turn their slaves on you as well. Their slaves are Borg. All must be assimilated. And there remains no human-free wilderness to flee to.

    And that is why natural disasters are your friends. They reduce the numbers of the Borg, and impair the Dominant, while the self-reliant carry on.

    1. It’s amazing how quickly the gorillas react to those possessed of ability and free will. They freak out, simply because they are frightened by the lack of fear of those who spend their time achieving on their own. It’s a threat the social structure that supports their throne.

      Over the years I have come the realization that many of the alphas have gained their positions through nepotism and not strength, through dishonor and not cunning. They are supremely threatened that they will be exposed, and that they are ultimately weak children. How many of the “anointed” athletes and champions crumble when they face competition with their own inadequacies? Many don’t persevere. Chris Cristy is merely an image, assembled by others. It must be hell for people such as he to be so afraid.

  3. I really enjoy your work, and I know what point you were trying to make – but I wish folks would stop attributing a will to power to gorillas (alpha or otherwise).

    Gorillas (unlike chimpanzees) do not generally engage in hostile invasions of territory (and not just because they’re increasingly rare due to poaching). Like all genuinely-powerful animals, they sensibly seek to minimise conflict – because engaging in “full on” conflict leads to a high risk of death or serious injury. As such, most gorilla “stand-offs” (which mostly happen when paths cross par hasard) are 95% display: they size each other up, and evaluate their odds of success… and most often they ‘get it right’ and engagement is avoided.

    Gorillas are peaceful vegetarians who generally use violence defensively, and whose social bonds are deep and abiding. They are so far the opposite of parasitic scumbag megalomaniac sociopath politicians, that it does gorillas an injustice to make the comparison.

    If you want a better comparison, I suggest Ebola: a parasitic organism that pursues its own interests so aggressively that it ravages every key system in the host, destroying it from within… with absolutely no concomitant ‘symbiotic’ benefit for the host. That’s a perfect match for the vermin who install themselves in palaces paid for by the taxes they coerce out of the society on which they prey.

    Also, most politicians are not ‘alpha’ males: they are usually short, weedy dickbags who would cry if confronted physically by a real alpha. And they’re not smart, either.

    1. Yeah, you have a point, Kratoklastes. I use “gorillas” as a kind of shorthand, and it isn’t terribly precise.

      The animals I should specify are baboons. And my reliance upon them is based upon the work of Dr. Robert Sapolski.

      I covered Sapolski’s work in some detail in our subscription newsletter. If you haven’t seen the YouTube videos featuring him, you MUST.

      You’ll be glad you did. 🙂

  4. Obama recently appointed Zelikow to the President’s Intelligence Advisory committee. Zelikow appears to have essentially authored the script of how 9/11 would be carried out – and then Bush/Cheney appointed him chairman of the 9/11 commission, to make sure people got the ‘correct’ message about it.

    His academic specialty, by the way, was the Creation and Maintenance of Public Myths. He wrote a paper at Harvard in 1998 saying that the main threat to being able to maintain aggressive military might was the lack of, basically, a huge terrorist threat.

    So when I saw that Obama had brought him back into the fold, I too realized a new terror attack must be in the making. The coup in Ukraine and subsequent demonization of Russia seems not to have worked to get us willing to engage in WWIII; they’re going to have to step up their game.

    Thanks, too, for pointing out the false nature of political parties and ideologies. Hopefully it will become very clear to people that they’re just manufactured to divide and conquer.

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