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Your Special Reports:

  • CRISPR: Science Fiction Now – Primer by Paul Rosenberg [Download as PDF]

Your Bonus Gifts:

  • The Basics of Bitcoin: Best Practices and Biggest Mistakes – Primer by Paul Rosenberg [Download as PDF]
  • Novel by Paul Rosenberg: A Lodging of Wayfaring Men [Download as PDF]
  • How Surveillance Destroys Us (And What We Can Do to Stop It) – by Paul Rosenberg [Download as PDF]
  • Inside the Infamous Silk Road – Special Interview. Note: Silk Road has been closed down by the FBI, but there is still interesting perspective in the interview. [Download as PDF]
  • A Chat With One of the Original Mad Men – Paul Rosenberg interviews Paul Greenfield [Download as PDF] [Listen to the MP3]
  • Where Dollars Come From – [Download as JPG]
  • Blessings upon Earth – [Download as PDF]
  • Croatia – [Download as PDF]

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