The Illusion of Democracy

The events of the past two years have come in so fast and hot that I think most people haven’t yet digested them. Human psychology doesn’t incorporate new and difficult changes very well; it tends rather to pretend that everything will come back to normal… for sure… any minute now.

This gap between perception and acceptance makes us vulnerable. And so it’s massively in our interest to narrow it and close it. Very briefly, I’ll try to help that process along: Continue reading “The Illusion of Democracy”

The Omega Ambulance Service, Part 4

(continued from part three)

The second of my back-to-back meeting was again with the older men. I chatted with Michele in the short interim. (That’s mi-KEL-ay, the Italian version of Michael.)

I don’t know exactly what this is, Professor,” using his dad’s old name for me, “but I think it saves lives, yes?” Continue reading “The Omega Ambulance Service, Part 4”

The Omega Ambulance Service, Part 3

(continued from part two)

The day before what I hoped would be my last meeting on the Omega Ambulance Service, I got a phone call, asking me for two meetings, one at ten o’clock and another at eleven. I agreed, but added a bit about family obligations and hoping this would be the last set of meetings for a while. The man on their other end tried to comfort me about that, while not actually committing.

Ah well, I thought, supplying a persecuted class with medical care is eminently worth it. And so I agreed. Continue reading “The Omega Ambulance Service, Part 3”

The Omega Ambulance Service, Part 2

(continued from part one)

As I mentioned last time, my second meeting was with the kids of the older men… their sons, actually. And I found them an odd mix of styles. In one way they were their fathers’ sons: serious and willful. But at the same time their clothing and their demeanor was strongly corporate. They clearly wanted to move their family businesses into a different direction, though it seemed they were having a slow go of it. Continue reading “The Omega Ambulance Service, Part 2”

The PW25 Asset Protection Conference In Las Vegas

As I’ve mentioned before, between about 2007 and 2014, I was a regular participant in what we used to call “the offshore circuit.” Quite a few of us combined to teach people how they could structure their lives differently and gain some financial liberation. My part was teaching people to protect their data.

We had a lot of fun and we helped a lot of good people. But the market for our services eventually changed and the conferences wound down. Now, however, the times have changed again and the conferences are coming back.  Continue reading “The PW25 Asset Protection Conference In Las Vegas”

The Art of Telling Bedtime Stories, Part 3

continued from part two

Lesson Number 9: Family Classics

In my youth, we had a weekly television show called Family Classics. It showed films suitable for the whole family, even editing out scenes that might not be. And I’ve found this model to be useful for bedtime stories.

First of all, it can be a nice family moment to sit down together and watch an uplifting show. (More in a moment on finding such shows.) I wouldn’t make this a primary means of education, but it works nicely as an adjunct. Continue reading “The Art of Telling Bedtime Stories, Part 3”

The Omega Ambulance Service, Part 1

I’ll spare you the details, but after a long and convoluted process, I found myself once again at Jay’s Bar… this time at ten o’clock in the morning, and with all the doors locked. Michele set me at a table with four seasoned and very serious men, filled our water glasses, then vanished into his back room. Continue reading “The Omega Ambulance Service, Part 1”