What’s Coming At Us

This year has been deeply disappointing. We see the most vulnerable human instincts being manipulated and harvested. We see sociopaths grasping unprecedented power, policemen enforcing immoral orders and hatred held up as truth. It wouldn’t be hard to slide into dejection and to conclude that the human race simply isn’t fit for progress.

And yet we must continue forward. Fundamentally this is about being true to ourselves, caring about the good, and not selling out to barbarians.

I’ve made a number of posts dealing with the mayhem this year, and I think with good cause. Certain things need to be condemned. But I think that moment is coming to an end. The world may be racing toward darkness, but my job (and yours too) is to build something better, not to stand around weeping.

And so I think this may be my last piece on the demolition of Western civilization for a while. Perhaps I’ll post a few more at particularly important moments, but after today I’ll focus mainly on where we’re going.

I’ll conclude my warnings of the coming darkness by explaining what the world is spiraling downward toward. The elites may not attain their dark goals, but what I describe below is where they are going and where they pretty well have to go. 

What’s About To Hit You

The elites of the West face two primary circumstances just now:

  1. They stand at a peak of influence. A terrified populace, bombarded with fear 24/7, has developed some inertia in the directions prescribed for them.
  2. Legacy economies are more or less doomed. Their debt is beyond payment and their demographics are unsustainable.

In this situation, the elites need new model, and they need to pursue it while conditions still favor them. The one plan that will work is what we can call techno-serfdom. Here, briefly, are its components:

    • The Internet as a universal surveillance network. Google, Facebook, the NSA and the rest have already made this so. Unless you’re one of the few who seriously protect themselves, they system knows everything about you. They are able to change your mood and to guide you reliably. (See here.)
    • Full control of commerce. The fiat economies of the world are already nearly all digital, and are fully capable of both surveillance and control. If they could cut off Wikileaks a decade ago, they’re now able to cut off any dissident at any time. Survival becomes difficult once your cards and accounts no longer work.
    • Cash will be eliminated, as usual, with fear. Nearly everyone is deeply in debt, and nearly all their retirement money rests in massively over-priced and centralized markets, And so, the next step is simple: A cyber attack on the securities exchanges will bring almost everyone face to face with foreclosure and privation. That’s when the elites step in with their new plan: Sign on to our cashless system and we’ll cancel all those debts and give you a guaranteed income besides.

After that it’s just a question of mopping up the Bitcoiners and goldbugs… or perhaps just turning their conformist neighbors against them.

CNN and the rest will support this at full volume, of course.

Game, set, match: Fear trumps reason. And if that fails in a few cases, the radicals can be demonized on TV and Twitter, then charged with money laundering, kiddie porn, or whatever sells best.

If you were a sociopathic power-monger, wouldn’t you do this?

And by the way, the halls of power are presently filled with sociopathic power-mongers.

So, yes, that’s what’s coming at the people of the West. If you want to see it illustrated in detail, get my book, The Breaking Dawn.

It Couldn’t Be That Bad”

Yes, it could be that bad. Europe is on the precipice of it already. The first line of their Great Reset advertising is, “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.” That may be the kind of rhetoric we’d expect from a Bond villain, but it’s right here, right now, in everyone’s face.

And please understand that this is a direct consequence of computers plus sociopathic control. John von Neumann, the scientist who invented computer programming and artificial intelligence, saw it coming in the 1940s:

What we are creating now is a monster whose influence is going to change history, provided there is any history left.

Obedience combined with technology, organized by sociopaths, leads directly to this place. 

What Will We Do?

The answer to “What do we do about this?” is to stop obeying sociopaths and to build systems they can’t capture. (Some of us have already been doing that, of course.) 

This year has been a lot like the 1930s, when everyone saw things turning in a very ugly direction, but couldn’t break their inertia.

To escape this we must do better than they did. We must, as individuals, step out of their model and build a parallel society that benefits productive people, not a sociopathic elite.

Let’s get going.


Paul Rosenberg


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  1. Very deep insight in the future. I come from “communist” country so I know from my family’s experience what state is capable of. Read story of Pavlik Morozov.

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