Post-Primate Society: A New Look At The Human Story E-book




Something crucial happened to the human line about two million years ago.

We don’t know what it was, but we know what it did. This fact, over the past generation or so, has become something which could not be ignored, even though it contradicts conventional evolutionary theory. Our progress has come far faster than it “should have,” leaving evolutionary scientists perplexed.

Something special has been happening in us; something with no real analogs among other species. And so, however much human exceptionalism may be anathema in academic circles (and it often is), something very much like it has occurred, even as Carol Van Schaik (a noted scientists) notes in his book, The Primate Origins of Human Nature: “Whatever made us human must have been something very unusual.”

This book will explain what happened, the clear and even shocking ways it still affects us today, and how – once we understand these things – we can walk into a better and brighter future.


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