A Frank Letter to the Homeless Man Under the Bridge

letter-to-homelessThis is a re-post from eight years ago. I still feel the same.

I see you standing here, asking for help, about once a week. You are always polite, and I respect that. I’d like to do something for you… something that would matter long-term. Giving you a few notes or coins now and then may be fine, but I’d really like to improve your situation more permanently.

In other words, I’d like to give you a job. Continue reading “A Frank Letter to the Homeless Man Under the Bridge”

Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Thirty Two)

I’d love to know what happened over the last few months of 1948 and the first few months of 1949. I’m confident that my friends from the park handled my death reasonably well (they were good people), and I strongly suspect that it broke the last of their connections to the status quo.

In that way, I think they became like the earliest Christians, who simply left Rome behind and moved on to something better: They didn’t fight it and they didn’t waste their time trying to fix it; they moved on and away. Continue reading “Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Thirty Two)”

Moving Back To The Internet

Yes, I know that it seems the Internet has swallowed the world, but that isn’t quite true. What actually happened was more or less the opposite: The world has captured the Internet.

If that still sounds backwards to you, please stay with me. I’ll begin making sense of it by explaining how this post came together for me: Continue reading “Moving Back To The Internet”

Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Thirty One)

The process of dying took longer for me than it did for my friends, but that was to be expected. And, mercifully, the next day was spent mainly being barked at by impressive suits, while a team of specialists, I was told, would be coming to get answers out of me. The truly degenerate thing about the whole exercise was that they really didn’t expect to learn anything from me. They believed that I had been speaking openly. What they needed was for me to fear them and to make a show of subservience. Continue reading “Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Thirty One)”

Child Abuse On A Civilizational Scale

This is not something I ever wanted to write or even imagined writing. And yet, here we are. I’ve been receiving a stream of reports from wildly divergent sources, all saying the same things.

The fact is that child abuse is being perpetrated on a civilizational scale… massively financed on a civilizational level. This needs to be addressed. Continue reading “Child Abuse On A Civilizational Scale”

The Forbidden Thought

The dominating systems of our world require us to feel weak, afraid, and insufficient. They couldn’t continue if most of us didn’t feel that way. And so the friends and operators of these systems must oppose the opposite assumption: That we are not inadequate.

I’ve watched popular culture for a lot of years, and I can tell you that since the 1970s, one concept, above all, has been forbidden in intellectual circles: Man as a glorious creature. Continue reading “The Forbidden Thought”

Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Thirty)

The summer of ‘48 in Stuyvesant Square Park, to me, was eerily like the summer of 1969. The park was full of young people day and night, with a goodly number of working people joining them on their ways to and from work. There were even people sitting around with guitars and singing new songs. The guitar is an obvious choice for such situations, of course, being one of the few musical instruments which are both portable and effective for accompaniment (there were some accordions as well), but the entire vibe was that of the late 60s and early 70s, and without drugs, which was helpful. Continue reading “Return Engagements: Book Three (Part Thirty)”

The Inflection Point of Putin’s “Evil Empire” Speech

As you know, I prefer to focus on building the good rather than identifying the bad. That preference stands, but there is also wisdom in understanding what is happening in the world, so we can build the good in spite of it. (“Wise as serpents, innocent as doves.”) This piece, written recently by one of my friends, is serious, far-reaching analysis. It is especially important as we pivot into a different world than we’ve known. Retain whatever quibbles you like, but read this and understand it. 

By Joe Katzman Continue reading “The Inflection Point of Putin’s “Evil Empire” Speech”

United We Fall

We’ve all heard the slogan,United we stand, divided we fall” hundreds of times. It is portrayed as wisdom, but if fact it’s generally false. If you require a mass of bodies to charge another mass of bodies on a battlefield, unity matters. But when you want honesty, intelligence, compassion, innovation and evolution, unity is your enemy.

Unity works for body-power, but it works against all the higher and better aspects of our nature. That’s why the sacrifice collectors preach unity: they want obedient bodies, not self-determinant minds. Continue reading “United We Fall”