Why Everyone Needs To Ditch The Status Quo… Now

I want to urge as many people as possible, for the sake of their mental health, to step as far from the status quo as possible, and as soon as possible. The fact is that the government-academic-media-corporate complex (hereafter “the establishment”) has become a font of brain poison, and in fact has no other way to sustain itself.

Please bear in mind that it has been demonstrated, properly, that being under sustained fear is equivalent to brain damage, that watching “the news” is damaging to one’s mental health, and that social media is not only deeply addictive but causes depression and worse.

Here’s just one example to illustrate that the establishment delivers not just bad information, but brain poison:

A recent article in the Guardian, a major UK newspaper, responded to the protests of German farmers by declaring, repeatedly, that the farmers were refusing to “pay for their pollution.” The sanctimonious writer of those words expects farmers to grow immense amounts of food while never involving fields, fertilizers or machines. This post and many like it are the ravings of neo-intellectuals who’ve never built anything, but who get ahead by tearing things down. Reality is a non-factor in their pronouncements. The people who accept such ideas, then, are sowing unreality into a brain that struggles constantly to recognize reality. And so I think it’s quite fair to call this poison.

Please try to grasp that the people promoting this type of anti-reality will, if they can, destroy whatever stands in their way. These are the same people who wanted to deny medical care to anyone who dared disagree with them, and were happy if someone who didn’t comply with them died.

Here’s how serious this is: These people have already demonstrated their willingness for non-compliers to die. This is the same psychology that drove inquisitors and their heretic hunts: The names and titles are new but the pathology is the same.

These people operate, not by reasoning with you, but by applying social pain. Their job is to sow the terror of being shamed, rejected and punished. And their floggings are to be delivered, not by policemen, but in a far more intimate and effective way: by employers, co-workers, family, neighbors, Facebook groups and so on.

The present situation is that one establishment narrative after another has crashed and burned over the past several years. What remain usable to the establishment, then, are dogma, outrage and a hard disconnect from reality. Social pain must be well-enough applied that most people never refer to anything outside their sphere. And that’s not just my opinion: however much they may deny this, their actions belie their words.


The solution to this disaster is not to fight and destroy: that would preserve the establishment. The solution, rather, is to treat it as pollution and walk away from it.

What exactly does that mean? We cover all those details in our bi-monthly Parallel Society newsletter, but we can all start by giving the establishment no respect and no benefit of the doubt. We can call them, as St. Augustine put it, “a band of robbers.”

On top of that, we can speak the truth and let the shamers take their shots at us. Then we can smile at them and continue.

It’s time for all of us… for all people of good will… to construct a society that isn’t polluted: a society worth living in. 

Yes, we need to walk away from the carnival of shaming, hate and destruction, but more crucially we need to build a better way.



Paul Rosenberg