The Dark Ages Weren’t Actually Dark

Most people still have the idea… the image… that the “Dark Ages” were filthy and grotesque, like a Monty Python film.

Not only is that false, but the people of the Dark Ages should be held in high regard. They’re the people who, for the first time in human history, killed slavery on a civilizational scale. They also created free market capitalism. And so, the prosperity that we enjoy to this day exists thanks to the people and ideas of the Dark Ages.

If that sounds crazy to you, you should probably listen.


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One thought on “The Dark Ages Weren’t Actually Dark”

  1. Rome was very violent in the Republic era. Archimedes was killed by a Roman soldier well before the empire. Rome was about conquest, not innovation.

    In contrast, from AD 500 to AD 1300, many inventions were made and became widespread. Stirrups, non-choking animal collars for horses and oxen, firearms, and many other innovations date from that era.

    The imperialists hate freeom, though, and want to build Rome anew, no matter how many they have to enslave and kill.

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