Rules Versus Righteousness

Yes, we’ve seen a string of irrational, malicious and even murderous rules lately, but that’s not what I’m addressing in this post.

Today my point is that rules by themselves – rules by their essence – are the opponents of righteousness. I know this strikes most people as impossible, but I’m convinced that it’s correct and important. Continue reading “Rules Versus Righteousness”

Podcast: The Neutering of Our Passions And The Reclaiming of Our Passions

Passion, in our time, is badly misunderstood. And so I suppose I should start by saying that I’m not talking about the human sex drive, though the truth is that as you choke passion proper, sexual passion tends to be choked along with it. We express passion – real passion – when we make things sacred to ourselves; when we erect borders to protect things we care deeply about… when we say “This space is mine, and no one else is permitted unless I invite them in.”


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Podcast: Jesus’ Lost Philosophy

It would be hard to overstate how important I think this is, and not just for Christians. This concept is deeply radical: If it doesn’t jar you, you probably haven’t grasped it. And at the same time it’s deeply transformational. I know that once I wrapped my mind around it, one important understanding after another followed behind it.

The philosophy that Jesus left us – not a theology, but a philosophy – stands ready to revolutionize human life.

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An Outline of Post-Western Civilization

(Originally published September 22, 2021.)

Western civilization is over. It may live on in some of us, but at the public level it has been replaced. Every major institution has thrown in with the new civilization.

The question facing us, then, is what this new civilization is like. And so, with the usual caveats, here are the essential components of the new boss, Post-Western civilization: Continue reading “An Outline of Post-Western Civilization”

COVID Is A Frankenvirus, And It’s Not Going Away

(Originally published September 9, 2021.)

It’s now clear that COVID-19 was created by scientists, on purpose. If you have any doubts, please see here and here. We had a paper trail months ago and we have a paved paper trail now. What remains in doubt is our ability to deal with such facts.

The Dr. Frankensteins of this drama were: Continue reading “COVID Is A Frankenvirus, And It’s Not Going Away”

Why Bitcoin Culture Is Better Than The Status Quo

As systems, Bitcoin’s culture and the status quo are different to the point of being mutually exclusive. More than that, their difference not only affects humans in different ways, but forms humans in different ways.

And so the difference between Bitcoin and the status quo is of tremendous importance. Continue reading “Why Bitcoin Culture Is Better Than The Status Quo”

The Weaponization of Medicine

Whether or not we can express it clearly, or even perceive it clearly, I think nearly every adult grasps that medicine is now being used as a weapon. 

I am not a doctor, but I’ve been surrounded by medical professionals since my youth, beginning with my mom, who was not only an RN, but Head Nurse at two different hospitals. I’ve also been involved with science for a long time.

I’ll be brief, making just five primary points. But we’ve been losing science and we’ve been losing medicine; that is flatly unacceptable. Continue reading “The Weaponization of Medicine”

Why I No Longer Invest In Stocks And Bonds

I’ve touched upon this subject in my subscription newsletter, but I had no plans to write anything more until I got a note from a friend, mentioning a particular investment analyst and his views on investing over the next few years. I had to agree that it was brilliant analysis, but at the same time I knew that I’d never do anything about it, because I simply can’t bring myself to put money into “the markets” anymore. Continue reading “Why I No Longer Invest In Stocks And Bonds”

The Mania of 2021

(Originally published August 3, 2021.)

There are times that not only try men’s souls, but warp them.

Westerners of our generations never believed that mass manias could re-appear, but we’re living through one right now, and against my wishes I feel a need to address it; not as a victim or a participant, but as an observer. Continue reading “The Mania of 2021”

Why Bitcoiners Are Doing What Libertarians Never Could

I am not trying to insult libertarians; they’ve been right, or reasonably close to right, on a great many things, and for decades on end; that’s not trivial. Nonetheless, they could never get much moving in the world, while Bitcoiners, to use an old but fitting phrase, are turning the world upside-down.

I think it’s important to understand why. Continue reading “Why Bitcoiners Are Doing What Libertarians Never Could”