Rulership’s Last Stand, Part 3 – The Reordering of the 1970s


Every rulership portrays itself as inevitable and eternal, and yet they all come and go. As will those which currently dominate the world. And the rulerships of our time have gone well past their peaks. In this series of FMP Classic issues, we examine the process that is underway.



The peak rulership of the 1950s and the crackup of the 1960s gave way to the great reordering of the 1970s. As the decade began, the forces that had fractured rulership’s legitimacy were in the past but the cracks continued to widen. In fact, many of the things that people think of as the 1960s actually happened in the early 1970s. This is crucial to us, because the structure of the 1970s reset determined where the next cracks would open…cracks that have already began to spread.