Ditching Amazon

Over the past year, we removed Google from our web pages. Most people don’t realize that Google is embedded in nearly every web site you connect to, but if you install a NoScript extension to your browser (easy with Firefox and Brave), you’ll find out. And so we’ve expelled Google, and we don’t have any social media either. Now it’s time to get rid of Amazon.

Ditching Amazon won’t take place in a single day, but we’ll be working on it, and I’ll half-eliminate it today, by giving you a chance to buy books the old-school way: through the mail. We’ve posted a simple order form. Print it, fill it out, and drop it in a mailbox; your books will show up two or three weeks later.

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2 thoughts on “Ditching Amazon”

  1. I prefer Brave to Firefox, because Firefox became “woke”, which grated on me, uBlock Origin and uMatrix can also be useful.

    Maybe consider looking at other e-book services like Kobo, because physical mail, etc., from the USA to the rest of the world can be surprisingly expensive.

    I find most physical books a nuisance now, e-books are far more portable on my de-googled (LineageOS for microG) mobile, or my e-paper Mars Likebook. I have Kobo and Kindle books on both.

    1. We’ll definitely have electronic format versions available before we cut Kindle. Thanks for the tips!

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