There Were No Cavemen


Images of cavemen (wearing loin cloths during an ice age!) have corrupted our view of the past, burying the truth beneath a pile of self- flattering lies. The caveman story is false, yet almost everyone holds it as a clear, often fundamental, image in their minds. As a result, nearly all of us presume that ‘prehistoric’ men were dull, stupid oafs. In fact, they were not. They were the same as us, only in different circumstances. To illustrate the point, you’ll find a detailed analysis of Otzi the Iceman – a real prehistoric man.



While humans always have (and still do) use caves when it’s convenient for them, the caveman myth is no more than a convenient fiction. But more than that, this issue explains why the myth was created and why it persists. And as noted above, we’ll closely examine a real man from prehistoric times.