As the War Machine Threatens


War drums are beating again, and fairly seriously, it seems. And so I’d like to make a few points before things get out of hand. Because once the bodies start piling up, instincts will be overloaded, and reason will be difficult.

So, here are a few things to think about ahead of time:

#1: War is failure. And if we get a war now based upon an uncertain attack leaving a fairly small number of casualties, it’s beyond failure; it is lunacy. Thousands die in wars, sometimes a thousand in a day. And the current situation poses no significant threat to the US, Canada, Britain, France, etc. But as of today, they’re striding toward multi-national war. One mistake could ignite it. They are madmen in suits.

#2: War fever is real and mind-bending. If war comes, the news outlets will devote themselves to stoking fear, anger, and nationalism in every viewer they can reach. All of it will be emotion based and persistently manipulative. And once people get into that groove, they’ll be slow to pull themselves out of it. After all, pulling out of war fever means admitting that you got a little crazy.

#3: The cheerleaders will remain aloof from the bleeding and dying. It’s Bobby from Nebraska and Pat from Alabama who will be killed and dismembered, not the crazed old men on TV.

#4: The people on the “other side” will be dehumanized. Insert your own commentary here.

#5: Government will be given carte blanch to do whatever it wants. That means more debt, more wild profits to political “donors,” more insane regulations, and a still worse police state.

What to Do?

If you want to help others, start making points like the above, so people have a chance to work them into their minds.

You can also create an alternative to the insanity. Turn off the TV. Read books. Let people call you weird. Build a new culture. Use future-friendly technologies like cryptocurrencies.

But more than anything else, improve yourself. Be kind, benevolent, curious, and honest. Persist in these lines of development.

And if the bloody insanity does come, don’t try to convert people in the grip of war fever. Just love them and wait for them to come to you.

* * * * *

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Paul Rosenberg