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There has never been a currency like Bitcoin. Not only is it the best way to move wealth through time… not only is it faster and better than fiat money (the usual stuff)… not only is it censorship-resistant (requiring no one’s approval)… but it is revolutionizing trust itself, and the world with it.

Yes, Bitcoin is that big, and it simply cannot go away. Bitcoin is not a stock or a bond, nor is it a company; it has no on/off switch, no reset switch and no boss. Bitcoin, you see, is a currency that doesn’t require the backing of any politician or potentate; it stands upon mathematics and the self-interest of hundreds of thousands of people (by now millions), world-over.

This is a new thing, and it’s helping to build a newer, better world.

Freeman’s Perspective author Paul Rosenberg has been involved in digital currencies since the first cypherpunk era. He was deeply involved in the “scene” that produced Bitcoin, piece by piece.

Our report will take you through the steps of entering the Bitcoin universe, and will explain to you what this new thing really is, how it works, and how to think of it. And this last part, how to think about it, really has been the biggest obstacle: Bitcoin is so new and different that even Satoshi, its creator, complained, “Writing a description of this thing for general audiences is bloody hard. There’s nothing to relate it to.”

That, really, is what makes this report important: It was not written for the old-time Bitcoiner, it was written to get someone new up to speed… not on jargon and details, but on understanding the concepts and how the parts work together.

The report is also a step-by-step guide, of course, taking you from theory into actual practice.

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