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Freeman’s Perspective and Parallel Society are newsletters unlike any you’ve seen before, dedicated to creating a new model of human life and making the old way obsolete.

As you’ll see below, our Freeman’s Perspective issues are dedicated to uncovering crucial facts that are important, engaging, and that simply are not covered elsewhere. Our Parallel Society issues are more practical, beginning from the conviction that, the world shouldn’t happen to us, we should happen to the world. If you’ve ever asked (or have been asked) “Yes, but what can we do?” our Parallel Society issues are the answer.

So, please join us. We’re not waiting for permission and we are changing the world.

Get immediate access to the entire archive
with your subscription to Freeman’s Perspective.

Past Freeman’s Perspective – Parallel Society topics include:

Issue #33: The Bitcoin Coup D’Etat
Although technology has fundamentally ended scarcity, it remains for most of Earth’s inhabitants, because nation-states have captured and monopolized human cooperation. Bitcoin fixes this.

Issue #32: Our Stones of Stumbling
Leaving a difficult and contrary world behind sounds attractive, but once out of it, new things will begin making sense, and some of those things will be hard to accept. And so we must begin working on them slowly, rather than crashing into them all at once. 

Issue #31: Compelling Them To Come
Our job, and perhaps especially now, is to bring people out of enforced society and into chosen society. And we’ll do this, not by force, nor even with reason. Rather, we’ll show them something they can’t help but recognize: themselves. And not only that, but their best selves, and the truth that such an excellent self can be grasped.

Issue #30: Breaking The Cult
The Establishment culture of our time is indeed a cult. That’s not a terribly strong statement, as mainline cultures are always cultish to one extent or another. This cult, however, seemingly so pervasive, is shedding faith at its peripheries, and that process doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Issue #29: Cheerful Radicals
The cheerful radicals are, or ought to be, us. Unfortunately, this has seldom been the case, and we’ve often been dour and frustrated; sometimes even depressed. The dark view, however, is not actually correct. Once we see our situation more clearly, we’ll become far more cheerful.

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Our world is starving for images of a better and more satisfying way of life. —  This is where you’ll find them.

Free-Man’s Perspective and Parallel Society embody the belief that a better world begins in us, and that we are capable of creating it. So, if you’ve wanted to be more and better, you’ve found what you’ve been waiting for.

Here’s what industry legends are saying about Paul and about our newsletter:

Doug Casey, Best-selling Author and International Speculator:

Free-Man’s Perspective is not only totally sound, but it’s both entertaining and instructive. I read every issue.

Harry Schultz, Author and Investing icon:

This is one of those things U should have as a Perspective Protector. Every home should have one, along with a fire extinguisher. Rosenberg is a rare bird. U’ll feel lucky U found him. FMP is a bit long, but so is the Bible & so is Webster’s Dictionary, but U need all 3. He makes every word count. You’re welcome!

… And from our wonderful subscribers…


I am reasonably well read and world aware, and I can honestly say that I have never read such a concise, dispassionate, succinct, abridged, and really quite cool account of why things are the way they are.

Jason A.:

You know, this issue helps me process some of the emotions I’ve been having for a while about all this freedom “nonsense.” It’s lonely out here. You’ve been at this and have taken it to a whole other place than I could even imagine.

Eve Helen:

I’ve read a lot of analysis about the current state of our Nation, but I have to say, this is the best. I mean, you nail it. I will send this out to as many of my producer friends that I can. Thanks for your efforts! Free-Man’s Perspective is simply superb, imho. Thank you very much for your wonderful dedication and hard work. Your material is fresh, superbly written, thought-provoking.

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