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Our world is overflowing with outrage, and all but barren of thoughtful perspectives.

What we need are concepts that make sense of the world and give us a vision of a brighter future.

Freeman’s Perspective and Parallel Society are where you’ll find precisely that… in detail, every month.

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Doug Casey, Best-selling Author and International Speculator:

Free-Man’s Perspective is not only totally sound, but it’s both entertaining and instructive. I read every issue.

Harry Schultz, Author and Investing icon:

This is one of those things U should have as a Perspective Protector. Every home should have one, along with a fire extinguisher. Rosenberg is a rare bird. U’ll feel lucky U found him. FMP is a bit long, but so is the Bible & so is Webster’s Dictionary, but U need all 3. He makes every word count. You’re welcome!

… And from our wonderful subscribers…


I am reasonably well read and world aware, and I can honestly say that I have never read such a concise, dispassionate, succinct, abridged, and really quite cool account of why things are the way they are.

Jason A.:

You know, this issue helps me process some of the emotions I’ve been having for a while about all this freedom “nonsense.” It’s lonely out here. You’ve been at this and have taken it to a whole other place than I could even imagine.

Eve Helen:

I’ve read a lot of analysis about the current state of our Nation, but I have to say, this is the best. I mean, you nail it. I will send this out to as many of my producer friends that I can. Thanks for your efforts! Free-Man’s Perspective is simply superb, imho. Thank you very much for your wonderful dedication and hard work. Your material is fresh, superbly written, thought-provoking.

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