30 Minutes To Excellence

Excellence is attainable, and by every healthy person. I received this lesson from a man I never met, named Earl Nightingale. Today I’m passing it along to you.

Earl researched and taught about success for decades, and he took his job seriously. His work is often forgotten now, but if you can find it, it is definitely worth your time. I had it on cassette tapes, but I suspect it’s still available in some format. Continue reading “30 Minutes To Excellence”

Our Moral Obsession

Humans are moral obsessives. Anywhere you go, you’ll find people speaking in moral terms: “He didn’t treat me right,” “She’s arrogant,” “That’s a man you can respect,” and so on. All of these are moral judgments. Even confirmed criminals will routinely say things like, “That ain’t right,” which is, again, a purely moral judgment.

On top of that, moral judgments vary fairly little between individuals. There are exceptions, of course, but nearly all of us will agree on the majority of moral judgments, staying close to the model of the golden rule. Continue reading “Our Moral Obsession”

Earned Knowledge: L1, P2

What’s even more important about these people is that they brought farming all the way across Europe. People didn’t grow a great deal of food prior to this group (as best we can tell), and they brought wheat, peas, lentils, barley, plums, hackberries, pistachios, almonds, sheep, goats, and even cattle. They filled Europe with agriculture. Continue reading “Earned Knowledge: L1, P2”

Bitcoin Is Far More Than An Investment

Over the past few years, huge numbers of people have come to see Bitcoin as an investment… as a stock. That’s because a significant percentage of the populace – certainly a good percentage of the investing class – knows someone, at least a friend of a friend, who has done very well with Bitcoin. That’s the kind of thing that people notice, and not unreasonably so.

The truth, however, is that Bitcoin is more and better than an investment… much more and much better. Continue reading “Bitcoin Is Far More Than An Investment”

Earned Knowledge: L1, P1

About 11,000 years ago, the last ice age on our planet ended. For a long time before then, much of our world was covered with ice and snow, and there were only about five million people on the planet.

We can tell how cold the world was, and when, by examining the ice at places that never thaw out, like most of Greenland. Since the ice and snow build up every year, and by examining the chemicals left behind in each layer, we can be quite sure of these things. We have other reasons to think so as well. Continue reading “Earned Knowledge: L1, P1”

The Cure In Our Hands

I don’t recommend watching television, but I fell into one useful experience while watching it, some years ago:

It was well after midnight and I found myself in front of a TV, killing time. There wasn’t much on, but after some scanning, I found a rustic infomercial from a local church. They were offering prayer for the sick, depressed, and overwhelmed. My thumb was poised to move to the next channel, but instead I stopped and watched. I decided to look at the people in the pews—to really  look at them. Continue reading “The Cure In Our Hands”

Earned Knowledge

Welcome to our newest endeavor. Earned Knowledge will be a curriculum for teaching children, but not according to the standard model.

I homeschooled several children, beginning in the 1980s, and have additionally taught adults at several other levels. I’ve had a lot of direct experience getting knowledge into human minds, on top of all my writing, which seeks to accomplish the same thing.

So, this subject has been central to me for a long time. And over the past couple of years I’ve had a sort of rolling epiphany, by which I came to understand something that should have been obvious from the beginning: Continue reading “Earned Knowledge”

What Jesus Didn’t Say

There are some points that need to be made from time to time, just so they remain in the world. To my mind, this is one of them.

Without a doubt Jesus of Nazareth is one of the most influential beings ever to walk this planet… perpetually influential. But I see him as greatly misunderstood. Most of the things people associate with Jesus are things he never said. Rather, they are things that other people said about him, and the two aren’t remotely equivalent. Continue reading “What Jesus Didn’t Say”

A Bitcoin OG Post

We’ll move to a new series of articles next Saturday, but in between, I’d like to give you a post from Bitcoin’s early days.

“OG,” for those not familiar, stands for Old Guard. Thus, Bitcoin OG refers to very early Bitcoiners.

This piece comes from those early days, no later than 2012, and posted by someone called the Old Radical. It’s fairly hard core, but not wrong. Continue reading “A Bitcoin OG Post”