The Tuskegee Experiment


Imagine someone saying to you: “The US government is keeping a group of men sick with a horrible, disfiguring disease. Some of their wives and children have caught the disease from them. Government doctors are watching them die, slowly, even though they have a cheap, instant cure.” This evil ran from 1932 until 1972, when it had to be shut down because the truth finally leaked out. No one went to jail. No one ever faced a trial. No one even lost their job. What is even more shocking is that nearly every respected medical institution in the United States knew about this, participated in it, and kept it covered up for decades. They lost none of their respect in the process.



The Tuskegee experiment is something that should be known far better than it is, and in this issue of FMP you’ll find all the essential details. You’ll also get some supplemental material.