Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Fifteen)

The morning after Yom Kippur (Thursday, Sept. 25th)I rolled out of bed and began checklists for my next steps, just barely squeezing in my homesick routine. Everything came together fast and hard. That afternoon I made my travel reservations.

I was as sure as I could be that none of my contacts went to the government with their letter (if they didn’t think I was serious, they’d write me off as a crank), but I was about to go to large cities, carrying pieces of a spacecraft the Feds might know was on the loose. After all, they would have seen impact marks, skid marks and truck tracks at the crash site, not to mention the motorcycle. It was obvious that someone made away with one of the spacecrafts. Continue reading “Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Fifteen)”

The Redemption of J. Taylor Mohammed, Part 1

This is the story that opened my first draft of The Breaking Dawn. I replaced it because a new opening suited the book far better, but also because it was misunderstood. People saw the name, “Mohammed,” and thought, “terrorist.” That wasn’t how I wanted to open a book.

Still, I like the story and so I’ve decided to post it here. To be clear, J. Taylor Mohammed is a young, American, black man. Back in the 1960s, Americans of African extraction began switching to African names, and there are a lot of Mohammeds in Africa. This young man was not a Muslim; he was merely carrying one of those names.

This is his story. Continue reading “The Redemption of J. Taylor Mohammed, Part 1”

Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Fourteen)

The purpose of my trip to the East Coast was to mail my first batch of letters. Washington DC, I had decided, would be the best place from which to send them; it would keep anyone searching for me far away from where I really was, and might convince them I was some kind of government insider, again misdirecting them. Continue reading “Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Fourteen)”

“Green” Means “Poor”

Those of us who aren’t mainlining TV and Facebook have a fairly clear understanding that the rulership of the West is in trouble: their debts are far beyond payable, while the global East and South are starting to pull away. Having only two primary options – system collapse or reduced standards of living – they are opting for the second.

The great challenge facing rulership, then, is to make their flocks accept being poorer… to get used to being poor. And to make that happen, they’re promoting a new religion, which we can simply call Green. Continue reading ““Green” Means “Poor””

Assaulted With Hard Questions

To be a parent is to be assaulted with hard questions. And what’s especially hard is that these are fundamental questions, and most of us lack solid answers to them.

For example, when a child says, “Well, why shouldn’t I lie? It keeps me out of trouble and gets me what I want,” most parents have no real answer. We can say, “Lying is a sin,” or “Lying is wrong,” but that doesn’t actually answer the question. It merely steps around it, referencing an authority saying to not do it. Continue reading “Assaulted With Hard Questions”

Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Thirteen)

By the first week of August I had bought myself a car (a Buick Super), settled into my apartment, developed all my film, made friends with a few workers at the small factory next door to my garage, and began collecting the names of journalists who might have some actual guts. I also bought a good mimeograph machine. (A mimeograph was a low-tech version of a copy machine.) Continue reading “Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Thirteen)”

I Need A List of Family Entertainment

I’d like your help on something: I’m looking for television shows or movies that are suitable for children. In other words, I don’t want war, death, trauma, or bloody heroes. Rather, I want images of loving families, habits of success, and growth… shows that edify.

Finding such shows has proved difficult for me. Even “wholesome” shows like Little House on The Prairie have a lot of episodes that I find far too dark and tragic for younger children. Too dark and tragic for me, to be honest about it.

So, wadda ya got? I’m open to anything and everything that works. Thanks!

A Defense of Young Men

Young men get a bad rap, not only in modern narratives, but in assumptions that portray them as the aberrant sex, rather than the normative one. Neither sex is normative, of course; humans come in two basic varieties, and both are equally necessary.

My personal experience with young men ran counter to the narrative and assumptions, and I think it’s time that the boys of the West should be defended. Most of them are good kids, and they deserve to be seen that way… to be portrayed that way. Continue reading “A Defense of Young Men”

The Necessity of Family Rituals

There is a gaping void in the modern West: A profound lack of moral education. This void was created when church attendance was ripped out of the culture and replaced with nothing at all. This is a dangerous void: a civilization cannot continue without a moral core. For better or worse (and there was plenty of both), church attendance is what kept the people of the West in touch with moral concerns, and it did so for more than a thousand years.

This gap needs to be filled, and the family is the best choice for doing so. Even for families that still go to church, I am convinced that family rituals are necessary. And the reason is simple: Continue reading “The Necessity of Family Rituals”

Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Twelve)

I had decided some time before that I’d go back to Chicago: I knew it far better than any other place and I also wanted see my relatives and a few friends who had been considerably older than myself. And now, more than ever, I needed to enjoy myself on this mission, not just to work.

Monday afternoon I made a deal with the hotel to keep my car in their private lot for up to one year, paying them a hundred dollars for the privilege. I also checked out in advance. Continue reading “Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Twelve)”