It’s 460 AD in Rome: This Won’t Be Fixed

RomeAnother American election cycle is upon us, and large numbers of people are lining up to pour their time and money into the sewer of politics, to be lost forever.

This system will not be fixed. Period. This is Rome in 460 AD. The rulers, as in Rome, are liars, mad, or drunk (these days, drugged)… or all three.

The “fall of Rome” of course was far more complex than we learned in school, but through all the many years of its decline, Rome was full of well-meaning people trying to reform and save it. And by the way, among the people who tried the hardest to keep the Roman game going were the Goths. They tried hard to keep Rome operational… and they failed too.

Let me be clear on this: Once ruling hierarchies get beyond a certain point, they cannot be reformed. And I am sure that the modern West is beyond that point.

  • Do we really believe that central bankers will just lay down their monopolies?

  • Can we seriously expect a hundred trillion dollars of debt to be liquidated without any consequences?

  • Do we actually believe that politicians will walk away from their power and apologize for abusing us?

  • Do we really think that the corporations who own Congress will just give up the game that is enriching them?

  • Does anyone seriously believe that the NSA is going to say, “Gee, that Fourth Amendment really is kind of clear, and everything we do violates it… so, everyone here is fired and the last person out will please turn off the lights”?

  • And does anyone believe that the military-industrial complex will stop encouraging war, or that corporate media will stop worshiping the state, or that your local sheriff will apologize for training his cops to be vicious beasts?

  • Do we really believe that public school systems will ever stop lauding the state that pays all its bills?

I could go on, but I think my point is made: This system will never allow itself to be seriously reformed. Trying to fix this is like trying to revive a long-dead corpse.

The systems that rule the West will fail.

Whether the wider Western civilization fails is up to us: Do we have civilization inside of us? Or was it all just a pattern that we followed?

A Few Bits of Support

I think an honest look around is all we really need to assess this situation – and I’m really not trying to play the “doomer” here – but a few bits of support seem to be in order. So, I’ll start with a quote from a man named Salvian, who lived in the Roman Empire a bit before 460 AD:

Nobody thought of the state’s expenses, nobody thought of the state’s losses, because the cost was not felt. The state itself sought how it might squander what it was already scarcely able to acquire. The heaping up of wealth which had already exceeded its limit was overflowing even into trifling matters.

Does this sound vaguely familiar? Salvian continues:

But what can be said of the present-day situation? That old abundances have gone from us. The resources of former times have gone. We are already poverty-stricken, yet we do not cease to be spendthrift.

Here’s another from Salvian:

The state has fallen upon such evil days that a man cannot be safe unless he is wicked.

With this last passage in mind, please consider Jon Corzine, Lois Lerner, and Hillary Clinton.

Then think about Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Chelsea Manning.

Who among these six told the truth? And who among them lied? Which have suffered for their actions? Which have not?

And what of the British elites who seem devoted to chasing underage girls? When do they go to jail?

Shall we really keep pretending that these systems have anything to do with righteousness? At some point, doesn’t that become embarrassing?

As I’ve written before, back in the 1960s I was surrounded by well-meaning people who tried very hard to reform the system and to make life better. And now, the very same problems they were devoted to solving are the problems de jour: war, poverty, welfare, racism, and police brutality – the very same list!

50 years of their efforts were fully wasted. Shall we really continue the waste? At some point, doesn’t patting ourselves on the back for accomplishing nothing become ridiculous?

Even If…

I think it’s very important to make this last point clearly:

Even if this system doesn’t crash for another century, everything done within it is a waste.

The decent people of Earth deserve better than this barbarity… much better.

Not long ago, with these ideas in mind, I wrote this to a friend:

It is fully corrupt, from top to bottom, and I don’t believe there are any “good guys” inside, waiting for “the right time.” It is OVER.

I withdraw. I forsake them. I refuse to waste my energy on their politics. Humanity deserves better and I aim to do my part in building it.

I will shed no tears when this system finally collapses – it will be a liberation.

From here on, I’ll build new things and will have nothing to do with the old.

My friend – a good man – agreed.

The good and productive people of this world deserve something better than the abusive dominators that seek to control their every move, and we are more than capable of building it. But we have to stop waiting for permission from the lords of the status quo – they will never give us permission to bypass their domination.

We have to make our own decisions and simply start building something better. We are able, and this system is unworthy of our efforts.

Now would be a very good time to start.

Paul Rosenberg

116 thoughts on “It’s 460 AD in Rome: This Won’t Be Fixed”

  1. Agreed what is broken cannot be fixed in its current state. It has become the moral imperative that what is at present, what has been for a century, must collapse. And, it is far worse than Rome. It is Rome with rail guns, exoskeletons, and power armor. But it must come down. It is global to some extent, but the DVD/S.J. does not have a stranglehold on Russia, China, and the BRICS. (and not as much as Iran as some think)
    And it is so much more than nukes. As Lev Navrozov has posited for over ten years, it is about nano-tech and nano weapons. As as Keshe has demonstrated, it is about Tesla not Maxwell. It is about the aether, not Einstein and relativity ..
    In all this, it important to understand, that even after the dominoes fall, after the dust begins to settle, there is a plan. There is a plan to rebuild, and it must be ready in a heartbeat of collapse. In fact, employing it now might hasten the collapse simultaneously with staging a real recovery. Who knows, one does not know until you try, try, try ..
    But nothing works, when far too many choose to remain silent ..

      1. MIndshare, we need mindshare.. Everyone must spread the word, to those that will listen ..

      2. We STOP participating. Work and trade on the black market…don’t pay taxes; don’t send your kids to their schools; don’t take advantage of their programs; don’t live in restrictive places/places with high property taxes; don’t incorporate; don’t participate in things for which you need a license/permit (I’ve been doing this all my life- long before I read Atlas Shrugged)- If everyone would do this, the gov’t would just go away, ’cause there’d be no one to fund it and no one to carry out it’s commands. Of course, the majority are not going to do this…they’ll just keep limping along and go down with the sinking ship….but at least we can have a clear conscience that we haven’t supported the traitorous state; and we can live freer than 99% of those around us. Or, be a modern-day Ragnar Danneskjold.

  2. “viscous beasts”? The last “viscous” beast I saw was The Blob. I think you meant “vicious” beasts!

  3. Is it any wonder the PC crowd in the Establishment changed the TRUE meaning of Anarchy FROM: The 1968 RANDOM HOUSE Dictionary DEFINITION of “ANARCHY” :
    “A THEORY which PROPOSES the Co-operative and Voluntary ASSOCIATION of INDIVIDUALS and Groups as the PRINCIPAL mode of an ORGANIZED SOCIETY”
    A system possessed of “Violence and Chaos and without MORALS” in order to
    Frighten all the little minds from LEARNING they not only have the ABILITY to govern themselves but the RIGHT to do so.

    1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that was the intent of ‘political correctness’ the entire time, from the beginning.
      I forget who said this but it’s fitting, and went something like:
      “If you control the language, you control the debate.”
      And if you control the debate, you can control what people THINK.
      Scary, isn’t it?

      1. Every debate and logic teacher ever. Create the bounds of acceptable argument and you control the argument.

        1. Speech-control is thought-control. Control speech, and you control thoughts and actions- which is why the first tenet of freedom is freedom of speech. Without it, all else falls.

    2. And one might add, the original proponents of anarchy thought formal government sustained by force is unnecessary and therefore immoral.
      That is the crux of the matter, not just unnecessary but actively evil.

  4. Great analysis and commentary, but I’m not quite as pessimistic. Most people don’t like it when someone steals from them. More and more people are realizing the state steals from them; that they are returned a mere pittance in evanescent government “benefits” for the plethora of remorseless taxes they are coerced into paying. When a sufficient number of those people begin to effectively resist supporting their thieving oppressors with the fruits of their labor, the state will collapse of its own weight. Then the voluntaryists who have managed to survive must persuade their neighbors that another government is the last thing they need. Voila! Freedom will immediately begin rewarding one and all sufficiently to persuade them to continue down the Freedom Road.

  5. It is not necessary to wait for the collapse. There are things that a serious person can do now–in addition to the popular “prepping”.
    The irrationality of Government has ALWAYS led to collapse of the societies and cultures build around them or conquered by them. I have seen many governments collapse even during my own lifetime. There is a massive historical example from which to draw some lessons. It occurred when the Imperial Roman Empire collapsed.
    When central governments collapse (and they ALL do collapse!), what is the nature of the agreements that individuals will make to provide for the security of themselves and their family? 
    So you see the culture collapsing around you and you have your food and ammo stockpile, your secure location with power, water, garden and livestock, your gold and silver coins and your trade-able skills, but do you have an EXPLICIT political arrangement with your friends, neighbors and like-minded associates?
    Have you given consideration to the following question? It is a question that Anarchists and Agorists and libertarians DO NOT ask and one that Statists WILL NOT ask.
             What *IS* the ABSOLUTE BARE MINIMUM that Voluntary Groups of any size–two people or more–need to agree upon, in order to live together peacefully and productively?
    Or perhaps the question should simply be..: 
                    What *IS* The Bare Minimum…?
    tinyurl (dot) com/The-Bare-Minimum

  6. The West is big, much bigger than Rome, and it is unlikely to collapse in the same way.
    Japan, which is the West located in the East, is folding upon itself like a dying and drying leaf.
    The US and UK are morphing into police states and this is likely to get much worse, a 1984 kind of society may well be what is awaiting their populations.
    Europe, which is genetically socialist, will go into decadence the Roman way, which is not surprising…after all Rome was and still is European.
    Having said that, I don’t think there are bad governments on one side and good people on the other side.
    As Bill Bonner says, people (as a group) get what they deserve.
    If we are where we are it is because people refuse to educate themselves, prefering to vote again and again for the same corrupt leaders (see Bush vs Clinton) in exchange for ever more bread and circuses.
    The system is not the government, the system is a corrupt government + a corrupt (in a different way) population…

    1. I disagree with you as far as your comments on Rome, strictly speaking.
      The Roman empire encompassed most of Europe at one point.
      Based on what’s going on socio-politically in ‘The West’ (ie- the corporatocracy legally known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA), I would say we’re right on track for a ‘Fall of Rome’ type event.
      Both of those former entities collapsed for much the same reasons:
      -Abandonment of infrastructure (this happened in Rome, and is happening now in the US)
      -Devaluation of the currency (this happened in Rome, and is happening now in the US)
      -Redistribution of wealth from the sectors of the country that created the wealth to the ruling/money class, who create nothing (this happened in Rome, and is happening now in the US)
      -Bread and circuses to occupy the minds of the masses, instead discourses on the REAL problems (this happened in Rome, and is happening now in the US)
      -Attacking other countries to increase wealth, instead of doing commerce or inventing new ways to *build* wealth. (this happened in Rome, and is happening now in the US)
      Otherwise, though, I completely agree with you. People ARE getting what they deserve..
      This is what happens when you ignore people like Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson, and just trust the government to protect you and run amok, instead of using your liberty to protect yourself, and make sure the government serves YOUR agenda.
      This is why the founders held ‘a democracy’ in contempt, but revered ‘a republic’
      Remember that when you hear some political hack talk about ‘democracy’ like its the messiah, he’s bullshitting you.

      1. Yes the US is following Rome and I agree with your examples, but there is a difference.
        The US government is aware of what is going on and what may happen, and preparing itself accordingly by implementing a police state.
        There is much more awereness in a democracy than in a dictatorship.
        In a dictatorship, people are afraid to speak the truth and the dictator himself is blinded by his fantastic aura (joking).
        In a democracy, even with clowns like W and O at the helm, there are a lot of people who express themselves and so it is hard to ignore reality for long.
        All this to say that the US will collapse, and has already been collapsing for a few decades, but it is unlikely that things will follow the same path that they did with Rome.
        Liberties will be curtailed gradually, those FEMA camps will be filled up gradually, surveillance will increase gradually, internet will be censored gradually, until the country will look more like nazi Germany than its former self.
        By the way, democracy is a system where a large number of poorly educated, albeit generally good people, elect well educated and bad people to represent them.
        If, according to Churchill, this is the best (least bad) system we have been able to come up with, then humanity still has a long way to go before talking of (non technological) progress.

        1. Fair enough..
          As far as Churchill goes, he was being disingenuous at best when he said that.
          The best we could come up with (IMHO) would be a constitutional republic, circa 1791. There’s a reason why the writers of the constitution/bill of rights looked on democracy with contempt, it was because the founders KNEW that democracy was only a transition to something worse, which I’m sure you already know.
          Even still… It WAS the best, up until the Civil War happened at least…
          After that it was just a shell of it’s former self, in a sense… It just wasn’t in-your-face apparent until 2001.
          Now, it’s all but too late to roll back.

        2. Rome was a complete police State for several centuries, worse than anything we can conceive….many fled to live under the much friendlier “barbarians.”

          1. At the time of Rome a police state was mostly relying on the brute force of its legions.
            Today things are more subtle, thanks to the NSA and the help of all these internet providers we were talking about last week.
            Also bread and circus had a limited impact on the population…far from all the population had access to the circus.
            Television is a far more efficient tool to brainwash, day after day, year after year, all the population.
            Basically, all the people I know, who are generally well educated middle class adults, get ALL their “informatiom” from the television and are convinced that it is true and complete.
            People have been so brainwashed that they accept the police state as being for their own good.
            This could lead to a different kind of collapse.
            Instead of falling into destitution and roam the streets in search for food or work, people will fall into the arms of the “benevolent” state agencies who will sheppard them.
            It will be a collapse, but a collapse controlled by those who will be in power and will remain there with even more power.
            Greece is a good example…the country is collapsing, but under total control of Brussels and institutions which have never been so powerful…and the Greek population merely lift a finger…

        3. “Demoncracy” is just a mile post on the way to dictatorship. The Republic devolved into “our democracy” as comrade Obama likes to say over and over again.
          Otherwise I agree we are in very deep sheep sheet economically/politically/morally……just one big coorupted ball of offal. CYA.

    2. Good job blaming the victim. I am sure everyone who has ever had an assault of some type levied against them (murdered, beaten, abused, raped) were all just asking for it and deserved it. Fantastic line of logic. One of the most brain dead things I have ever head anyone utter and here we are with someone quoting it as wisdom!

      1. Please read carefully…I wrote people AS A GROUP, that is the population.
        Obviously one person who gets hit by whatever tragedy rarely deserves it, but the population as a whole is responsible for what happens in its country, unless it is crushed under a North Korean style dictatorship, which is not the case in the West…yet…

        1. I was born a slave, as was every US citizen since the Federal War of Aggression. We deserve this? Or are we already under a North Korean style dictatorship with the added luck of being able to vote for our new slave masters every period of terms?

          1. If you were born a slave, North Korean style, you wouldn’t be able to write this…and if you did someone would already be knocking at your door, with the butt of a gun.
            You can leave your country, something neither a slave, nor a North Korean can do.
            You can vote against all incumbents, but the problem is that your neighbors, along with a majority keeps on reelecting the same crooks again and again.
            Right now, they are getting ready to chose between Bush III and Clinton II.
            Once again, AS A GROUP, that is, as a population, Americans get what they deserve…even better they get what they ask for.
            North Korean, on the other hand, don’t get to chose, or even to open their mouth.
            The US may end up looking like North Korea, more likely like the former USSR…things can change very fast…who would have thought, at the beginning of this young century, that dissidents from the new US police state would seek refuge in Russia or Equador?
            There is still time to cross the border, that may not be true in 5 years from now…

          2. AS A GROUP we are slaves. We asked for and deserve this? How about consent to be governed? Has anyone ever granted our government explicit consent to be governed? Or should we run for the borders with our tail between our legs as you say we may only have 5 years to flee like cowards.

          3. Well, I don’t think that, under the circumstances, leaving the US for another country is an act of cowardice, no more than it was for the Jews to leave Germany in the 1930s.
            Your out-of-control government is busy building, stone by stone, and at increasing speed, something ugly, something the population can’t really fight because it is too late.
            Your army is trained to invade first, and look for a threat after, your police is trained to shoot first and ask questions later, your government is updating the definition of terrorism almost every hour so that each potential threat to its self-preservation is included.
            The whole system is corrupted from top (Supreme Court) to bottom (TSA goons and others).
            Things have gone too far to be changed from within.
            Some Americans think they could resist because they have guns, many of them, forgetting that their crazy masters have drones and wouldn’t hesitate one second to use them, and crush whatever rebels might show up, their children included.

          4. The GROUP is the problem- Without them volunteering to do the dirty-work of politicians and bankers, by becoming cops, soldiers and gov’t agents, the state would be powerless; Without them sending their kids off to government schools, our society would not be dumbed-down and brainwashed; Without them dutifully self-reporting every dime they earn and giving 50% of it to Uncle Sam(bo)…. Without them paying good money to watch the latest Zionist propaganda and culture-destroying filth from Hollywood…. Without them applying for a state license (for which there is not even a legal requirement) to engage in the religious institution of marriage….. etc. etc.
            Let’s face it: Big Brother exists and prospers because so many are only too glad to participate and serve in his cause. If we dwell in the midst of such a society, we are naturally going to reap the consequences that the majority have earned to themselves.
            If you’re born on the plantation and desire freedom, do you seek to establish that freedom on the plantation under massah’s jurisdiction, or do you seek to escape from the plantation? If you stay, the other slaves will be of no help to you… will just be treated as one of them, because you are one of them.

    3. The Roman empire had a population of some 120 Million in 140 AD. Rome itself had a population of 5 Million. Clearly smaller than today, but only by a single order of magnitude. Not enough to be wildly different. The big difference is speed of communication. A HFT algorithm can do the number trades that used to take year in under a second. You can know what’s happeneing in Mongolia within seconds sitting in the middle of the Kalahari Desert. We are going down MUCH faster.

      1. I fully agree with your comment regarding speed, and even go further.
        While it took more or less 4 centuries for Rome to collapse, I think that it will take only 4 decades (one order of magnitude less actually) for the West to collapse.
        Now, since the ongoing collapse started sometime during the 1980s, we could see the end of this unraveling sometime during the next decade.
        This has been my prediction for many years, and I still stick to it, even though I am wondering how our breathless system will hold that long…

          1. It did! I was a little kid in the 60’s, but have enough memory of it to have experienced ‘the world that then was’- and you could literally see the counterculture tearing that world down. By the late 70’s, most traces of that world were gone; and now the counterculture has replaced it- thus the dysfunctional unsustainable society we now see around us which is portrayed as ‘normal’. Funny, too- to cap it off, 1969, t5hey pulled the grand coup d’état when they convinced everyone that ‘we’ went to the Moon. We then became a collectivist society under the centralized control of the Federal gov’t.

          2. Saul Alinsky was quite successful in taking the 60’s Socialists into Fascist ProgreSSives heading to their goal of soulless Marxists like the Soros stooge and Ayers promoted Obamy.
            Now if as stated in the earlier post, 40 years is added to 1965-69 a more accurate collapse is presented, and it is occuring now. Economic statistics support this, with bigger crashes ahead.
            CYA, stockpiling food is prudent, along with sound money and self defense.

          3. The collapse started in the enlightenment times, when authors and philosophers stated that men were only motivated by profit or their immediate pleasure, and that society was only about the resolution of conflicts between opposing interests, a war of “all against all”. That was the start of a long, ugly downfall which for instance, rationalized the colonial mindset. And it went on and on, author after author. Nietzsche, Foucault, etc, lots followed in their “me first, above the law, humanity and common decency” footsteps. Lots of 19th and 20th century writings were no more than rationalizations of personal sociopathy.
            When I was a kid, given my cultural environment, I surmised that whoever wanted to succeed had to be worse than others, that a good heart or concern for others were obstacles on the “path to social achievement and success”. How does anyone think people can turn into anything else than self-serving zombies in that kind of environment? It’s a miracle not all of them are.
            But then, the worst times (for the West, not for its newly independent colonies) started right after WW2, gained momentum in the sixties (one could see it with one’s own eyes, plain as day. All these youths abruptly losing any sense of a common future or any social ambition to turn inwards and only think of enjoying themselves right there and then, by the scores, were downright scary to behold) and is rapidly destroying society. Those at the helm today are the sixties youth who knew nothing but their immediate pleasure, fueled by that Enlightenment thought and its heirs. That dehumanizing thought, even though it is downright insane in its will to reduce every human interaction to a commercial transaction or to arm wrestling, has never stopped eroding human decency and dividing society into conflicting communities and ultimately, conflicting egos. So of course, havoc and collapse are next. Just like Rome, that ended up falling due to the sheer weight of its internal conflicts.

          4. I amend my post to: “What if the collapse (We Are Responsible For) started in the 60’s?
            What plans do you suggest for the coming Travails?

          5. Ha, the collapse could have started in the 60’s alright.. Like the 1860’s With the Civil War..
            Or it could have technically started in 1871(!).. When congress re-wrote and rammed through the constitution of ‘THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’…

      2. Another factor which may accelerate the demise today: Technology. The fact that people have come to rely on technology for everything, and no longer possess the skills to do anything manually. When the technology ceases to exist or becomes unusable (Whether through economics, or war, etc.) . That, and the fact that so many are dependent upon the government. One day, those dependents are going to be left high-and-dry and be on their own.
        We’ve been in decline for quite some time- and we see the pace of that decline accelerating- but I think the actual fall will come quickly- as it won’t take much to upset the rather delicate balance on which many inhabitants of the empire are perched- and what affects one, will affect all.

      3. I’ve been saying this for years. The speed at which bad ideas travels has gone up 1000 fold or more. In Rome, idiocy could only travel as fast as a man could walk, horse could gallop, or ship could sail (under oar). So it took 5 centuries from the 1st Caesars to the final collapse. Today it could be a decade or less.
        The good news is the Internet Reformation. “Good ideas” can also get out there just as fast. Ideas that could change everything. An entire new consciousness.

        1. Ya know, I don’t think it’s just the bad ideas, or the increased speed at which they travel- but rather, the fact that through mass media and the internet, even rather isolated people can find unity and acceptance with others who advocate those ideas.
          Not only has the media and internet made the masses more accepting of bad ideas and those who hold them, but even if one were so radical as to be ostracized still, they can still find plenty of support with others of like mind, electronically.
          Thus, as we see, people no longer have any shame nor restraint. No matter how sick; dysfunctional; evil or radical their beliefs and practices, they now charge full-speed ahead with them, with the attitude “Let anyone who has a problem with it be damned”. 🙁
          And now that “self-esteem” is taught and valued more than humility… there literally is no stopping any evil.

    4. Your point about a different mode of collapse is well-taken. While it took Rome centuries to degenerate, it may happen much faster with our system. While Rome was indeed a top-down society, the speed of communications necessitated a certain degree of decentralization. Our situation is different, owing to the speed of communications and the grotesque tendency of all governments and central bankers to adopt elephantisis as their developmental model. The result is hyper-centralization. It would not be a surprise to see the whole rotten edifice collapse in a matter of weeks, like the ancient Persian empire, because there is no resilience in the system.

      1. Communication and speed are only parts of the problem, and so are governments which, after all only reflect the general population desires.
        I think that, as a society, we have been blinded by our technological success, forgetting all the terrible side effects of said success, the latter only starting to be felt.
        Therefore, society has become arrogant, complacent, and lazy because too reliant on technology.
        There is this general tendency to consider everything we achieve, technological or not, as progress, to consider that we have little to learn from the past because, you know, people were so ignorant, and to believe that we are somehow in control, or at least that other people are in control for us.
        There is also the abandonment of all form of discipline to give way to our obsession with freedom.
        That is particularly obvious when it comes to school and children education, but it also true for the way we dress, eat, and generally behave.
        I am all for freedom, but in the same way that free markets can’t be left totally free, otherwise we end up with the law of the jungle, people need some frames within which to live in society.
        That is, because as much as we would like to believe it, we are not good at all at self discipline, and without discipline decadence quickly takes root.
        Many like to refer to internet, and this is certainly a great achievement, but let’s be honest and look at the way it is used…while a handfull are doing research and educating themselves, millions are busy watching porn and doing other things that don’t qualify as progress.
        In other words, the internet is free, at least for now, but what are people in general doing with this freedom?
        What are they doing with their so-called smartphones? Getting smarter or sending countless and generally meaningless sms and other messages while totally giving up with spelling and grammar?
        Spelling and grammar require discipline and that discipline in turn shapes the way our brain works, how it is wired.
        Let that go, and society quickly decays, no matter what governments do or don’t…

    5. Empires are more likely to collapse suddenly than individual countries, as history shows and the US is an empire…Furthermore, we have an additional driving factor for our collapse, which is our dependence on fossil fuels….

  7. Very good essay Paul! And I agree entirely… but… it’s long on questions and quotes & short on answers and notes.
    What do we do now? An armed rebellion? Who steps up and takes the first bullets? Which will undoubtably be coming because, as you’ve said, they’re not going to give up their positions and ill-gotten gains willingly!
    How about this… what if just 1 out of every 10 Americans goes into work tomorrow and quits… then heads over to the local county assistance office and apply’s for every benefit possible? Not only would that create a huge hole in the “tax revenues” extracted by the state, but the overwhelming demands for aid would completely crash the system! Now that, my friend, would likely lead to Anarchy… ja?

  8. Do
    you wish to know whether that day is coming? Watch money. Money is the barometer
    of a society’s virtue. When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by
    compulsion — when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain
    permission from men who produce nothing — when you see that money is flowing to
    those who deal, not in goods, but in favors — when you see that men get richer
    by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them,
    but protect them against you — when you see corruption being rewarded and
    honesty becoming a self-sacrifice — you may know that your society is doomed.
    Ayn Rand

  9. My understanding of the Fall of Rome was that it was destroyed by outside invaders. I don’t see that happening to the Evil Overlords.
    I suspect our future is more like in the movies Dune, Star Wars and Bladerunner – an unimaginably rich and technological society for the rich; the rest of the planet living in 13th century squalor. Ordinary people only see technology when the soldiers / drones / cops come into their ghettos to spy on or capture them, or when they use it as servants or soldiers.
    I don’t see it going away.
    The real problem is the destruction of the environment, but I think that’s what Agenda 21 is about – minimizing the damage to the environment by making 95% of the population live like chickens in a factory chicken coop, fed industrial food and sedated by chemicals so we don’t kill each other.

    1. The fall of Rome collapsed from the inside! By the time the “barbarians” invaded Rome was a waffling regional power that had degenerated into a fascistic form of governing and when the inevitable invasion finally happened the populace of Romes empire “WELCOMED THEM AS LIBERATORS”! Feudalism started under the last years of rome “people being tied to the land’ because Rome declared that the price of bread be fixed and not float with their incredibly devalued currency
      so the farmers decided “free all the slaves” and fire the hired help on the farms and told them go into the cities and get your “free bread”! so with no one producing food Rome in their awesome wisdom delcared for now on all these people on the farms are to be tied to the land for their entire lives and they are to never leave!

      1. I’m not disputing the decadence and corruption of ancient Rome, I’m just pointing out that there are no Huns, Vandals, Carpathians or Visigoths to invade the US and make it collapse, as happened 1500 years ago.
        The collapse of Rome was a long, drawn-out affair, but by about 500, it was pretty close to the end. Feudalism didn’t come in until about 800 – 1000. and it was mostly driven by the inabililty of the small landowner to pay the taxes, so the land was converted to a precarium, under the control of the local lord. In the next few centuries, as central authority eroded even more, and warlords and wandering tribes of invaders increased, people had to vassal themselves for protection duiring raids.
        The rise of feudalism is generally attributed to a breakdown in central authority, a rise in local warlords (historians use a variety of different terms) – not a likely outcome in our case.

      2. Also keep in mind that, long before the collapse, Rome had divided into Eastern and Western empires, run by separate Emperors. It was the Western empire that collapsed. The Eastern kept going and evolved. It was set up by Constantine (Constantinople). They managed to keep their “alternate self” at arm’s length as the collapse unfolded.

    2. You don’t see the invaders but the Donald does…
      With regards to a Star Wars like future, just look at reality.
      In the 1960s, the US was sending people to the Moon.
      In the 1980s, it was sending people into orbit with the shuttle.
      Nowadays it is sending an astronaut once in a while thanks to the Russian Soyuz!
      The space program has been going downhill for decades, and the main reason is that the US is broke, bankrupt!
      If a country can’t even maintain its basic infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, it certainly can’t afford spacial adventures.
      One thing I always wonder when I watch one of those movies is: where does all the money come from?
      Everybody is fighting, yet no one is actually working!
      Maybe they use the printing press, like Bernanke, and maybe it’s working after all…

      1. The US Treasury just set a new record of incoming revenue as of July 31, yet we’re still broke…
        Most revolutions, almost all, are started when food becomes scarce due to weather or govt financial misconduct. Our ability to feed ourselves has held back further disruptions. Next year there will be no groceries in Ferguson, like Watts.

      2. Space doesn’t happen, because governments are against the concept of sharing their toys with the private sector, because people might want to leave the corrupt Earth governments, never to return! Elon Musk will get a whole colony on Mars before NASA sends a single astronaut.

  10. Government is little more than a criminal gang engaged in fraud, theft, violence and murder. As any criminal gang they will not reform themselves. They will not voluntarily give up their spoils and their power. They will continue their criminal enterprise until defeated by a rival gang, until they have taken all they can from their victims or until their victims band together and revolt. There is little likelihood of any government making a U-turn.
    How do we begin to turn things around? Stop participating in the system. Withhold your vote and thereby withhold the sanction of the victim. Even dictators understand their hold on power is fairly weak without tacit support of virtually all the citizens.

  11. First, I want to complement the creators of this site, for the unique way of placing the facts in such an interesting way, and attracting all these inteligent, interesting people that comment on your articles.
    I see 460 AD Rome just outside the parameters of my little village, but here in my observable world, it is Camelot, friendly people, willing to talk and share with others, no observable tyrants to bully their way arond and make an ass of their self, although we seem to be getting much rain and flooding. Must be all those snoty nosed kids in our friendly US airforce that are spraying all the toxic materials in the air that we breathe.
    I read somewhere that the US airforce was bragging, they would own and control the weather someday, must be great to have so much power!

  12. It occurred to me recently that we keep waiting for the collapse, prepping for it, and thinking about it when in fact we are already living in a post collapse world, at least for the United States. This change of perspective is hugely liberating. Great article Paul!

    1. You should read “Imperium” by Francis Parker Yockey and “The Decline of the West” by Oswald Spengler (you can get it in one volume, abridged).

  13. There is a lot of truth in these writings. One thing, though, that seems to be missing in these words is our failure to be dependent on a God that made us to be dependent on him. As we look back in time we see, both in our civilization and others, an obvious struggle by every one of them to shake free of the creator and be the lords of our own destiny. Even though we have the advantage of looking at the results of past efforts, we think that, somehow, our ideas are superior to God’s plan. So, we go our own way and come to our common end. God gave us a system of government that made us a great nation but it is God that must be worshiped and NOT the system. Is it any wonder, then, that this gift is being forsaken for a notably godless form of government that places the will and worship of mankind above the will and worship of God? The magic of our system of government was not only that it was a government of by and for the people but that it was a government of by and for the people of God.

  14. funny that this written by a communist jew who started in the 60’s to destroy this country then acting surprised that it happened. without the Bolshevik jews here US would be in fine shape

    1. Just.. Stop. Unconstructive shit like that brings nothing new to the table. This was a long time coming, ushered along by people “letting others handle it” instead of taking the responsibility to govern themselves, for themselves.
      And nothing else. People like you are part of the problem.

      1. unconstructive?? you know why trump is blowing away everyone? cause he tells the truth like I just did instead of listening to emasculated thumb sucking bed wetting fairies like you who want every one not to notice who is destroying us and want us not to question the path to destruction. jews behind feminism gay rights/marriage wide open non white immigration abortion etc etc

          1. mr fecalstein all you can do is call me a name cant disprove what I said. next I will be a Nazi or KKK

  15. I’ve been saying this for years….glad to see that a few others- such as the author- have rightly come to the same obvious conclusions. I take it one step further though: It’s not just the politicians/political system/economics/etc.; the real problem is our PEOPLE and our current devolved culture. Our whole society, lock, stock, and barrel, has become dysfunctional and immoral. If the state were to disappear tomorrow (if only!) we’d still be left with the millions of people who are willing to take up arms and kill and oppress their neighbors and or those in foreign lands whom they’ve never even met before, and who are not their enemies, just because another commands them to do so in exchange for a stipend; We’d satill be stuck with the tens of millions who are indiscriminately popping out babies like alley cats, with any tom who comes a-calling- etc. ad infinitum.
    Basically, it’s the PEOPLE who make up the system- not just the few at the toip- but all those who participate in and perpetuate that system, who are the problem- anjd they are the majority.
    Such dysfunction is not sustainable- and as we can see, their system is starting to crumble. The sad reality though, is that since their system is one of sharing the misery- socialism- it will spread the consequences of their actions to all who reside under it’s bounds- just as it has forced the same to pay for the establishment and sustenance of that system.
    Freedom is the ability to make one’s own choices and determine one’s own actions, and to reap the consequences or rewards of those choices and actions. Find a place to go where such is still largely the way of life- as such places will be the only safe places to sit-out the destruction which is coming upon us.

  16. I believe it is all coming unraveled i listen to Catharin Austin Fitts and she describes it as a slow candle burning. i think it may be a lot shorter time span than what happened to rome, I fear/welcome a collapse will be in my life time. The powers that be will just continue to kick the can down the road until things become so unrecognizable to what this country was in the past (like today compared to america 100 years ago)

    1. I agree, but it actually started about 150 years ago, with the conclusion of the Civil War.
      It wasn’t about slavery, like the hacks want you to believe.
      It was really about States’ rights vs. Federal hegemony.
      The slave thing is just a smoke screen put up to control the debate.. The only reason why the North made it about slavery, was because if they didn’t free the slaves to fight in the war, they would’ve LOST!
      General Robert E. Lee himself was AGAINST slavery. (You know, the guy that flew the Naval Jack as a military flag!). This is publicly available information, via his personal writings to his WIFE… So the likelihood of him being candid in his words is pretty high…
      Yes, the rabbit hole goes deeper than that…

      1. I agree, but it actually started about 150 years ago, with the conclusion of the Federal War of Aggression.

    2. 100 years ago was not much different than today: US citizens were and are slaves. Slaves to the Federal Government. Slaves to Legal Tender Laws. Slaves to the ‘Federal’ Reserve.

  17. IF voting actually affected anything on the federal level of government, THEY WOULDN’T LET YOU VOTE! Fyi; CITIZEN is the secret word for SLAVE! Now you know!

  18. This is what happens when our (haha) representatives ignore or are paid to ignore 2000+ years of precedents by the natural born usurer snakes in the grass.

  19. I have been reading for 6 years now on how “the violated fundamentals” will crash the system (specifically gold/silver). This is true when using history in calculating. But what I see is we are in times unlike any other, when using the last 100 years to predict the next 100 is very obviously not working. The Romans had no electricity. They had not stepped off the planet. When we take hold of Space, we will be hard pressed to fill all the jobs. Imagine 7.5 billion people working and paying taxes. The notion at least gives me pause, and much-sought-after hope for a greater future than any yet known to Man.

    1. Just where will the money come from to support those jobs? Truie wealth must be created. Merely redistributing the wealth of others through a confiscatory tax system, or printing up fiat money (inflation) or endlessly borrowing, is what got us into this economic morass to begin with. Extending that to space will just produce more of the same.
      If every individual would merely produce a product or service of value, and trade with their neighbors (nd cut the gov’t out of the equation) that would accomplish far more toward healing the economy than any would playing George jetson.

    1. State- or even local government, can be just as bad (or even worse- e.g. CA; NY; etc.) than the feds.
      What we need is for people to stop participating in all of this BS, and to live as free men again, and to refuse to submit to or tolerate ANY entity which violates the Bill Of Rights. Otherwise, we’re just exchanging one master for another.

      1. People have been moving from both NY and CA to TX to express their attitudes, but the only result will be a blue TX and internal collapse of CA and NY. NY City is leading the way because the low info voters installed an ideological idiot.

        1. Exactly!
          When I left NYC 14 years ago, I made it a point to go to a place where other NYers (and CAers) would not venture. Over the years, virtually all of friends and family vacated NY- but most went to places that were popular with other NYers (Cary, NC. was actually advertising to attract NYers- and now is probably over 50% ex-NYers….)- and all of these places end up turning into smaller clones of NY, because the people who move there practice the same politics there which ruined their former locale.
          It’s funny- you have people who were paying $12K a year in property taxes to live in a very modest house on Long Island…..they think they’re free if they “only” have to pay $5K in their new locale!

          1. “CARY”= concentrated area of relocated yankees. Sadly, I had family in Cary in the 50’s.
            Same for Colorado being populated out of CA. But the inherent culture remains, at least for awhile, especially in rural areas.

          2. I hear ya, GenEarly….. I keep telling the locals here in the county where I live in KY. now, that they should continue to keep the area “dry”, because it keeps out undesirables- like NYers. Every time I hear of a NYer moving in, I get worried. We’ve only got a few here (other than me)….and I doubt they’d come here en-mass because we’re far from any major city….but still, when you see what they’ve done to places like Cary NC, and FL and now they’re starting on SC… all the foreigners our government are allowing to stampede…. It’s as if they (the pols) are using such people to fully obliterate traditional American culture.

          3. everybody does that. it’s never their fault. americans complain when immigrants do it (bring with them the crummy cultures and politics that scr3wed up the place they left) but as you have observed, NY’rs do the same dumb thing. The south tried to recede to avoid this debacle. They were in the right but 150 years of “winner’s” propaganda has hidden the truth of Lincoln the dictator.

      2. Agreed. Counties, cities, neighborhoods, and individuals should have the right to declare their independence. People are social animals and most people in the group are trying to tell you what to do. To be free you need to have more control over your life, by being independent. I’m not suggesting we all declare our independence, but, if we could, maybe it would be a warning to the group to leave us alone.

  20. Even with those problems of the 60’s, you certainly had more freedom back then to do a number of things for yourself.

    1. Yes, we did and we did a number of them – choosing leaders, for example – badly.

  21. If the writer was serious, he would acknowledge that those ‘heroes’ he talks about knowing in the 60’s trying to change everything essentially got what they wanted, and it isn’t that great.
    A collapse of the economy will be caused by a financial system which is a gigantic balloon caused by deficit spending and a resulting debt which cannot be managed much further.
    If one is serious, voters would not vote for anyone who is not for a balanced budget or close to it. That, of course, is outside of the limits of personal discipline and morals thanks to the ‘heroes’ of the sixties.

  22. It is written in the Zohar, “God made the world for the sake of those who are ashamed to be unrighteous.” I look at our society’s “leaders” and I don’t see one who is not unrighteous, neither do any know shame. Maybe it’s time for our world to pass away; time for a new beginning.

  23. Romans 12 says that these people get their authority from the Lord, a talking, burning bush fire. Are you suggesting that we have been lied to?

  24. the answerto good government can be found in the book Russian Sunrise by Bruce Walters, M.D. A very good story, too.

  25. Excellent article. The word “reform” is a euphemism for “the same old shit”.
    I wrote an article more or less along these lines:
    I think there is one BIG difference with Rome though. Americans are heavily armed. This means they can get away with gradually ignoring what the ruling class is ordering us to do. Contributing to this is the loss of respectability of the police.

    1. as long as the police continue to enforce stupid laws. women yell “my body my choice” to justify killing their fetus/baby/child but the same “right” isn’t supported for prostitution. follow the money – who benefits? the state obviously and those employed in the world of anti-vice but also regular women who use sex as a tool to exploit men. “the manipulated man” by esther vilar

  26. Jay, their are literally gigatonnes of gold and silver in the Asteroid
    belt. All we need is a shovel. See the book: “Mining the Sky”

    1. Intergalactic gold-mining? C’mon….get real! Currency/money/precious metals are not wealth- they are just units of exchange used to represent wealth. Just like fiat currency, you put more (in this case gold) into the equation, it just devalues existing gold. And that’s IF it even exist in such places…which it probably doesn’t- as no one has actually laid their hands on it- it’s just theory. Maybe we could compromise and just go to the Moon and harvest the cheese that itr is made of? 😀 Oh…wait, they changed that theory….

  27. This was the best read of the week. I reblogged it at Frankenstein Government and linked it several times. Thank you. Well struck.

  28. At least Rome had the sense to expel the Jews in the 1st. century. It postponed their collapse for about another 400 years….. By contrast, we let the Jews control our money; politics; and minds (via their control of the airwaves…i.e. media).

    1. the pharisaic Talmudic jews driven by power-hungry rabbis are part of the problem. Stefan molyneaux has a lot to say on that history. keep in mind though how many Christian groups are helping to import muslims. the gov pays them to do it and they gladly take the money. refugee resettlement watch – ann Corcoran youtube. there are many, many forces that resent and fight liberty.

      1. Pharasaic talmudic jews with their power-hungry rabbis?
        On a blog by a Jew I did not expect antisemitic nonsense….

        1. really? any criticism of somebody makes that a racist or anti-semitic? are you anti-arab? they are semites as well. regarding sherman’s comment above, see the huff post and times of israel article written by a jew under the pseudonym manny friedman “jews really do control the media”. every “group” has been persecuted. only the jews have kept score throughout history and use it in their marketing. now the muslims and blacks in the US are keeping score as well. but google it, you will get thousands of hits for a list of the 10 jews who sit atop the main stream media organs. google the frankfurt school as well. but socialist/communist christian germans (such as the amana group) are rife and also partly responsible for the socialist public school systems we have today (ref: john taylor gatto)

    2. Interesting, Jay Sherman, you claim the Jews control everything, including the media, but you yourself are active on a blog by a Jew and apparently agree with that Jew’s ideas! Silly 🙂

      1. Now C’mon, when one says “The Jews” in that context, they do not mean every Jew in the world! We’re oibviously talking about the cabal of very powerful Jews, and those who wittingly or unwittingly support them (Like Christian Zionists)- Actually, a relative researched our family tree, and guess what? There’s actually a little Jew in me! (I hope it’s not Woody Allen!)-My ancestors back in Italy can be traced to Jews who converted in the late 1700’s.
        And as for Hollywood, seriously! Even those whom you think aren’t Jews…are. Look-up any name you see- from actors to producers to executives to FCC personnel…..most change their names, but >90% of them are indeed Jews- even 6’9″ Brad Garret (Brad Gerstenfeld)
        I guess you don’t know much about history, either. For millenia now, Jews have been expelled from and barred from half the nations on earth in the past, because of their proclivity to take over banking and use their wealth/banking schemes to control entire nations; and for liberalizing the peons and destroying long-held values.
        Ben Franklin even rigorously campaigned to keep America Jew-free. If you read his reasons as to why, and then look around you at where our country is today, you will see that Franklin was downright prophetic. Well…not so much prophetic, as he just recognized from history what a small group of veryu wealthy Jews can do.
        Sheesh- it’s not l;ike I’m saying that every Jew on the street is a bad guy……

    1. Christianity didn’t spring out of Rome- it just happened to be something which occurred in the empire- not surprisingly, seeing as how the empire covered a good part of the then civilized world.
      Roman Catholicism did spring out of Rome. Constantine, realizing that a commonality was necessary to unify the vast and diverse empire, essentially made it the state religion- but he and most emperors of the preceding 300 years, persecuted Biblical Christianity- the empire tolerated “all religions” as long as that religion would acknowledge Caesar as supreme and foremost.

  29. If you want to see what happens when an empire collapses, the better example is the USSR. Its better because we can still see the people and the families that made up the empire.
    The empire collapsed in the late 80s, early 90s and led to a good 10 years of chaos, but the winners of new Russia seem to be the same families who did well in pre USSR days.
    The new Billionaires, are the same people who had royal connections in the 19th century. They had high office in the communist party, and now have all the Rubles and the power.
    The nature of humanity is that it takes a certain type of person to be on top – and it doesn’t matter what the system is, they will always get to the top.
    The little man, who holds banners demanding action will never get power, because he doesn’t have the initiative and needs to be lead.

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