The Death of Innovator Zero


His name is lost to us. The only record of his existence is found in a history of inventions written in 1846, and even then, only as a note referencing a lost Venetian book from 1636. He had been murdered some fifty years before that, in 1586. The place of his death was Danzig (now known as Gdansk), a busy old trading hub on the Baltic Sea. This man was, as best I can tell, the first person in the chain that led to the Industrial Revolution. And so, as the first infected person in an epidemic is called Patient Zero, I am calling this man Innovator Zero, and doing my best to tell his story.



This is the earliest of our issues. In it we explain all the above, as well as why the Industrial Revolution was not as we imagine it, the truth about the proverbial boiling frog and more.