Child Abuse On A Civilizational Scale

This is not something I ever wanted to write or even imagined writing. And yet, here we are. I’ve been receiving a stream of reports from wildly divergent sources, all saying the same things.

The fact is that child abuse is being perpetrated on a civilizational scale… massively financed on a civilizational level. This needs to be addressed.

And yes, I’m talking about the transgender thing. It’s being shoved down the throats of children, young children, world wide. And it is damaging those children. I am reliably informed that more than 40 percent of children in Sweden, of all places, are confused as to whether they are a boy or a girl. Again, that’s nothing less than child abuse. And I’m receiving similar reports from all across North America, the Caribbean, and from still other places. The spouses of schoolteachers have whispered to me how horrified they are about it.

Children are to be protected and nurtured: every adult human is responsible for this. Children, and especially their minds, are just forming; they must be insulated from confusion and manipulation. To confuse them on basic facts – being a boy or a girl – and to do this for dogmatic, political and status-seeking reasons, is despicable. We cannot let it transpire in silence.

And so, as massively redundant as it may be, let’s go through some very basic facts:

    • If you have XX chromosomes and female organs, you’re a girl.
    • If you have XY chromosomes and male organs, you’re a boy.
    • Of course we need to be kind to people, including very odd people.

None of this is hard to understand, and none of it is new to us; we learned these things as children, minus the chromosome thing, which is redundant anyway.

I’m told that a fraction of one percent of humans have genetic abnormalities and don’t fit in either XX or XY category. Those people, of course, are to be treated with respect and kindness. They are full beings, even if slightly non-standard.

Likewise, adults who decide to undergo some odd medical procedure so they can approximate the other sex are free to do so and may not be abused for their choices. They are full humans with the full right to free choice. And not only must we treat them well, we must defend them from abuse: This also is the responsibility of adults. (The same goes, of course, for people who simply choose to live differently.)

None of the above can in any way justify the manipulation and abuse of children. The systems that have backed this and financed it are child abusers on a civilizational scale, and they’ve done it simply for power: Raw, vile, political power.


Paul Rosenberg

7 thoughts on “Child Abuse On A Civilizational Scale”

    1. Yeah… And as an old-timer, I’ll add that Reddit is not the Internet; it’s a holding pen attached to the Internet.

  1. I find this the oddest trend. Where did it come from? Who’s pushing it? Is it centralized or the zeitgeist? Is it massively exaggerated because of internet magnification? How could it possibly be worldwide?

    And why this particular segment of weird humans and not, say, bikers or furries?

    I don’t meant to give everyone homework to educate me, just puzzling out loud. Happy to read any references.

    1. Part of the push towards transhumanism by the global ruling cartels. James Corbett goes in to some well-documented detail (<40 minutes):

      What is the Trans Agenda? – Questions For Corbett #082
      "Dan writes in to ask whether there is a deeper agenda behind the recent push towards gender fluidity. James takes the answer in a surprising direction."

  2. Agreed. And yes, we should treat adults with unusual proclivities with kindness, but we don’t have to let them into someone else’s locker room.

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