Teaching Children About Vulnerabilities

Humans have weaknesses and vulnerabilities. That’s unfortunate, of course, but by itself it’s not deeply problematic. What’s problematic is failing to identify and address them.

It’s important to understand that our species has already overcome plenty of vulnerabilities and thrived in spite of them. If this were not true, we’d be living like chimpanzees. Continue reading “Teaching Children About Vulnerabilities”

A Crucial Note To Everyone In IT

The central banks of the world are getting more and more serious about Central Bank Digital Currencies, CBDCs. And that means they are hiring.

Today I’m going to play the conscience of IT, and of engineering in general. That’s openly arrogant on my part, but I’m not seeing anyone else doing it, and it needs to be done. So be it. Continue reading “A Crucial Note To Everyone In IT”

Science: What it Is, What It Isn’t

Science, since it was monopolized by institutions and especially over the past two years, has become something quite other than what it was found to be during the early Enlightenment. That is, what is called science by the mouthpieces of the status quo is not what science was originally.

Children need to be familiarized with science proper, especially right now, or they will think the way things are is the way they’ve always been… because they are the only things they’ve ever experienced. Hence, this installment is dedicated to it… and them. Continue reading “Science: What it Is, What It Isn’t”

Why The West Has No Backbone

The West lost its backbone for a very simple reason: It lost its meta-narrative: its overarching story for what we believe and do.

The people of the West have no why for what they’re doing, save to fill their bellies and beds. Even their greatest dogma, Democracy, is an empty shell. Nothing could have made that point better than the past two years, when the world was turned upside down by edicts from potentates – precisely the thing democracy was supposed to prevent – while the belly-fillers of the West made not a peep. Continue reading “Why The West Has No Backbone”

Dealing With Violence

I advocate keeping children as far as possible from violence… even from the concept of violence… and for as long as possible; it’s simply not good for them. Unfortunately, our world, while it certainly has beautiful parts, also contains violence. And so children will run into it at some point.

Just to reiterate, I’m something of a purist on this: I think kids should be kept away even from violent heroes. Nonetheless, violence will make its appearance, and children should be prepared. Continue reading “Dealing With Violence”

A New Year’s Meditation (2022)

If you could go back in time a thousand years, you’d find people who were shockingly similar to those you presently love. The same is true for people who will live a thousand years from now. Some of them will be nearly identical to the people you now love, and you would care as deeply for them as you do for their present-day counterparts.

Please understand this: The men, women and children we would love in the future can advance only in the same way we have: by the benefaction of their predecessors. Continue reading “A New Year’s Meditation (2022)”

Podcast: The Futility And Disaster of The Magic Fix

Humanity is afflicted with a desire for a magic fix to its problems. And that desire, if it’s allowed to fester, soon enough becomes a demand for a magic fix for their problems… and particularly to problems they fixate upon. That much was obvious in the rise of Hitler, in the sale of socialism to the oppressed people of Eastern Europe, and in other disasters. But it goes even further, afflicting nearly the whole of mankind on a continuing basis.

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Fixed Traits And Fate

One important lesson to be learned during childhood and early adolescence is that our traits are plastic, not fixed. I know these are unusual terms, but you’ll easily recognize what I mean by them with this example:

Several kids are playing a game, and there is some inter-personal tension involved. (Instead of just trying to win the game, one or more of them are trying to prove another inferior.) Then, once the game is won, the losing team, or a member thereof, is loudly branded “a loser.” Continue reading “Fixed Traits And Fate”

Children Must Be Told: This Is Not Normal

The moral education of children revolves mainly around timeless concepts. But in certain situations (like now), they must be taught contemporary lessons. Recently I’ve found it necessary to tell 8-10 year-olds that the things they see around them are not normal.

Consider an average nine year-old: Her active memories go back only about four years. And so, the mayhem of 2020 and 2021 comprises half of her mental life. We cannot allow our children and grandchildren to accept the past two years as normal, but if we don’t make the point very clearly, they will. Continue reading “Children Must Be Told: This Is Not Normal”