The Revival of The Offshore Circuit: The Offshore Escape Conference

Between about 2007 and 2014, I was a regular participant in what we used to call “the offshore circuit.” It consisted of a fairly small group of providers and consultants, teaching people who were sick of being reamed by taxes, how they could structure their lives differently and gain some serious financial liberation. My part was teaching people why and how to protect their data.

We had a lot of fun and we helped a lot of good people… and, we got to travel to fun places like St. Kitts, the coast of Belize, the Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Antigua, Panama and others. Plus, it was good for Cryptohippie, the anonymous VPN I was managing then and still manage.

Alas, for a variety of reasons the offshore circuit wound down. Some of the sponsors changed their focus, one of the guys became an ambassador, Snowden came along and I didn’t need to convince people about surveillance anymore, and so on. But it was a gas while it lasted. Good people doing good things for good people. Life should always be that way.

Now, however, Mikkel Thorup at The Escape Artist has pulled most of the old gang back together for a virtual conference. I even updated my old presentation and recorded a session on Why You Must Protect Your Data Offshore… And How To Do It

To those of you who are interested in protecting your assets, I highly recommend this group of presentations.

Now, before I finish, I should be clear that Free-Man’s Perspective gets a spiff for each of our readers who signs-up. Nonetheless, you’re going to find a lot of great material in this course.

So, here’s the link and I hope you enjoy it.


Paul Rosenberg