Rulership’s Last Stand, Part 2 – The Crackup of the 1960s


Every rulership portrays itself as inevitable and eternal, and yet they all come and go. As will those which currently dominate the world. And the rulerships of our time have gone well past their peaks. In this series of FMP Classic issues, we examine the process that is underway.



There were two gigantic changes in the 1960s that went so far as to change the way humans viewed their existence. These changes did not affect rulership directly, but they pushed it aside as the primary focus in life. They demoted rulership, which was enough to make it crack. The first was the birth control pill and the second was leaving Earth and heading into space. There had been birth control previously, but nothing so simple and effective as The Pill. Space travel was utterly new to the human species. These changes cracked open the imaginations of the young people and the legitimacy of governments crumbled.