CRISPR: Science Fiction Now – A Frontier Technology Report

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“Yes Paul! I’m ready to learn more about this revolutionary technology.”

Specifically, you’ll discover:

  • A deep understanding of what CRISPR is and what it can do.
  • A clear understanding of the biology involved. And “clear understanding,” means that you’ll understand what these things are and how they work together. It does not mean that you’ll be fed a pile of terminology. (There’s also a glossary at the end of the report.)
  • Who the current players in this development are, some background on how they came into the process, and how it may turn out.
  • Who the long-term players in the field are likely to be, how the first of them became involved, how more will become involved, and how they’re likely to be included or excluded.
  • Where this is heading; how this technology and all its parts are likely to unfold. We’ll identify winners and losers for each major scenario.
  • How CRISPR will change the world we’ve known… by changing us.
  • Why scientific changes are far more potent and enduring than mere political changes… and how this relates to CRISPR.
  • The ability to read and understand CRISPR literature.
  • The ability to judge CRISPR products and providers.

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CRISPR: Science Fiction Now – A Frontier Technology Report: $49