The Offshore Symposium

As I’ve mentioned before, what we used to call “the offshore circuit” has been revived. It involves a fairly small group of providers and consultants,  and provides professional guidance for people who’d like to structure their lives differently and gain some serious financial liberation.

My part in the group involves teaching people why and how to protect their data, and sometimes about cryptocurrencies.

Next week a new conference – electronic, this time – will be taking place. To those of you who are interested in protecting your assets, I highly recommend this group of presentations.

Now, before I finish, I should be clear that Free-Man’s Perspective gets a spiff for each of our readers who signs-up. Nonetheless, you’re going to find a lot of great material in this course.

So, here’s the link and I hope you enjoy it

Plus, you can use this discount code for 10% off: OFFSHORE10


Paul Rosenberg