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Welcome to our newest endeavor. Earned Knowledge will be a curriculum for teaching children, but not according to the standard model.

I homeschooled several children, beginning in the 1980s, and have additionally taught adults at several other levels. I’ve had a lot of direct experience getting knowledge into human minds, on top of all my writing, which seeks to accomplish the same thing.

So, this subject has been central to me for a long time. And over the past couple of years I’ve had a sort of rolling epiphany, by which I came to understand something that should have been obvious from the beginning:

The standard model of delivering knowledge to children – the individual-subject, standardized curriculum – is an inherently flawed model. 

So, rather than covering subjects, this curriculum covers humanity: Where we began, how we lived, what we cared about, what we discovered, how we used it and how people lived. That is, it rolls history, science, archaeology, engineering and philosophy into one thing: The story of human progress.

Discover 14 complete lessons complete with teaching guide.


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