Dreaming of Ruby Tuesday, Part 4

A long time had passed since her last dream of Ruby. Aria was now nine years old, but she held out hope for at least one more. Her parents had written the important dreams (there were a few others where she and Ruby talked only about silly things) and gave copies to a few people her parents knew… Aria knew only one of them, her dad’s uncle. Continue reading “Dreaming of Ruby Tuesday, Part 4”

Dreaming of Ruby Tuesday, Part 3

After a few nights without a Ruby dream, Aria found herself sad about it. Even though her dad was right that the dreams really came from her – she wasn’t really talking to Ruby – she still liked talking to her dog.

Aria thought about this for a while during the day, but forgot about it by bedtime. Nonetheless, she dreamed about playing with Ruby at her cousin’s house. Continue reading “Dreaming of Ruby Tuesday, Part 3”

Podcast: Jesus’ Lost Philosophy

It would be hard to overstate how important I think this is, and not just for Christians… I think it’s applicable and essential for every human.

This concept is deeply radical – if it doesn’t jar you, you probably haven’t grasped it – and at the same time it’s deeply transformational. I know that once I wrapped my mind around it, one important understanding after another followed behind it.

And so I very much want you to grasp this. This philosophy that Jesus left us – not a theology, but a philosophy – stands ready to revolutionize human life. People just need to see it… to allow themselves to retain it… and then to face the terrifying prospect of taking it seriously.

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An Outline of Post-Western Civilization

Western civilization is over. It may live on in some of us, but at the public level it has been replaced. Every major institution has thrown in with the new civilization.

The question facing us, then, is what this new civilization is like. And so, with the usual caveats, here are the essential components of the new boss, Post-Western civilization: Continue reading “An Outline of Post-Western Civilization”

Dreaming of Ruby Tuesday, Part 1

Aria was girl of eight years, and she had a dog that she loved, named Ruby. For some reason her dad called the dog Ruby Tuesday, but that wasn’t her real name, which was just Ruby.

One night, for no reason she could think of, Ruby started appearing in a series of Aria’s dreams. This had happened before a few times, but these dreams were different… in these dreams Ruby could talk.

At first Aria didn’t tell her mom or dad about the dreams, but once she did, her parents told her that they wanted to write them down… because they were important in some way. And so she and her mom wrote them. This was the first: Continue reading “Dreaming of Ruby Tuesday, Part 1”

COVID Is A Frankenvirus, And It’s Not Going Away

It’s now clear that COVID-19 was created by scientists, on purpose. If you have any doubts, please see here and here. We had a paper trail months ago and we have a paved paper trail now. What remains in doubt is our ability to deal with such facts.

The Dr. Frankensteins of this drama were: Continue reading “COVID Is A Frankenvirus, And It’s Not Going Away”

Why Bitcoin Is Inherently And Massively Better Than The Status Quo

Most of its advocates will argue that Bitcoin is preferable because it’s better money. Others will note that it’s a magnificent application of decentralization, adding that decentralization is a superior model of human organization. But while both of those are true, they pale in comparison to the central reason why Bitcoin and much of what has grown from it stand above. Continue reading “Why Bitcoin Is Inherently And Massively Better Than The Status Quo”

Our Experiment In Moral Education

For nine weeks we’ve been going through our new series in moral education. But while these were not the easiest pieces of the whole, they were the most straightforward. At the same time I was writing them, I was waiting for a clear pattern to emerge for the whole series. Writing is that way, sometimes: You don’t see what it really is, until you’re well into it. Continue reading “Our Experiment In Moral Education”

The Valley, Part 5

(Continued from Part 4)

The next day, the boy went back to his usual problems and activities, but soon he noticed that things had changed. People were looking at him oddly: some with respect, and some, quite surprisingly, with hate in their eyes. He stopped and asked them why they were angry at him. “We are not angry,” they said, and quickly left him.

That night, he again saw his two friends, and they told him what had happened: The friends of the Remahs (there were several of the Valley who were close to the Remahs) were whispering quietly to the other people of the Valley. Continue reading “The Valley, Part 5”