Word Formulas Are the Wrong Path

formulaRecently, an argument was made that libertarianism is okay with hate, since a word formula that libertarians like, the non-aggression principle, or “NAP”, didn’t exclude hate.

Therefore, I’ve concluded that it’s a good time to address the subject of word formulas and rules. And I’ll begin by being explicit about this:

Word formulas are the path to destruction. They are the wrong path.

Word formulas are the province of academia and politicians, of people trying to prove things. They are part of the “winning” game, which goes nowhere except to support domination.

Again, I will be explicit:

Liberty and life are not about proving other people wrong and proving ourselves right. That is the wrong path, and it leads back to bondage.

The case I mention above is one of many, and I’m not interested in attacking the person involved, whom I believe to be a decent man. I’m trying to make a point, not to “win.”

Why Word Formulas Fail

Liberty is a means, not an end.

Liberty matters because it is a condition in which life flourishes. And that’s all.

Our goal is not to achieve liberty; it is for life to flourish.

Hate, as you must know, is the enemy of flourishing life. So, if a “libertarian” word formula preserves hate, something is wrong somewhere. And the problem here is not the specific word formula, but all word formulas.

Words are necessary tools of communication, but they are imperfect symbols of reality and are easily abused. If then, we use these imperfect symbols in formulas and then claim that they define the most crucial things, we place the symbolic above the real, and we lose our bearings.

Then What Is Right?

It’s a telling commentary that so many people feel utterly lost without rules. But we don’t need rules when we have reality right in front of us.

For example, private property is right, not because we have ironclad arguments from famous people to prove it. Private property is right because it derives from nature.

Earlier today, I ate a few oranges, and by doing so, I made them utterly unavailable to any other person or animal. They were mine, and if not previously, they certainly became my private property when I ate them.

Likewise, I must sleep somewhere tonight. And when I do, that space is mine and cannot be used by any other person at the same time and in the same way. And when I drive my car, the gasoline I use must be mine; no one else can burn that gas.

So, life itself – reality itself – requires private property. That is primary, and our explanations of the principle are secondary.

A word formula does not justify my private property; reality does.

We Are Not of the System

We are living in a tight, intricate world system that has its own ways of justifying things, and those ways have degenerated Western culture significantly over our lifetimes.

We see the insanity of the “war on drugs,” the irrational fear-baiting of the “war on terror,” the emotional manipulation of “do it for the children,” and so on. All of these are based upon word games, and frequently on word formulas. They go like this:

We believe in supporting democratically elected governments, right?

Yes, of course.

Well, XYZ was democratically elected, so we must support them.

XYZ, unfortunately, likes to bomb innocent people in suburban subdivisions. But according to the word formula, the bombers must receive our support. The word formula says so.

Let me be clear:

The system that surrounds us is not like us. It is a system devoted to dominance and control. That’s why they always end up playing the “winning” game.

Their game is not our game. We are not like them.

We’re not going to “win people to our cause” by using the tools of oppressors; by doing that we would undermine ourselves… and we see precisely this when we excuse hate in the name of our formulas.

Their game involves the abuse of symbols and defeating opponents. Our game involves spreading life. We are not like them and we shouldn’t try to be.

Rules Are Not God

More often, rules are idols.

I’m not going to take a great deal of space on this subject today, but I would like to make the point that rules are all too often tools for evading consciousness… a way to skirt the responsibility of seeing and deciding.

Here are two quotes on the subject that are worth your consideration:

The truth is that many people set rules to keep from making decisions.
– Mike Krzyzewski

I have only two rules which I regard as principles of conduct. The first is: Have no rules. The second is: Be independent of the opinion of others.
– Albert Einstein

When we appeal to a rule, we are stepping right past the real reasons and appealing to authority… and authority is the foundation of our oppressors.

To quote a wise man of many centuries ago: If we rebuild the things we have previously destroyed, we make ourselves transgressors.

Word formulas are our enemies, and hate has no place among thriving life.

We are not like them, and we will not improve ourselves using their tools.

Paul Rosenberg

11 thoughts on “Word Formulas Are the Wrong Path”

  1. Great post! Upon reading a story about an elderly writer of some renown–can’t for the life of me remember who because I too am elderly–I adopted his “grandfather’s rule,” which he averred accounted for his warm relationship with his grand kids, and adopted it as my own. My grand sons and daughters love it, and seem to love me even more as a result. So, here it is: Grandfather’s rule–there are no rules! A corollary of the rule, which has further endeared me to them, is–you may eat whatever you want to eat. Even their parents seem to appreciate grandfather’s rule, perhaps because after sitting for them as I often am lucky enough to do, I never have to report any rules violation or misbehavior.

  2. I’m just too darned dumb to fully comprehend this post.
    I would appreciate your making it clear for those of us who are too slow to follow.
    For example: What is a “word formula”? How does one recognize a “word formula”? Exactly what is wrong with “word formulas”? How does one avoid “word formulas”?
    How does one express those same ideas without using “word formulas”?
    I think I might be able to understand if you were to give several detailed examples.
    And last but not least: ISN’T THE RULE OF HAVING NO RULES A “WORD FORMULA”?

    1. LOL! And why is hate bad…except to hate those deemed (hold opinions in opposition) to be haters???

  3. Now ain’t that the liv’in truth!, I’ve never really realized how easily people in power are manipulating and twisting the fundamental aspects of our beliefs, You are so right! Those are not are beliefs, It’s Communist thinking!

  4. Paul, I would like you to study the following and as a member of the alternative media respond in kind ..
    1) The Problem.
    2) The Solution. [For a temporal society. There is no permanent solution outside of the spiritual realm.]
    There is with high probability only one way to understand the cause/problem. Via same, only one real solution:
    1) Problem/cause: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/11/06/roadmap-to-redressing-economic-terrorism-in-america-archival-by-demand/
    2) Solution: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/01/02/wanta-plan-must-be-deployed-now/
    In all things, you “follow the money.” The “money” [false] got us into this problem. The “money” [real] will get us out of this problem.
    An admonition to alternative media personalities et al:
    It is incumbent upon yourself et al to communicate this to the masses. This is your chosen field. Please exercise it dutifully and properly ..
    Furthermore, in the first revolution, the participation rate was probably at best at 10%, and possibly less than that. Most sat on the side, from their farms and watched, unless the war came directly to their doorstep. Then they had to respond. Also, in those days, of those educated, the literacy rate was near 90%.
    Today we cannot expect anywhere near that participation rate, even if we can get that 10%. It is probably closer to 1% at present. The literacy rate today even among those considered educated (with high school diplomas) is abysmal. (just watch a few Mark Dice youtubes)
    So even some 239 years ago, most did nothing of real participation and enjoyed the fruits of a few labor’s. (blood, sweat, and tears) The same for this time, if not more. Do the majority of us deserve this? Probably not. But that is not a good reason to not proceed with this plan. Only God himself will decide if we are ready, able, and deserving of this task and the fruits of it.
    This then is why I will also include this essay for your study:
    Perhaps even before most or enough can comprehend this economic terrorism, and forwarding its solution, enough of us must experience some catharsis. I suggest, that even after comprehending enough the problem, and then making a decision to employ the solution, catharsis will still be part of that process. There will still be tears with the joy. And they will be tears of sorrow and admonition for some time to come ..

  5. “Private property is right because it derives from nature.”
    Yes and no ..
    Via same argument we can conclude that our rights are from nature? Perhaps in my previous post, I’m amplifying on the “catharsis” to come. We have much work to do, aside from financial and economic remedies ..
    Begin with ..
    5 From Sea to Shining Sea Session 3 Part 1
    Start at ~30:00 mark to the end of Session 3. Continue with Session 3 Part 2 to the end of the series. This will be sufficient for most to comprehend the process here. To get the entire and complete context of this discussion, it is good to start the series from the beginning. This might be boring for most, because this is introduction and really addresses the ontological before getting into the real meat. So, just a gentle warning ..

  6. I agree with QZX…
    I don’t understand what this post is about…word formulas???
    Having said that, there are a few things that I can comment upon.
    First, I fully agree with “our goal is not liberty…”.
    Then, words like “hate” and “rules” need to be put into context.
    One shouldn’t hate people for what they are, but one can, under certain circumstances, hate people for what they do: what about the guy who rapes one’s daughter, what about the drug lord who kills people like they were flies, what about…Dick Cheney (joking…maybe not)?
    As far as rules are concerned, they are necessary otherwise life would be impossible.
    I am sure than, despite having no rules, Einstein was on time to his meetings, was wearing appropriate clothes, was not eating with his fingers and so on, therefore he was following many rules…

  7. here is a word game….we live in a Constitutional Republic and Not a democracy

  8. OK; fantastic work! I have just read – a number of pieces, momentarily ending with Word formulas are the wrong path”… I must say I will no longer put off reading Profit vs. Plunder at the Daily Bell.
    … As I write I see ramrodd has already approached my point. Anyhow:
    “Democracy: The Myth As A MEME”
    Democracy is the Western propagandist MEME promising those under the
    yoke of repressive regimes or, more to the point, the people of non
    compliant regimes, they will have a part in their ‘new’ governance.
    The Democratic MEME is a construct of the money powers to promote the
    idea of free choice when there is none. Via their control of MSM the
    talking heads promote the spread of democracy. And, Americans being
    subjected to this over and over see it as a good thing. But, here’s
    the rub. The U.S is not a Democracy. It is a Constitutional
    American’s are shocked to learn the word Democracy is found neither in
    the US Constitution or the Declaration Of Independence. Because The
    People don’t understand their form of government or their Patriotic
    Duty within it, state sponsored deception is made easy.
    Learn the basis of Our Republic and the word games of left and right, conservative or liberal in the first short video (10 minutes), at:
    Merry Christmas: A Republic If You Can Keep It! & The Most Pressing Issue Of Our Time – http://notionalvalue.blogspot.com/2012/12/merry-christmas-republic-if-you-can.html
    There is no left or right, there is only Tyranny or Freedom.

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