More Amazon Trouble

We’ve had more trouble with, and so we’ll take another step away from them. They seem to be handling our Kindle orders as usual, but have de-listed our paper titles. This has wildly distorted the prices of our books on their site. A copy of The Breaking Dawn, for example, was listed this morning for $59. We were previously selling new ones for less than $20.

All of this after 16 years of problem-free business.

But all of this it hardly matters, since the number of books Amazon sells for us has dwindled to all but zero. How and why that happened, we don’t know.

So, if you’d like hard copies of our books, you can download a form and order by mail… the old school way. It’s slower, but you’ll still get the books.

We’ll build a system for selling e-books and audio books soon, and cease relying upon Amazon for that as well.